It Pays To Be A Winner


I've been greatly influenced by the Navy SEALs and The Special Ops Community. I've learned how much more capable the human body is in the realm of ALL facets in life. There truly are NO ceilings, we can be better in ALL that we do, and rightfully so. The SEALs & Special Ops Community prove it by walking the talk and leading from the front.

My time through The SEALFit 20 X Challenge not only taught me a LOT about myself, but I learned that "It Pays To Be A Winner". There are ways to motivate people to haul ass and get work done to the highest of their abilities.

There is a MASSIVE difference between getting the job done and truly doing everything you can and giving it everything you got. BIG difference.

As you'll see in the video below, The Blair Wrestlers learned that even during their practice workouts, NOT just during wrestling matches, "It Pays To Be A Winner!"


Check the video below....

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Understand that by the time this video was going on we were close to our 2nd hour of training. It was a brutal day. But, you can catch a glimpse of some of the guys actually getting stronger, faster and tougher as the workout went on.

Any exercise science book will NOT state this kind of stuff. They will state how the body weakens and slows down as work load accumulates. The REASON why a good handful of these wrestlers got stronger and faster as the workout went on was because their attitude changed.

They asked themselves the RIGHT question.

They turned pain into joy and overall, they changed their mind.

You can do the same. It takes practice and it certainly takes going through some hellish training. But, never forget, you ARE capable of 20 X more than you think you are.

Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts / questions on this video or any questions you've got for me.

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4 Responses

  1. Hey Undergrounders,
    I’m so fired up this morning I can’t even describe it. Been watching and downloading the USC until 2a.m. This is by far the best product I’ve seen so far on the facets of attitude, commitment, success, business AND life. No, I’m not getting payed by Zach or anything. This is just great stuff. Funny thing – I’m not even in the fitness industry. hahaha…
    Brendan Gilliam kicked it so hard last night for me I woke up at 6.30am and was ready to go.

    Kicked in half of MURPH before my morning coffee (25pullups, 150squats, 100pushups, 100KBswings, 25pullups), and I’m rokin. Getting stuff done, moving negative stuff out of the way, kicking it. Yeah!

    1. Sven!!! DAMN, homie! Thank YOU!!! Dude, this conference was FAR beyond business, it was about attacking life and NOT allowing obstacles stop you from your goals, your dreams and what ever it is that makes YOU happy!!!

      This was TRULY an amazing Conference…. beyond words can describe! Thank YOU, brutha!!

  2. Dustin W. says:

    A lot of hungry dudes! Love seeing that fire from our youth.
    What impressed me the most are the girls that came voluntarily! Are you freaking kidding me?!
    They dug in deep and pushed hard!
    Great stuff!
    The conference videos and audio are amazing! I have to tell you I was laughing so loud at the auto shop while I was getting my brakes fixed over Elliot talk. It was great stuff to take to heart, but the delivery is priceless.

    1. Dustin! Yo. bro, those were girls from the Basketball team. Every time I train Blair Wrestlers a few athletes from other teams jump in and they NEVER quit, truly amazing!

      The previous workout was the girls crew team and man they went thru a brutal workout and they hung tough the entire time! It was a solid 2 hours of training IN the wrestling room!

      It was nuts!

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