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I try to hit home to people that I am a normal dude.

NO special talents. Never had a long list of accomplishments, but, as I've gotten older and gained more life experience, I learn the advantage of what I call staying power.

Staying Power is for the guy or girl who NEVER quits. Or, you fall, mess up, go backwards perhaps, but, you still get UP and keep Pushing Forward.

As always, I Ain't Got Time to Be Weak, both in the gym AND in life.

Here are some random thoughts via questions and messages that have gotten thrown my way quite often:

Until the next time.

Keep doing YOU and Keep Living YOUR TRUTH.

Live The Code 365,


Knowledge Bombs - Always a White Belt

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  1. Funny, I was just wondering why you haven’t franchised USG myself. I get your points and more true they couldn’t be! It’s no joke staying true to yourself/mission and being “successful”! Keeping those “lights on” can be a huge test for anyone’s integrity! Great video and thanks for keeping it real 24/7!!!

    1. I’d love to do it IF I had a SMART business partner.

      We’d make it all small garage style gyms:

      2 – 3 squat racks / kettlebells / sandbags / sandballs / sleds / bands / dumbbells


      I don’t know if it can work bc truly, the most successful (financially) gyms like this cater to youth and do “speed camps”

      In my heart, I KNOW what these kids need to develop mind and body and it is probably NOT the best business blueprint

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