NJ Seminar on April 5th


Strength and Performance Enhancement Skills that Work in the REAL World.... 

On April 5th, I'll be presenting along side Pamela MacElree and Jason C. Brown, the co owners of Cross Fit Philly.

This will be a seminar based on what works in the REAL world, with real application, not book smart jargon to try and sound impressive. You will be gaining knowledge from 3 people who train hard on their own in addition to training countless clients on a daily basis.

I'll be presenting strongman training methods, powerful bodyweight movements, and most importantly, I'll be dishing out the answer to the biggest dilemma of them all: How to Get STRONG!

There are entirely too many weak and injured people - athletes and non-athletes. The big factor behind these injuries is that these people are WEAK! If you think you're strong now, I'll show you ways to get stronger.

Here is the registration link: http://www.crossfitphilly.com/Events.html

Looking forward to seeing you in Joisey!

All information is provided at this link: http://www.crossfitphilly.com/Events.html

The last time we held this seminar we sold out fast, I expect this one to sell out even faster for 2 reasons:

1) It is going to a much bigger e mail list than last year

2) On Friday, February 29th, I will be presenting at The NJ Strength Coaches Clinic, and registration forms will be distributed and collected that very same day.

Looking forward to meeting you at the seminar!

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

P.S. - If you would also like to attend the NJ Strength Coaches Clinic on Friday, Feb. 29th, simply click on the "Events" link at the top of my page.

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