How to Kick Ass in Life AND a Warehouse Gym


arnold predatorThere are those who "Get it" and those who simply don't "Get it".

Some struggle with how to train athletes, having no system of their own, no time in the trenches and too much time on their ass sitting in front of a computer and in the books, NO Real World application.

Some try opening their business and quickly crumble and fall out of "business".

Some see adversity and cower away, while others stare it straight in the eyes and keep charging.

Some have a laundry list of excuses and very few take responsibility.

Some Kick ass and Take names while others get their ass kicked.

Some are The Hunters, other are the Hunted.

If the Devil was facing you in the cage would you still fight, or would you lie down and quit?

You must be relentless when attacking your goals if you ever want to achieve them and start living life on your own terms.

Who cares what others think or say you should do. You can follow or you can lead, doing both doesn't cut it.

Blaze your own trail. Yes, you will mistakes and be knocked on your ass and on your back, you can lie down and quit or get back up.... again and again.

Here's a guy who "Gets it".... BIG Time.

He Kicks ass and is on a mission, with fire his in eyes.

The Virginia Beach Beast, Matty Wichlinski, a Bruddah who Leads from the Front!

Check it...

When Matt opened his warehouse gym he was struggling in more ways than one in his life. While others could have given up, lied down or simply never have taken the first step, Matty took massive action to achieve his dream of opening a warehouse gym.

He has been growing his business quickly and not only is he kicking ass with his warehouse gym, but as a Coach, he is constantly evolving and growing, learning, making him self better, and in turn, making his athletes that much better.

Drop a comment on Matty's Video.

Matty and I hope to see you in Virginia, click HERE for details.

Lead from the Front!


PS: The night before our Virginia Underground Strength Coach Mentorship I will arrange a gathering (optional on your part) and we'll talk training, business, life and of course, how to start living life according to your own rules.

14 Responses

  1. wrestlertrainer says:

    Matt making everyone else look bad! Awesome man! I was in a similar type of situation, training people for someone else, barely making rent with a family. I told my wife that if this underground stuff didn’t work, this would be it. I would be done as a trainer. So after attending one of Zach’s Underground certs, I struck out on my own, and I was amazed at how quickly my business started growing. Now I have other people who want to train at my gym under me. Take the step. Thats all I can say.

  2. Michael M says:


    I saw this guy’s “inspiration” video for your last contest and really did not think much of it. I now realize that was because I was not really paying attention. I later rewatched it and was like “holy crap!”. Then I followed the youtube link and started watching his videos. It was like a really good book or movie; I could not stop. I watched all of them and most of them more then once.

    Z, this guy is the real deal and I really appreciate you “introducing” him to me. I doubt I would have found his videos otherwise. I have subscribed to his channel and have tried out a few of the things I have seen on his videos.

    One thing I have learned from following you, Mike and Elliot, and now Matt: that when it comes to fitness being multidisciplined is the best discipline.


  3. Zach,

    Thanks for sharing, inspiring, to say the least.

    Matt, you are a beast! Keep tearin’ it up!


  4. acie bryan says:

    i have been following matts videos on you tube for a few months now and that dude is about as creative as they come (a lil bit strong too) his videos on how to make homemade gear have saved me tons of money..i love (no homo) this guy !!!

  5. Holy Crap!! This guy is incredible. You can tell nothing is going to stop him from getting what he wants in life.

  6. Matt’s an inspiration. That windmill gorilla snatch was freakin’ awesome!

  7. You can definitely see that your commitment rubs off on your clients. Keep bustin’ their ass.

  8. Mike briody-fitnessnhealth says:

    Awesome website ! You commitment to excellence will pay off with loyal clients. Keep it up. I love the videos !

  9. So glad and humbled that you monsters dig and appreciate what we do. Hope to see some of you soon.

  10. matty and z,

    that is great stuff !! proud to be in the same brotherhood were REAL training is the norm.

  11. Zach / Matt,

    Sick posting! Matt great content in the video – the above posting from “acie bryan” is a sentiment I too would echo – your creativity has saved me a tonne of money as well; I have implemented some of your ideas and come up with a few of my own which, I am positive, someone else somewhere is already using!

    Between your videos Matt and Domenic’s (check out his inspiration video) there is ample material to start underground training and taking athletes to the next level!

    You definately lead form the front Matt and it shows in the outstanding displays of strength by your athletes!

    Continued success.

    AGE QUOD AGISWhat you do; Do well!”

  12. wow,
    one of the best videos i’ve seen about why we do

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