Episode # 61: Never Enough!


Do you quit when the going gets tough?

Do you let the naysayers bring you down and tell you how bad the economy is?

When you're crazy busy, do you skip the workout or do you suck it up and train at midnight when everyone else is sleeping?

When you miss a lift, do you cry and go home or do you attack again?

When you see a mountain do you stop or do you climb?

It's time to kill it, period. I am so f**ing tired of the negative dudes out there crying about the economy, about how busy they are, about this and about that.

I remove those people from my life asap! They will bring you down like the Titanic!

It's Never Enough! You must always climb to greater heights.


I'm gonna keep on climbing and I have plans layed out to keep kicking ass, more so than ever before!

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

PS: The Kill It Marketing Seminar is on, December 10th, here, at The Underground Strength Gym, aka "Kill it HQ" --> watch your e mail for the announcement 🙂

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9 Responses

  1. What is that song youhad playing in the start of the video?

    I have been looking all over for it!

    Kill’n it in VT,

    Matt Schifferle

  2. whats the name of the song & artist of your first song in the background? Good Pressing!

  3. Does underarmour make any kind of kilt as workout gear? This woulda been a good time to rock it – lol –

  4. Zach, your seminar is going to kill it. You just killed it on the phone in our interview. man, your stories are powerful. Keep it up.


  5. the song is from drop kick murphy’s – shipping to boston

    ALL our clients are on a preplanned program

    i am 33 in a few weeks, been training since age 13 – routine can kill it for me, so something i may know it’s upper or lower day – but I don’t follow the rules, I get in there and get busy and have a blast doing it

    remember, i never said my program is perfect, ALL programs have holes and flaws in them 🙂

    a kilt?? wow, I better be a BIG TIME bad ass to wear it! I don’t qualify just yet! ha ha

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