Episode # 49: Pull Up Variations


More pull up variations as I prep the pull ups.

Gotta get em' higher, and I gotta get STRONGER, no 2 ways about it.

Some strong mofo's out there!

Check the vid and let me know how your pull ups are going and what you're doing to get your pull up numbers higher than ever before!


More training footage to come soon enough!

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

PS: I will be announcing a telelseminar for this Tuesday, 9 PM EST. It will be all about the time crunched REAL Man Muscle workouts.

PPS: I don't care how heavy you are, pull ups MUST be eaten for breakfast. Too many people can not perform pull ups at all, and I hope this contest motivates people to break their own personal barriers and records.

PPPS: I am amazed at how many whiners wrote in about the pull ups from DeFranco's. Is no one impressed with these high rep weighted pull ups or do great things need to be shot down by others due to jealousy. Let's keep it positive here, and the bottom line, those two videos freaking rocked, period!

PPPPS: Train hard, train heavy and go rock the pull ups. if not, then Shut Up 🙂

5 Responses

  1. James McD says:

    No way do I feel emasculated by these impressive feats of freakness. I love the chain weighted video from defrancos boyz. I’m sneaking to the underground pull up station in my garage left and right now. I’ll be sick if if I cant hit the 30 mark. All kinds of stuff dangling for intensity. This shit rocks bro.

  2. ZACH! Dude this contest is freakin sweet and i for one am PUMPED by it all – especially the DeFranco thugz and their weighted pull ups. I just put up a video on youtube with my baseline – 32 pullups after having done 3 x 8 at BW + 65 pounds about a half hour earlier, so you gotta add me to your list of dudes to catch up to!!!! KILL IT!!!
    ps – you rock and thanks for the inspiration!!


  3. Andrew you killed me! But I am coming for you now too I gave out at the end at 29 1/2! WTF But I will be hitting 45-50 so watch and dont be jealous you dont have a bake sale! Hey I am in the skinny bastard too but not for long I have to get even stronger gaining weight right now! haha No excuse though I will CRUSH YOU ALL!!!!



  4. haha Matt dude I thought for sure you were gonna get me! you were looking fresh even at 23-24 and then hit the WALL at 29! come November 14th this is gonna be a WAR!! and yeah, you saw right through me with the bake sale – i DO wish i was having one!! hahahaa – good work man – we just gotta make sure the DeFranco’s don’t win!!

  5. I know man I dont know what happened!!! But have no fear Matty Matty will KILL IT!!!! haha I know I have to be hitting over 45 Zach told me Joe D’s guys pump out some numbers but we can do it!


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