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I've got the doors open for the FIRST 3 USC Cert Courses in 2014 and discounted BIG time for early bird, go getter, hard charging, BAD MOFOs.

I haven't traveled outside of NJ, Austin & Alexandria, Va through the years and with so many people asking it's simply time to make it happen.

The Certification is constantly evolving as out attendees are evolving, showing up smarter, stronger and more knowledgeable, the Cert has become better every time. From our program design methods, to coaching methods, to dialing the way you train yourself, others and digging deep to learn about becoming a world class strength coach.

[vimeo width="640" height="360"][/vimeo]

I see NO other way than the pursuit of excellence! When I run a USC Cert I pur my heart & soul into every second of our time together.

Check the dates and the info below and drop me a comment with ANY questions.

Remember, these Certs are discounted with an Early Bird Special at almost 50% discounted until Dec. 15th so get after it!

1) I'll be in Hershey, Pa at CrossFit Gamma on Feb. 8 & 9.

This is the gym of World's Strongest Man finalist, BIG Mike Jenkins! Big Mike will be on hand to coach and deliver his brains and brawn. It will be UN-Freaking-Real!

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

2) I'll be at Elliott Hulse's Strength Camp Challenge on March 1st, then on March 2nd we will crush a 1 Day Cert at Elliott's Gym.

Elliott will stop in as well as a friend of mine who is a former Navy SEAL for QnA and some powerful training, biz and life tips. As you can see, The USC Cert is not just about training but also about LIFE.

Check out this OLD video of Elliott when he attacked one of our first ever Underground Strength Coach Inspiration Contests.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

3) The very next weekend I am heading to SoCal. CrossFit SoCal that is, located in beautiful San Diego.

This will be a 2 day event and my homeboy & World Record Holder, AJ Roberts, will be in the house for some guest training, tips and QnA.

Who knows who else will show up as a special guest!

To sign up for a USC Cert Click HERE and at the bottom you will see the different locations for each event.

See you soon!

Live The Code,


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3 Responses

  1. Jordan, possibly!!!! Got these first 3 certs open AND my book to release so focused on this first my brotha!

  2. Luis Mario Rodriguez says:

    Hey Zach! How about a USC level 1 cert in Houston, TX?

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