MTFU, HTFU, Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable



I ALMOST fell for "their" bull shyt.

I ALMOST became a Sheep, instead of a Wolf.

"They" wore polo shirts, had beautiful studio gyms, had clean shiny equipment, $10,000 cable machines and there I was....

In a garage.... a backyard.... playgrounds all around town.....

"They" laughed at me. Talked shit behind my back and gossiped like pathetic women with nothing better to do than undermine others in an effort to lift themselves up.

Be a LION, NOT a sheep. You can spot a sheep MILES away.....

"They" follow others with a gutless false sense of pride, refusing to stand up for WHO they are and WHAT they are. They take the easy route and follow.

Don't be "that guy".

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

"... To Be You..... Not Be Anybody Else...."

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

When you "grow up" and get older you can speak with pride and honesty to your Grandchildren and tell them that you stood up for yourself as an honest man, stood up for what you believed in and Lived The Code.

While others fell for anything, you stood for something.

Drop a comment if you're with me.

Live The Code


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23 Responses

  1. Your comment about talking to your grandchildren is something I have used for years when talking to my troops. Thanks for bringing that up.
    Everything you do today is about not having to lie to the grandkids years from now. They may never know, but you will.

    1. Tim, that is the truth, brotha!

  2. Love this. I just send this entry to every person I know who has said they need a kick in the pants lately. Glad to know you. Genuine and driven, keep kicking ass.

    1. Amber, U ROCK! STRONGCast is NOTHING without You!

  3. Ken Crumley says:

    Zach, I love your material, I grew up as a fat kid who hated exercise. Got into bodybuilding as a lifestyle and dropped lots of weight, but was looking for more I changed my routine to be mostly body weight, kettlebells and sandbag—I am always psyched about training. I love the energy and intensity of underground style—my body weight routine alone got me kicked out of the local Planet Fitness!

    1. Ken, BIG thnx brotha man, keep crushing it and keep me posted – looks like you need your own garage gym!

  4. I agree. Now, I gotta go do my lunch time workout!

    Do it! Keep the edge.

  5. Gary Larrison says:

    Hey Zach, does it count if you wake up to the fact I bought into the glitz world of “personal training” and then got a wake up call (your cert. in Austin 2012) and turned this ship around. That stuff I was doing with Bosu’s and ballS was crap….real training is what you are about, just like life. If you think it is anything else you are living in a fools paradise…I had one of the big name (Certs) and went down that path way too long. Now we train the Underground way and are seeing more results than I ever saw with the Wussy methods before.
    Zach you are the man….never give in and never give up!!! LETS DO THIS!!

    1. Gary, you’re THE BEST. THE MAN! Your support is awesome and how you refuse to let anything hold you back is the most amazing quality I have ever witnessed!

      Love you, man!

    1. James MUCH respect hombre!

  6. Right on, Zack!
    THEY never liked me even when I spent my hard earned money going religiously to THEIR gym. Too much grunting, too much sweating, dropping weights and doing ‘dangerous’ exercises like heavy Deadlifts, Ass to Grass Squats, Cleans, Snatches as so forth. After losing my job about a year ago, I couldn’t afford to go to THEIR gym any longer and THEY breathed a sigh of relief. Underground pulled me through! I hit the park with just my bodyweight and some heavy rocks. Locals thought I was crazy. One year down the line with a new job I’m still in the park kicking some serious ass with kettlebells, sandbags, jungle gym, battling ropes, tyres & sledgehammer. I ain’t ever gonna set foot in THEIR place again ‘cos I’ve found my own place now where THEY can’t tell me what to do. Keep on keeping on, brother!

  7. I can’t more people don’t know about your program. I do nothing but big lifts and I’ve gained strength, confidence, and mental toughness. Keep doing what you’re doing man, we need wolves like you in the world, not sheep

    1. Steve! Hellz YEA!!!


  8. Brian Pankey says:

    Jealousy and favour walk hand in hand. Because you where and still are favoured jealousy showed its ugly face. And as usual all it does is make the favoured person look better. Let them talk like little old ladies while you get stronger and help us get stronger.I believe in you bro and I got your back

    1. THNX Brian! NO doubt!

      Always rising above out here, nothing will slow us down!

  9. I know the feeling Zach allot of people saying no one’s gonna pay for my services because my equipment isn’t nice or high tech screw them I remove myself from those people slowly but surely my spot is growing and I won’t stop even when it gets hard thanks Zach and to the USC Nation.

    1. Jose, you’re going to become one of the best Coaches in this country!!!

      You’ve been learning like a mad man, attending the best of the best seminars, you’re the man, NO 2 ways about it!!!!

      I love you, bro!!!

  10. Don Weaver says:

    Thanks for the extra kick my ass in gear motivation today…now ready to rip some sandbags off the floor and pull up until my hands bleed!

  11. Wolf’s do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Thanks, l needed that.

  12. Amen brutha. Your last sentence of “While others fell for anything, you stood for something.” this is something I heard in a very famous and similar quote by a few people in history:

    “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything”

    I actually heard it stated in a crazy movie called Sucker Punch and the well known actor Scott Glenn said portraying a Wise Man and martial arts general.

    So over the years it got me thinking about my own Code of Ethics from 20yrs in the military and some of the emails you and I have shared.

    Although our fitness industry is filled with Wolves and Sheep or what I call liars, cheaters, and scammers versus the honorable, ethically, stand for something guys like you, me, and thousand of others out there trying to do what is right, it’s tough for many young guys and gals who are getting wool pulled over their eyes and following what they think is right, only to find out years later they were duped, betrayed, or misled.

    For those folks, I say “Hand in there and do what is right and if in your gut you feel it’s not don’t fall for it”.

    So, GREAT POST, and thanks for being a guiding light for many who can get caught up in all the HYPE in life and helping them stay strong and motivated to do what is right, do the hard work, and stay true to ones self.

    You are good person Zach and no matter how much B.S. you have seen or felt in our industry, I know it’s made you a better man, husband, father, friend, and mentor to all the athletes, clients, and people that come your way.

    There is a lot of STUFF for all of us to sift through in this thing we call LIFE, but as long as we follow our MORAL COMPASS and do the tough stuff to sticking with what we know is right, live the code, be a person of integrity and honor, and pass down our legacy to our kids who are proud of us, then we can’t go wrong.

    We all can be a Lone Wolf or a Pack of Wolves helping one another. Through our Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and being men of honor and integrity, that our family and friends look up to, but most importantly, that God finds favor with how we treat others, then being uncomfortable in life isn’t hard to handle and the trials and tribulations that come our way, make us stronger and better for it.

    Thanks again brutha and great to see a post like this.



  13. Hell yes Zach! Awesome message my friend. Live the code! I like it. I’ve been right where you were talking about with the flashy gym club goers that were more concerned with appearance than contributing to other’s lives. The lion always contributes by demonstrating his strength. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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