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Kirk-KarwoskiAbove, Kirk Karwoski, world record powerlifter trained under Marty Gallagher, Author of The Purposeful Primitive.

One week ago I got a new training book I ordered in the mail, 'The Purposeful Primitive'.

It's been a while since I got excited about a book that was published in today's day and age. Most of the info I tend to find accurate, effective and awe inspiring is at least a few decades old but this book has shocked me!

All I can say is this:

Holy s**t is this book rockin' my world!

I LOVE it!

It's about freakin' time someone released such a hard hitting truth behind strength and how to achieve it without any miracle drugs, fads or gimmicks!

I have NOT seen a book of such caliber in a LONG time & aggressively read through this book cover to cover very quickly.

rogerestep.jpgThe stories told about training from the strongest men in the world (Some you have likely never heard of) and the inside access look at how the strongest men in the world trained (I am talking specific workouts, detailing exactly how they trained) is riveting.

The stories and training sessions / methods described make you feel as if you are in the gym, training with these Strength Mavericks. The training of these legends came in a day and age when fads and gimmicks were not around, the only way to get strong was through specific methods and levels of intensity that very few were willing to dedicate themselves to.

Marty Gallagher has done an amazing job telling you exactly what you need to do with regards to training and nutrition if you want to develop your potential in strength, health, fitness and muscle. None of which is complicated, by the way, all doable in your home gym if you have a barbell and a squat rack.

The old school pics of these men training in Dungeons and hard core facilities really grounds me and makes me feel "at home" 🙂

It's how I started myself and I always looked up to the monsters roaming the gym floors. With the new trends in fitness I often times feel like an outsider as there is less and less respect for the basics and more trends towards fads and gimmicks.

This book reveals the truth and a MUCH needed truth in a day and age when everyone is confused with the massive amounts of misinformation out there.

You'll find workouts from the great Paul Anderson, Bill Pearl, "Captain Kirk" Kaworski, Ed Coan, Dorian Yates, Ken Fantano and many more rugged men that moved tremendous weights with NO powerlifting gear.

The photos alone will send you running through a brick wall and wanting to rip apart heavy barbells. Yes, I am that excited & fired up!

As much as I loved Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding (the original version), I REALLY wish this is the book I had when I was younger and when I began my career and lifestyle as a Strength Coach.

From a training perspective, this book lays out the laws of training for amazing strength gains and are much more applicable in the real world compared to the high volume 25 sets per body part in Arnie's book.

The Purposeful Primitve also covers some of my favorite methods for "cardio" and  "conditioning". If you're a die hard Undergrounder, you'll love the style of training that is detailed for burning fat and building up your stamina.

It has truly been along freakin' time since I have been so excited about a training book. This one will go down in the history books with me and will passed on to my kids.

It's a must have and you'll be reading it over and over again, and of course, those darn awesome photos will send your psyche through the roof!

Get after it!


 Get your copy of The Purposeful Primitive HERE.

Above, Kirk Karwoski, a trainee of Marty Gallagher, who's workouts are outlined in detail inside The Purposeful Primitive


5 Responses

    1. I go back to this book ALL the time for reminders, inspiration, re-educating myself and a swift kick in the ass.

      This book is awesome.

  1. William Barrons says:

    Thank you loving your book so far will get this as well

  2. Coach Z,

    I got my copy about a month ago, and have read it cover to cover twice- it is an awesome text.

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