Set A NEW Standard & Raise The Bar HIGHER


"He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. He who conquers others has physical strength.

He who conquers himself is strong."

There is a BIG problem with people today, of ALL ages.

It's NOT everyone, but damn, this BS is running rampant.

If everyone would apply themselves to the 20 X factor described in yesterday's blog, we would ALL be so freaking successful it isn't even funny.

If you haven't read / watched that blog post, do it NOW (click here) and leave some feedback in the comments section.

The BIG reason I shared the 20 X video is because I see it as a Coach, a business owner and through hearing people talk.

There is a HUGE disconnect with meeting the status quo and simply doing what is expected of you VS going above and beyond to achieve BIG success.

The 20 X factor is what can create champions in ANY area, be it sports, life, school, your place of work, etc.

The Navy SEAL in that video, Mark Divine, is ONE of the people I have invested in to receive coaching from. It's been an integral part of my recent evolution and growth as a person on ALL fronts. I'm a BIG believer in getting Coaching from those who have blazed the path ahead of me.

I have other Coaches as well. Just like you look to me as your Coach, I BIG time understand the power of a Coach, who can help me see what I might be missing, who can help me understand just how GREAT I am, just as you too, have the potential to be GREAT in your own right.

Ask Yourself This SERIOUS Question....

Do YOU REALLY want to become GREAT? Seriously. Ask yourself that question. Are you trying to grow 10 x.... 20 x greater than who and what you are right now.... today!!??

Listen, in life and lifting, it's ALL the same.

- Commitment WINS

- The basics always deliver results and WIN

- Extra effort WINS

In life, people are always worried about what's in their job description, and God for bid they go above and beyond what someone expects of them.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

As you can see, it takes a very specific way of thinking, being and LIVING to achieve success. It requires a TEAM effort and commitment on ALL fronts. It's NOT just about YOU. As soon as you realize this, you will grow more as a person as well as succeed more in other areas of your life.

In lifting, all the BS about packing on 20 lbs of muscle and NOT one ounce of fat in 8 weeks is Bull S**T.

20 lbs of muscle comes faster when you've never lifted weights and you're a teenager. #TRUTH

But the TRUTH is that building muscle, strength and mental toughness takes hard, freaking GUT busting work.

The Road To Success.....

It takes commitment to training, nutrition, mindset, recovery.....

You will be doing different things than your friends, aka the "normal people".

This is the road to success, it's a road less traveled yet we ALL have the choice regarding which path we travel. The people who e mail me having a breakdown, demanding a refunding to a course that costs 19.95 have MORE problems than the lie they tell
about the program not working for them or them being unsatisfied with the product.

Their problem is that THEY are NOT willing to do the WORK, which is what allows the program to work for them and deliver results. If you are worrying about 20 bucks, then you need to work harder at your current job, rise up the ranks and become a TOP Dawg.

This doesn't happen by accident, it happens through ACTIONS. Do you have excuses for being unable to work earlier
or later than normal?

Are you too busy to workout?

Hey, the TRUTH is there when you look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question, "Am I REALLY doing everything I can to become a successful person?"

Living the Code is all about these 4 points:

1) Honesty

2) Integrity

3) Commitment

4) Work Ethic

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

That's right. You have to watch and learn from 2 videos today.

NO more excuses.

Raise the bar for yourself

Set the standard HIGH and let's start becoming GREAT. Period. End of Story.

Live The Code



2 Responses

  1. Hey Undergrounders,
    after a long summer with lots of äktschn going on I’m back to my “normal”. Means I’m repeating the BW course once more and mix it up with running and kettlebell work.
    Yesterday was a special day for me – completed my first ever 15k run! Was totally psyched for that. I’ve been slowly building it up over the past year and then jumped on it. Struggled a bit halfway through because the set pace was fast but in the end it felt amazing.
    After that I had to finish some project for today so I had to work the night through because I had a deadline this morning. After working for almost 15h straight I hit a quick BW workout at 5.30h, showered and was ready to tear it up before the rest got up.
    I also got myself my first ever olympic barbell last week. Got it cheap over ebay. Totally psyched about it. Been training so long but never went for the barbell stuff. Now I’m dialing in a tech session every day to slowly get the groove. Will go to a seminar in the near future.

    So that’s about it.

    After the run & read email from Zach I got another mail from Australia which basically covered the same topic. Chek out W. Smith and his thoughts about it (it always comes back to basics, doesn’t it?):

    Train hard, live strong.

    1. Sven damn, homie, awesome!!! I was saying to myself yesterday, on my drive home, that since I ran the 5 mile race, I need to step up and find a 10 mile or half marathon, I need to KEEP signing up for more challenges.

      I feel ALIVE while doing this! It’s AWESOME! GOOD on you, brutha – kicking ass in training, your work and life! That is what it’s ALL about, brutha!

      First ever barbell I picked up was from CostCo, it was 99$ and it was a 300 lb weight set. It influenced the creation of The Gladiator Project and man, I got so damn strong attacking the barbell and a pair of 50 and 100 lb dumbbells!

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