How To Maximize Your Strength Gains & Greatness Through Being Relentless



I've been so friggin' inspired and fired up lately that it is ALL firing me up MORE, if you can imagine that.

1 thing that has been coming my way a lot is other Coaches reaching out for my help because they want to make change. They want to transform an average team into an extraordinary team.

They want their gym to be filled with motivated athletes who are consistent and aggressive without always needing a reminder to work hard.

What I remind them of is that if any of my training is to work, it's not just the coaches & administrators who need to be supportive, but most of all, the athletes AND their parents must be ALL in, ALL the time.

Trust me, I know this is not easy. The people who claim to have no money and no time are the same people spending 8 hours a day on facebook. Imagine what they could do with their lives if they took their facebook addiction and applied it to WORK.

Success of a training / sports program isn't just the workouts, it is the entire lifestyle. The food you eat, the people you hang out with, the books you read (or don't read), etc.

I explain more in this Video. Pay attention and be ready for ACTION.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

We MUST raise the standards for everyone and STOP apologizing or feeling bad that we push people or tell them to get out there and attack life from every angle. There is nothing wrong with the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Things I see more and more of......

People don't want to drive, whether it's a Coach who wants to attend a seminar (ONLY if it's IN his own gym) or parents of athletes who will not seek out the best training because they don't want to leave town.

Excellence & Convenience Are NOT Found In The Same Place

You want to find the BEST anything? It's almost 100% likely you will Never find Excellence and Convenience go hand in hand. I say that from the perspective of an entrepreneur, a family man, a parent, a coach, etc.

To get the best, to improve in your strength, your life and beyond, you're gonna have to raise your standards. If people don't like you for it or can't hang, then move onward and upward.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Listen, sometimes, or perhaps ALL the time, we're gonna have start voicing our opinions on the people who are NOT holding a high standard to the relentless pursuit of excellence and tell them straight up...... DO. The. WORK!

This is the essence of Steven Pressfield's book on 'Turning Pro'. A must read for everyone, regardless of who they are / where they are in this world. Turning Pro applies to your life in every area. It's when you begin to punch resistance in the face and kill all excuses and obstacles that dare to stand in your way.

"ALL In, ALL The Time"

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

I heard this quote from Mark Owen on The Spartan Up Podcast. He said this was taught while going through BUD/s and I began thinking how powerful it would be if we ALL thought this way and truly applied it.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you're gonna hunt down and be f**ing AWESOME at. Make yourself accountable. Write it down. Make a deadline. Announce it. Plan your course of Action.

Live The Code 365


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10 Responses

  1. Robert Eubanks says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve recently been named Head Football Coach at my High School and am trying to figure out a way to do exactly what you are saying in this post and agree 1000%. If you don’t pursue or expect excellence you will never get it. It’s been a struggle to change the culture and get everyone to buy in to the changes. It’s still a work in progress and we are taking one bite at a time! Thanks for what you do, you’ve been an inspiration to me in my efforts. Thanks, Coach Eubanks

    1. Robert it’s like running a business, ya gotta be ALL in and actually Market your program.

      Organize workouts

      Hold in house competitions

      Get a record board in the weight room

      Team up with a Speed Guy

      Have a Movie Night and watch inspirational movies like Hoosiers, etc.

      Get a kid from the school newspaper to do a story, even a monthly column, etc.

      Push the envelope and get the town involved, ANNOUNCE your goals and let them know that peeps WILL be left behind if they don’t step UP!

  2. Z, this really brings the pursuit of excellence into sharp focus.
    Not looking forward or behind in time, just giving your absolute best in the present moment in what ever you are working on.
    Keep the standard high without apology and be thick-skinned enough to not get side-tracked or beat down by negative people, haters, and self-appointed “experts” (who are achieving nothing).

  3. I was taught the difference between dedication and commitment in a funny way. See it’s like bacon and eggs. To get the eggs, the chook had to be dedicated to the task of laying, but to get the bacon, the pig was committed! And if you want to excel at something, you have to be committed, not just dedicated. Cheers.

    1. Josh I’ve never seen that! I LOVE it, thanks BIG time for sharing w/ me!

  4. Hey Zach i like what you said.To be the best you are going to have to raise your standards.

  5. Zach, LOVE this post. I was recently talking to a kid who was trying to gain weight – he was pissed off and thought that “bulking doesn’t work” because he had gained weight but hadn’t built muscle or got stronger.

    I went with him to the gym and the answer was easy; he trained like a PUSSY. He went in and half-assed his workout – going through the motions like you say.

    He saw me train and realised he needed to step his game up – and now he’s actually getting stronger. Big surprise!

    But that’s how it is… Most people don’t realise that they need to give their all to everything they value, or the results are just not going to be there.

    As for me, well I made a commitment to shaking my life up and making big changes; this year I will be quitting my job, moving to Thailand, and writing full time. Do or die.

    1. Andrew hellz yea, BOSS, very inspiring stuff you are doing! MUCH respect!

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