Shoulder Health, Deadlifts & 1989 YMCA Weight Room Stories


I remember as a kid reading Arnold's bodybuilding books and his Encyclopedia mentioned how he uses Deadlifts. He said to do "a few sets of a few reps".

I took that as keeping it fast & furious, never killing the Deadlift or it will kill you.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and done.

3 x 3.

2 x 2.

Any of the simple combos above seem to work very well.

I recall when I Deadlifted 545 I never went heavier than 405 in training. Of course, I squatted heavy, did various rowing exercises, weighted pull ups, back extensions, carries, sleds, etc.



Let's talk a bit about shoulder health.

First off, why The BOSU ball?

I saw Donnie Thompson using it for benching and floor pressing. For many years now, I've been using a fold up gymnastics mat when floor pressing, it's MUCH better than having your scapula grind into the hard floor. It's a recipe for destroying your shoulders over the long term, little by little, you are grinding away at the scaps. NO good.

I decided to test this out as my Left shoulder has been problematic since high school years and I have torn that same shoulder on 2 occasions. Well, using the BOSU ball and the BandBell Rhino Flex bar make it feel very good.

I can floor press, bench and go overhead with the RHINO bar. I also go overhead with Fat Bells and Kettlebells but keep the volume fairly low.

By the way, I have had a list of shoulder exercises and methods I have used to get my shoulder back to strength and I share it often with Coaches from all around the world, from independent Strength Coaches to NFL Strength Coaches. I have this inside The Underground Strength Academy HERE.

It will be added to the private group for The STRONG Life Brotherhood which will be open soon. You want to make sure you're getting my newsletter first & foremost.

Here's just some of what will be included inside The STRONG Life Brotherhood:

- MASSIVE bonus of ALL my training courses

- Weekly Live Video QnA

- Weekly training programs + private forum to ask questions for your individual needs (age, injuries, experience, etc)

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I am psyched for this.

Any new training courses / videos will be added to The SLB. No need to join multiple groups. ALL Training, Business & Life knowledge will be poured into the Member's area.

Time to get after it.

Stay Tuned!

Live The Code 365,


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