Intermittent Fasting – Good Or Bad?



Lots of confusion happening from a video I posted on the blog maybe a week or 2 ago

Did Intermittent Fasting wreck my metabolism?

I had mentioned in a video that IF (Intermittent Fasting) did NOT work for me for a few serious reasons and unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to detail.

The details were that it's NOT so much IF that didn't work for me, it's that my overall lifestyle played the BIG factor in damaging my health.

I take full responsibility for that and unlike weak minded people who blame and complain, I own the mistakes and then FIX them.

My BIG Mistakes

1) Most IF protocols recommend eating from 6 - 10 PM (most often).

My life is not that of someone who has those types of hours. I am not able to sit down most often until about 9 pm.

Even 10 years ago when I was following The Warrior Diet, I was in grad school or teaching at night at a community college in addition to teaching during the day. My schedule has not been normal for a long time.

Due to my schedule, I would end up going way too long without food and I wanted to eat anything in sight by the time I got home at night from the gym.

I didn't eat bad. I sure as heck didn't eat great. I'm not a fan of these diets telling you that you CAN eat bad or diet every other day, etc.

2) I trained too much, too hard, too often.

My mindset, if you have followed me for a while is one that is like being raised by Dan Gable and Navy SEALs.



I have been so influenced by Dan Gable and Navy SEALs that I always thrived in making ALL things tougher on myself.

I keep the motto of "NO Easy Day"  in my mind 24-7, which is not the best way to live, I won't lie about that.

The critical mistakes it led me to were:

- I didn't rest enough

- I didn't supplement with vitamins, minerals, meal replacements, etc

- The ONLY supplement I used was my greens supplement which doesn't cut it when you push your body, mind and entire life beyond anything remotely "normal"

- I HATE getting support or help from people / things, in turn, I didn't want to live an "easier" life by getting "help" from a multi vitamin, a weight lifting belt, rest days, etc.

I merely wanted to push myself more and more to see and more importantly, KNOW that I could handle it all.

Handle it all I did.

I don't know how to quit with these things. I have mentioned many times my fear of being normal, my fear of losing my edge, my fear of being like everyone else.

My adrenal glands were burnt out because I pushed myself so intensely and simply didn't eat enough, even with IF standards, I should have been eating more. My body needed more fuel, more frequently, more rest and a lot less stress.

I've mentioned how about 1 year ago I went through a very stressful time in life and got sick, both times lasted a good 3 weeks or so.The stress that I allowed into my life was a BIG contributor.

This is NOT supposed to happen to a healthy individual but hopefully my experiences and mistakes of allowing the wrong people in my life and pushing the boundaries over and over again will teach you to avoid my mistakes.

Do you wanna stay healthy? Be careful of the lifestyle you choose, be careful of the people you allow into your life and in a nut shell, fuel your body and give it the rest it needs.

There are many things in my life that I now keep much more private because I learned that life stress is a big factor, especially when the wrong people are allowed into your life.

Should you follow The Renegade Diet?

If you can have a healthy lunch, a healthy mid day snack and a BIG dinner between 6 and 10 PM then yes, it will likely be a great match for you.

For me, I have learned that unless I live a "normal" life and sit down at a half decent hour it probably won't work for me. The fact that I don't settle for normal levels of anything is evident, and I am going to fuel my body as needed now.

In doing so, I don't crave anything in front of my face like I did when fasting. There is fasting and then there is fasting the right way.

My nutritionist hammered home the fact that by running 2 gyms, multiple internet businesses, the stress of them combined with pushing to be a great family man downright beats up the body, often times more so than intense training.

I was sleeping 6 hrs a night, sometimes less, and there are times where it still happens, but, most of the time I get 8 hrs of sleep now. I am much more disciplined in my recovery and nutrition practices now.

I am resting a bit more than usual and it was a very tough adjustment for me at first, to hold myself back, especially mentally.

I have found that most people do GREAT following The Renegade Diet as is.

Inside, Jason tells you how to check if your metabolism is broken or not, and if it is broken, he details how to eat more, what type of breakfast to follow and how to tweak his program.

Here's the bottom line.

I'm a fighter.

I am a husband and father.

I am a Coach, committed to all of you.

To achieve greatness, it doesn't happen leading a normal life.

I am still a strong SOB and attack my training like a mad man.

The difference now is I eat more frequently and get to bed much earlier.

I have removed a select few things from my life, be it people or activities, and all is awesome.

Don't expect me to slow down or turn into some "normal" dude telling you to be careful of squatting and your CNS will burn out bull shyt.

I'm gonna warn you now:

Don't ever be normal and don't ever fear pushing the boundaries.

Be more disciplined with your time and overall lifestyle and things will be better for you.

Get rid of the people / things in your life that you know are hurting you in any manner. Not everyone has a good heart and not all things are necessary in your life.

Be a Simple Kinda Man.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Stay tuned for one of next interviews where I discuss how some things will soon go full circle for me and I will be much less available.....

Live The Code,


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11 Responses

  1. This right here is why you have such a strong following! You own up to mistakes! You don’t walk around like some superhero.
    I like how you don’t bash IF. I am sure for a time it worked. Just like it did for me, but like training it is best utilized in cycles. I do like iF and see great benefits when I can sit down and eat in the afternoon.
    Good stuff!

    1. DW, yea man, maybe when I live a more normal life it will work for sure, but my body needs more rest, more nutrients.

      I was described a thoroughbred horse who has ran too many races and now need to back off

      I get it.

      Time to listen to my body more than I listen to my mind!

  2. Joe McManus says:

    Awesome stuff! Great real world application feedback to these protocols. Who is your nutritionist? Thanks!

  3. I think the video you posted was spot on. So is this post. To me a big step up in personal development was understanding that you need to try different things yourself and keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

    If IF is not working for you, don’t do it. If you find something that is working (getting enough rest, taking supplements) than do that. To me keeping track of the results is the hard part.

    Anyhow, I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about this kind of failures, it’s just the way people learn and improve. Lots of people just don’t talk about the failures…

    Keep it up and thanks for all your work!

    1. Gotta listen to your body and just like the majority of others, I experiment with various methods but I am smart enough to move on when it’s time to make a change to better myself!

  4. I recognize my own reaction to intermittent fasting in what you write. I did it for almost 6 months. Started out great, but with school, weekend work, heavy training and other stressors hoping up I almost burnt out.

    Dont know if its placebo, but in a fasted state, I do things too aggressive and get too hyped up for it to be good in the long term. I got enough energy to get things done already 😉

    1. Anton, I hear ya, it’s ironic, because I felt a lot of energy also, maybe b/c we’re running on adrenaline NOT enough nutrition

      But, I was wanting to eat everything in sight, and I feel better eating more and overall, eating healthier!

  5. Like you Zac, dinner is always late for me.
    I practice after work, then get home late after “dinner time”.
    I also have zero appetite when I wake up, eating makes me feel ill alot of the time. I take this as a “signal” from body, maybe eating right i wake up isnt as important as many have stated. Keep the wisdom coming pal!

  6. Zach,
    my old man always used to say:”If you know the problem you already have the first part of the solution.”
    You adressed the problem and now taking action to find a solution, aka you already have the solution.

    Life evolves in cycles as does training, relationships, success, defeat, etc. Its what we call living. What works for some time doesnt have to work all the time.

    If you ever have the chance to get your hands on Anthony Bova’s “Spartan Health Regimen” you should definetly get it. It’s kind of a underground thing – dont know if its still around. Great read about health, lifestyle, training & passion for life.
    I can truly say that it changed a whole lot for me and influenced my habits more than any other book in the last 5 yrs.

    1. Sven, I feel like I want a break from the various “diets” out there and just wanna focus on eating clean and getting mean

      I’m like many others, I can get caught up in the gimmicks and fads

      Can’t go wrong with meats, eggs, fish, potatoes, fruits, veggies!

  7. Zach,
    if you keep out the fuzz that is exactly what the book is about.
    Real health is number one and you get it best with stuff that has always worked – real, whole food, basic exercises and proper rest.
    He wrote that pamphlet some 10-15yrs ago and was way ahead of all the “paleodiets” of today. Since then he has somewhat detoriated and also put out some weird shiz.
    Anyway, …
    Dont want to bore you.

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