Episode # 20: Hardcore Gyms are Golden


Hardcore gyms are golden...

part II of our tour...


Imagine what you could do in a gym like that....compared to those pretty fitness joints where sweating is against the law!

Help spread the word about hardcore gyms like The Underground in Edison and Skiba's in Carteret by sharing this video / web site.

Underground is where it's at baby!

Let's hear it!

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

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6 Responses

  1. Nii Wilson says:

    Another great video Zach. The basement was the best “cardio” room I have ever seen..haha. That bike looked like a relic.
    Zach you are truly a historian of the game maybe we will see you on the History Channel with a documentary…that was not a joke.
    I will be in CT the weekend of Sept 18 c u there man. Best you your family and all you do.


    P.S. I was hoping you would find another dead rat.

  2. Zach:

    Couple thing on my mind,

    1. The dumbbell rack at the start of this video has to be the best in Jersey. Sick!

    2. I need to find a basement like that.

    Great work Zach,

    Keep em coming!

  3. Tells you how screwed up the fitness industry is that this guy said he can’t afford to run the AC (I get that he wouldn’t even if he could) but LA fitness and the other globo gyms make millions.

    Of course, there will be pro athletes, gold medal winners, and just regular guys walking around completely jacked because this guy did what he loved and helped them make it happen.

  4. Zach,
    I really appreciate you giving real gyms a chance to get the attention they need. Skiba’s is the kind of place that champions come from. You ask any champion of any sport to take you back to where it started for them, 9 times out of ten its a place just like Skiba’s focused on what matters. Dedication, intensity and determination. Good job exposing a great place like that. When Im in town visiting family I’ll be stopping through there to check it out first hand and train while Im in town. Good stuff

  5. Bob Dodds says:

    Real gym. I look in the window of these franchise places and I don’t see what to do. No dropping, no deadlift?! That’s impossible for real athletes, so what’s the deal there? Does eomebody want to corral real athletes in schools and pro competition adjunct weight rooms? If so, they are culling down the lifting population too much for society in general. I know what it is with the warehouse franchises–banks and machine manufacturers get a bailout but not the kids and athletes. But to really kill real gyms, there has to be something pulling just the creme, like schools and pro comp settings. If so we could try working with labor unions. Underground for real.

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