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This blog post will make me sound like a cranky old guy talking about "back in the day" but the truth is, even though I am 40 now, I remember feeling this way when I was 30.

The photo above is from our forum for Garage Gym Gladiators.

Matthew got me fired up because he did what I want everyone to do: FIND A WAY.

You can find a way or you can find an excuse.

You can have excuses or you can have results but you can not have both.

When you see a training program that requires sleds, you don't start asking for a substitute. You either buy a sled or you build one, like Matthew did.

Be resourceful. Be a worker. The more you push and find a way to make it happen the stronger you become as a person, not just as an athlete / weightlifter.

The more excuses you make or the substitutes you try to find, the weaker you become in ALL areas of life.

With each passing year of experience I gain as a Coach, as a lifter, as a Human BEING, I realize that a lot of success is dependent on your intensity, your dedication, your mindset and overall attitude.

It's not so much what you do as it is HOW you do it.

Think about it. You can apply this to ANY area of life.

The playing field is level for the most part.

In sports, all the teams have the same equipment, they have coaches, players, etc. But, it's HOW they Coach. HOW they train. HOW they prepare.

Even under the same roof. I see athletes training side by side. They do the same exercises but some athletes put ALL their heart into every rep or every set. They are Intense! They follow through on nutrition, lifestyle and sports skills. They read great books, watch great movies and hang around like minded, highly motivated athletes.

Then the other athlete.......

He does just enough.

His intensity doesn't bleed from his eyes.

His effort always seems to be lacking.

His consistency is inconsistent.

It's HOW you do it.

There is NO substitute for the work. MOST people are allergic to hard work. Many get tired of the work. They want to be "normal".

My advice: STOP looking for substitutes. If you catch yourself being similar to others, aka "normal", realize you have gone down the rabbit hole and need to find your way OUT.

Find a way.

Live The Code 365.


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