Episode # 57: Thank You, Do What You Love & Thank YOU!!


I wanted to send this as a newsletter but my words never come out right when I type so I figured a lil' video will work better.

It's day 1 of The Underground Strength Coach Cert and I am home now after dinner with the wrecking crew and I was just getting a little mushy starting to feel honored and blessed and lucky and grateful and everything wrapped into one.


Now, I would love to tell you to kill it, as always, but my homeboys from the UK have a different saying....

it's quite bad ass I must admit: "SMASH IT UP!"

Your choice:

A) Kill it!


B) Smash it Up!

--Coach Z--

4 Responses

  1. good stuff. I’ve gotta say your site is one of many that i check on a regular basis – afterall theres always something anyone can improve on and you give some pretty good tips. keep up the good work!

    ps: you should keep the hair 🙂

  2. ZACH!!

    Awesome weekend. I had a blast, even though I could only do less than half of the movements. Really learned a lot about training athletes that I hadn’t thought of before which was a plus, and now that I’ve had time to digest the info from you and Paul, my list of questions is growing by the hour.

    If you are on the fence about attending Zach’s seminar, GO FOR IT. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards.

    Plus, you can watch a lot of cats run around outside.

  3. Adam – ur a beast – I expect your facility to explode with the new info you got in biz, marketing PLUS our private forum! u da man!

  4. Touching message man! Don’t worry about your neck so much, it’s not too skinny 😉


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