How To Strengthen Your Lower Back & “Core”



It was my last year teaching and my stress was at an all time high.

I was repeatedly straining my lower back, particularly the QL (Quadratus Lumborum).

I was training hard but also living hard. It was taking a toll on me mentally and physically. Through my mistakes, I become a better teacher for YOU.

Years before I had randomly strained my QL, the first time it happened was a few hours after a brutal leg workout while picking up a clothing hanger.

It's been a LONG time since I've stained my QL and lower back in general and there are ways around low back strains by doing the following:

- Learn to move better

- Pay attention to mobility

- Sit Less / Stand More

- Understand what the "core" truly is

In this 2 1/2 minute video I explain and answer a question regarding more ways to strengthen your "core" and strengthen your lower back.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

My lower back injuries were the FIRST injuries that taught me that without your health, you have nothing.

Those painful times literally depressed me. The pain taught me and forced me to learn how to move better, eat better, recover better and overall LIVE better. The pain forced me to create Bodyweight Bodybuilding

Pain is often times the best teacher.

Being STRONG is of critical importance.

Learning and truly understanding movement is key.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

QOD: What do YOU do when you tweak your lower back? Drop a comment below and share.

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6 Responses

  1. Hey Zach,
    its been a while since I cruised by. But I’m crushing it right now. Not that much time hanging around the net anymore.

    As some here might know I’ve had severe back problems last year. Three herniated discs within 6 months put me in bed for weeks. Getting up to get to the toilet could take 1/2h and more. I’ve always had issues with my back but nothing like this. My doctor subscribed me a corset which I should wear daily. When I held the receipt in my hands I almost cried. Anger, rage & depression got to me.

    I decided right there to fight this issue and I’ve been fighting it ever since. What got me out of the hole are these things:

    – lots of water daily (I definetly didnt drink enough, discs got porous.)
    – lots of mobility stuff in combination with yoga
    – tons of bodyweight exercises (rewrote your script and tweaked it a little bit)
    – no weights at all
    – walking for at least an hour a day
    – less sitting
    – lots & lots of patience & discipline

    Today I’m back at it. I can deadlift moderately, I can squat, I run and most importantly I can enjoy life with my kids.
    Train hard but smart. Your body will thank you in future times.

    1. Sven this is awesome info on ALL fronts, and, LOVE less internet

      Fuck that internet shyt ūüôā

      NOT kidding!

      Simplify Life!

  2. Zach this is a good article/video. You’re exactly right about keeping the core strong. That is a crucial element for preventing low back pain.

    I would also add that working diligently to stretch the hips/adductors, glutes, and upper hamstrings are great to combo with this. It’s really helped me out over the years.

    Combining the strength with the ability to maintain the lengthening ability of those muscles is a great formula for pain free performance.

    Once again great post and thanks for sharing my friend.

    1. Brandon that is a HUGE addition and GREAT points.

      The mobility, the flexibility ALL key!

  3. Michael Weetman says:

    Hi Zach,

    I think it’s mega that you’re spending time shedding a little light on this.

    Mobility to me means being strong in all positions, not intentionally avoiding them because “you just can’t do it”. I find people don’t dedicate enough time to it until they get hurt. Then they start to appreciate good positioning and movement. They start to understand why there cannot be any excuses for crappy positioning.
    It’s like you said, there is no excuse for not being strong and in turn, mobile and flexible.
    Great stuff mate, keep it coming.

  4. Bruce Staley says:

    Zach, in 2005 i broke my back (small break) and dislocated my c5 + c6 vert in my neck. (trusses fell while constructing a roof) the last few years have been hell on my low back, the neck has zero trouble. i found bodyweight bodybuilding while looking for a way around the weights i’ve always loved. bodyweight training has been a blessing and today im in better shape than ever. i am careful and listen to my body. drink lots of water and put good food into it. my work sced is busy so i still have a flare up from time to time, but happy with the results of bodyweight training

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