Episode # 100!!! Booya! Thank You, Thank You, KILL IT!


I'm at a loss for words!

Could you imagine that!?!?!?

Enjoy the video & feel free to post your comments / questions below!


Kill it!

--Coach Z--

12 Responses

  1. Congrats, congrats, congrats. You are a great source of inspiration, motivation, and PROOF that taking action is where it’s at.

    Thanks for everything, Zach. You’re the MAN!

    Jeremy Nelms
    No Excuses Fat Loss!

  2. Gratz Zach! I’ve been watching your shows for a few months now and you’ve been a good inspiration to why I’ve started to train strength again. I’ve always loved training and really push myself to the limit. But since I started at the university I go to now, I haven’t really been taking myself the time to train because of the tempo of my studies. But I’m going for it now, and i’m killing it 😉

    PS. I’m from Sweden if you have any complains at my language, hehe.


  3. zach,

    great vid man. Love the posts about beast training, this was a great change of pace. Success in 09.


  4. Zach love the info as always! Like everyone else has said you are a great motivator!! You have given me the dream!! Keep up the good words!!

    Thank you

  5. All i can say Z is keep on KILLING IT You know how much you have meant to me keep doing what you love and keep being you and the sky’s the limit!


  6. Yea i love this message of stop waiting and going for your dreams. I was once 112 pounds 5,7 and 18 years old 20 weeks later im 151 thanks to me just going out and not being scared and lifting weight 🙂 thanks zach you kill it man hope to meet you once day.

  7. Im gona meet u one day zach , and im gona get certified from you and start my own kick as strength gym in NZ ITS GONA KICK ASS . Thanks zach for the inspiration your the man KILL IT !. 🙂

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