STRONG Life 43: Travis Stoetzel, Train Aggressive & Intensity for LIFE



In early September I got to spend a kick ass weekend with Travis and and a crew of kick ass Underground Strength Coaches up in SPARTAN HQ in Vt. We got to chat life and lifting all weekend and it was Travis' first time away from his family as a new Father.

Travis is out in Omaha, Ne. crushing it with his gym, his online business and most of all, his LIFE.

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I chat with Travis Stoetzel, one of the earliest certified Underground Strength Coaches who is kicking ass in life and lifting BIG time.

Travis shares his success strategies for living a STRONG Life. NO Bull shyt, no fads, no gimmicks. Travis is a man who Lives The Code, what he says is what he does and Lives.

Here's your opportunity to learn from a rare man who stands for what he believes in and follows through.

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast, Travis & I discuss the following topics:

- How life, training & business have changed for Travis now that he is married and a proud Dad.

- How to keep the life / work / training balance and still kick ass on all fronts

- Operating his gym business in a very unique manner and NOT following everyone else

- The Best Way to continue Working around injuries and still keeping intensity high in other areas of your training

- A Video tour of Travis' gym, The Forged Athlete Gym in Omaha, Nebraska

- The driving force behind Travis' message of 'Train Aggressive!' and running his business both online and with his gym

Check it out here:

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Old School Footage with Travis at The Underground Strength Coach Cert

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[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Travis' Training Programs:

Garage Built

Unbreakable BadAss

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What was your favorite part from this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast?

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  1. Good listen. Liked the stuff about working around an injury/being hurt. Very apropos timing…my back tightened up but I gotta get some work in somehow! Keep doing your thing tough guys!

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