STRONG Life 98: Why Are Countless Athletes Weak & Out Of Shape & How to Fix This Problem!



STRONG Life Podcast Episode 98 with Dr. Travis Jewett.

Our topic of conversation has been running through my mind for a LONG time:

Why Is Everyone So Friggin Weak, Constantly Injured & Immobile VS Agile, Mobile & Hostile?

What ever happened to being strong & athletic as a teen and young adult? Are those days gone?

Dr. Travis Jewett is a SMART Dude, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Strength Coach. He is a family man and hails from Iowa, the land of Dan Gable.

This was 1 of the most enjoyable podcasts I've ever done. We tackle some awesome topics and answer some of my most burning questions.

- When did so many athletes get these locked up ankles, locked up hips and hunch backs?

The past 5 years we've seen a tremendous decline in athletic ability that has created the need for Strength Coaches to be 20 X Smarter than ever before.

It is a disaster zone out there people, worst than the Zombie Apocalypse!

We've got weak kids running the streets everywhere!

Here are some other topics we cover:

- Pause Squatting everyday with Various Tools

- The dangerous sh*t we see "Coaches" do and say in the gym that scares the hell out of us

- The serious issue with uneducated coaches who are in a position of working with athletes and how it is further impeding the success of athletes

- When do I get to the point with weak athletes when we finally say "F--K it - it's time to put some weight on your back & stop babying you...."

- When is it safe or NOT to press weights overhead?

- How can you start developing shoulder stability and rotator cuff strength?

- Powerlifting Or Olympic Lifting; When Is The Time to do Both or Just 1 or the other?

There's LOTS more in this episode and you will love it.

Dig in and get your learn on!



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