Strength Coach Tips: Training Youth Athletes VS High School Athletes


I must admit, it breaks my heart when I see a “strength coach“ having a 12-year-old kid maxing out on the deadlift or maxing out on the back squat.

I'm seeing kids who weigh under 100 lbs performing round back deadlifts, crashing onto a bench for a "box squat", benching while hip thrusting the heavens. This kind of dangerous training gives us ALL a bad name.

Parents do NOT know the difference between the Coach who is training a young kid in the same manner of an adult powerlifter.

In this video I discuss how we train youth athletes versus the high school athlete at The Underground Strength Gym. And by the way, this process is ever evolving. It's constantly being refined as you'll learn through this video.

I share a lot of crucial information regarding safety & long term success / long term athlete development (LTAD) that you should watch if you’re a strength coach as well as a parent of an athlete.

As I always say, Stand for something or Fall for anything.

Our middle school athletes, even when a 13 yr old looks like a 16 yr old, it does NOT mean he is ready for Deadlifts, Back Squats, etc.

Not only are they not ready physically, there is also an emotional & technical state of readiness required when there is a bar on your back or in your hands.

Watch the video above in FULL to fully understand the difference in how we train our youth / middle school athletes vs high school athletes. And, why not ALL high school athletes can train the same.

This is discussed in details inside The Underground Strength & Sports Performance Course HERE.

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