Refined Savage Podcast: Coaching & Building TOUGH High School Athletes, Training LEOs & Parenting


Great times as always chatting it up with Mark Valenti on his podcast, The Refined Savage.

Topics we cover are below:

  • Training High School Athletes to be TOUGH and why this is Crucial, yet NOT Popular

  • The difference in knowing how to train yourself vs being able to coach others, especially large groups of athletes with varied ability levels

  • How Mark and I are adapting to the changes in kids' personalities and attitudes

  • How my coaching and training has evolved and why I've started my new certification, The SSPC Cert

  • Why a lot of Coaches are actually NOT as good as they think are

  • The importance of a mentor and why many kids today struggle to find mentors

  • What does it mean to be "Coachable"

  • The struggles I face as a full time high school Strength Coach

  • The difference between talent and work ethic

  • BJJ and Law Enforcement

  • The importance of LEOs being physically and mentally prepared for their job

  • Healing up after my knee surgery

Enjoy the show and please take 1 minute to leave a review. Thank you in advance!




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