Spartan Life 101: The Human Food Chain, Survival of The Fittest, Life & Business Success


Helping Joe film The SPARTAN Up Podcast in his backyard before kicking off The SPARTAN Underground Strength Coach Mastermind EXperience! GREAT times
Helping Joe DeSena film The SPARTAN Up Podcast in his backyard before kicking off The SPARTAN Underground Strength Coach Mastermind Experience!
GREAT times!!

These videos are going to make you think about what it REALLY takes to succeed in life.

- Is there a "Human Food Chain"?

- Does survival of the fittest still exist?

- How to NOT allow society to shape you the way it shapes other people and how to avoid being a follower and part of the herd.....

Check out this conversation with Joe DeSena when we get to the top of the mountain after climbing the 1 mile Death Race Staircase as well as our conversation in his backyard about lessons we've learned through our life experiences.

These. Videos. Are. AWESOME.

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In the next video, you can see an episode from The SPARTAN Up Podcast where Joe gets to grill me on:

- What it takes to be successful in Life AND Business

- How I overcame countless "failures" and turned them into my advantages and into SUCCESS

- What I learned from my Dad when he got laid off from his job back in 1993

- Doing the "homework" before opening your business.

- When to cut your losses while running a business?

- What is the most important thing / the best advantage in running a business?

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Would love to hear your thoughts on these conversations. Post them below.

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19 Responses

  1. Good discussion. Public schools (government funded in any way) today are not set up to teach young people how to think. They only teach them how to take tests, so the schools can receive government funding and to keep the teachers union strong. There is a reason why the USA is turning into a third world nation in many ways.

    1. It’s definitely NOT heading in the proper direction 🙁

  2. Having three kids of my own I always wondered why schools don’t have classes on how to actually live life.

    With all the obese children running around nowadays – why aren’t there classes how to eat properly, how to cook and buy the right things and how to exercise?

    Most of the kids will suffer from a bad back in later life – why not teach them how to lift properly?

    With all the bullying going on in schools – why aren’t there classes that teach kids how to defend themselves better, how to become selfaware and selfconfident (chek Rutherfords froglogic on that: )

    As you said in the vid – why aren’t we teaching in school how to become bad mofo’s in life and go out there and actually DO stuff?

    Think of it – kids spend 12-13yrs in school for at least 4hrs/day! That is a lot of f.cking time! Just imagine what you could actually instill in these kids!

    Basically it comes down to the teachers to introduce some sort of form to the kids. But if you don’t have the luck to get a teacher with the right attitude you just learn and forget most of it before you get out of school. And then you’re basically faced with life and you just don’t know what to do about it.

    1. Here’s an example:
      What would’ve happened if Mr. Rollins wouldn’t have been introduced to weights by one of his teachers? The teacher, his attitude and his form came at the right time and partly made what Mr. Rollins became later on – a bad, bad mofo who got things done!

    2. Sven, I couldn’t agree more. I think our school systems are so concerned about students having good math and science scores, because you know… that’s what makes our country better than another… that there is a total lack of understanding and know how about life itself. I think schools are giving kids a serious disservice because these kids deal with all kinds of problems both in school and out of school that could be fixed, if we were actually teaching them about things they will have to deal with in life.

      1. To operate my biz and my life, I use SIMPLE MATH – add, subtract, divide, etc.

        Sure, the test scores push kids to do work, BUT, kids like myself are MORE the norm: who lack confidence, need direction, perhaps have a bad home life, etc.

        They spend 8 hrs in school 5 x week and NEED greater lessons than a test

  3. I remember that we always wrestled during breaks in school. Even some girls joined in. Hell, it was the best part of school for years. There were rules everybody obeyed(no fist to the face, tapout, etc.).

    Nowadays you dont see that anymore. There is practically nothing going on. Instead you have these huge problems about bullying in schools. And if a fight breaks out – there are no rules because the kids don’t have a clue how to behave.

    I always say: “If you know how to throw a hook – you know what damage it can produce, therefore you won’t through it without cause!”

    I could go on & on. But I guess its just rambling from an ol’ man, …

    Damn – this really got me going. hahaha, …

  4. Awesome ethos.

    Here in UK, one of the most unhealthy countries in Europe, we have a real challenge to get the population to respect their own bodies, and take responsibility for themselves. That’s why our National Health System (NHS) eats up so many £billions every year.

    I agree with Sven’s comments: schools should teach healthy eating, exercise, healthy lifestyle, mental toughness. These skills are just as vital as the academic subjects.

  5. I agree with Mr. DeSena that to understand the Spartan life you need to read the history. If you watch a movie at least watch the History Channels historical version of 300.
    Survival of the fittest always gets me ggoing. The world will not change. We can wait for a major war or pandemic but let’s be serious the possibities are slim. And American is doing fine killing themselves off.
    Movies of the Future:
    Fahrenheit 411
    All we can do is influence as many people as possible to change. Live better and happier.
    When there is more money in sickness than in health this is what you get.
    Plant a garden. Work it with your children. Teach them the value of hard work. Got a lawn? You cut it! House? You clean it! Walk in parks. Lift stones and train hard as a family.
    If you change the life of five people forever they will effect five.
    good stuff!

    1. Dustin – you’re my man right there!
      Decomplicate your life, be happy, follow through and lead by example.
      Right on!

      1. On a positive note I love the Great Dictator final speech.
        I don’t care for the videos that push a political agenda. I feel the original is perfect.
        It applies today! Even if you read the works of the late 18/early 19 hundreds motivational/sociological thinkers our problems have been here longer than we think.
        Sure much has changed since I was young. Farm kids are as strong as city kids. Life is changing.
        The world can change if it wants to.
        All we can do is send out the changers (children)

  6. Hey, a great video. Its true many of us in the western world are sometimes comfortable. Sometimes in our lives in order to reach very important goals and desires, we need to have the mindset of a spartican.

  7. Zach this conversation is one I have pretty frequently in terms of our society and the direction it continues to go here in the U.S. Like you and Joe I’m trying to change that shit by leading by example. At least I’m changing it for myself and my family.

    I share this attitude with you and Joe. Additionally I believe guys like us must continue to be vocal about this as well. I say it’s better to piss people off than to continue to allow the weak mindset that many have adopted to continue to grow and spread like a virus.

    It’s killing the country and it ain’t doing the rest of the world too many favors either. Thanks for sharing this. If I were standing in front of you I’d shake your hand for posting this.

    1. We’re on the same page, brotha!

  8. Gregory P. Major says:

    I am a “Head Injured Survivor”, after gradguating Alvirne H.S. in 1982, in Hudson, N.H. I enlisted into the U.S.Navy. As a construction Machanic, attached to A.C.B.11, out of Lil’ Creek, Norfolk, Va. I lasted 3 years, one Med. cruise, then I recieved a closed head injury! Wipping out my Yamaha 550, that was in 1985. Now as I desire to continue my recovery, advancing with my phisycal strutchure, may I request, some assistance ?

    1. Greg, start with light exercise my man, bodyweight exercises and walking.

      If you feel good, train a tad bit harder.

      Listen to your body my man, keep coming back to learn.


  9. Martin Lafleur jr says:

    thank you for the video zach! Was awesome!

  10. Zach these videos are fuckin awesome! Period.

  11. This video is excellent! Excellent advice.

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