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I don't recall where I read or heard about the story, but, I feel like it was from Marty Gallagher.

The crew is getting psyched up, climbing higher and higher on their squats.

500 lbs.



800 + lbs.

The lifter yells at the crew.....

"Get the F**K OUT of here!

Everybody! OUT!"

The guys reply and say, "You need a spotter!"

The response.....

"I'm gonna make that rep or I'll f**ing die!"

He kicks everyone out of the gym, locks the doors and makes his 800 something pound squat.

Now, I'm NOT an 800 pound squatter. BUT, the moral of the story is this:

Grinding against heavy weights seems to be a lost art form. I NEVER saw people dropping bars or bailing out on squats until a few years ago, it became popular.

As soon as the bar fights back people would dump the bar.

WTF is that?

FIGHT that f**ing bar!

THE Photo of Tom Platz that Was Hung In Front of the Squat Rack at Diamond Gym!
THE Photo of Tom Platz that Was Hung In Front of the Squat Rack at Diamond Gym!

The bottom line is this: Do NOT walk up to a bar and kinda sorta think you're gonna make that rep. I don't care if you're just training in your garage and not chasing a state, national or world record.

You need to take PRIDE in fighting and earning your strength. Do NOT cower to the barbell. Respect the weight, but fight like hell and don't doubt yourself.

When you start fighting for reps in the gym you also learn to fight for what you want in LIFE. It's all about the STRONG Life.

Carry that strength with you everywhere you go. Nobody needs to know what you squat or bench. Just you. Do it for yourself. It's always about You vs YOU. When the dust settles and nobody knows your name, you gotta be able to walk out of that gym knowing you didn't cower like a chicken shyt.

If you're squatting, that weight is going up. Period.

You'll hit that sticking point and now the real test is ON. The sticking point is like that Bully back in the day when you were in elementary school. He's gonna keep pushing you around until you beat his ass and show him that his time has ended.

From here on out, make a stand. Don't announce it on twitter or facebook. Just STFU and get to the gym. Head on over to that squat rack and go kick ass and take names.

You don't have anything to prove to anyone but yourself. Don't ever dump that bar off your back like some chicken shit. Ever.

Live The Code 365,


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8 Responses

  1. Zach, I remember when I first met Dru Patrick and heard him say, “When I go to the gym, I go to kill!”. Not long after that, we had him coaching our Powerlifting class at the Cave.
    For about 18 months he drove our lifters to insane levels of effort, It was great! He has moved on, now, but his lessons remain. Just like you are talking about here.

    1. Frank!

      That guy was INTENSE and I saw it in his eyes!

      He was a TANK!

  2. Alex Dunmore says:

    Great post as always Zach! Squats today for me in my garage and it’s gonna be a warzone in that fucker!

    1. Hellz Yea!

      MANY people FEAR the intensity…. they want a “normal” life, BUT, it’s easy.

      Kick in the gym, same in life.

      It’s more FUN living the STRONG Life.

  3. Paul Preece says:

    Hi Zach, I love your whole ethos, approach to training & life. I train in my garage and your info helps to keep me on my toes and on track!
    Thank you!
    All the best.

    1. Paul!

      You’re a Garage Gym Gladiator!

  4. Bob Hildebranski says:

    Spot on as usual, Z! We all have holes in our physical games, but fear cannot be a hole on the mental side if you want to be successful in lifting and life. To frame The Grind” the way you did really puts a new perspective on what it means to push through weight, definitely will put your advices to use!
    Thanks, Z!!

    1. Bob – You’re the man, always learning, always open minded. That is a rare trait and so awesome!

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