How to Build Strong, Powerful, Jacked Athletes – Pt 1


Building Powerful Athletes Requires a Dialed In Training Approach & A Kick Ass Training Environment....
Building Powerful Athletes Requires a Dialed In Training Approach & A Kick Ass Training Environment....

I'm doing something different this month where I normally add our Underground Strength Workout of the Month as a private video or a PDF training course to The Underground Inner Circle.

This month, I am sharing with you the inside look with full blown access to our November WOM (Workout of the Month).

I break down the following in this powerful video:

- how we train our athletes to develop the total package: strength, size, athleticism, power.

- why we train them with a blend of science (optimal training) & mental toughness work

- why the environment you create for training is key, often times more important than the perfect training program

Check out the video below where I break down the past 2 weeks at The Underground Strength Gym.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

One thing you don't see is our warm up, which covers mobility, physical and mental preparation, jump training, gymnastics, bodyweight training to specifically prep the athletes for each specific workout and more.

Each warm up has a general template and then the warm up is individualized to match the needs of each group BOTH physically and mentally.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Things not shown during this outdoor warm up were the following:

- the use of soft tissue work

- kettlebell carry variations

- mental prep and pre workout talk to set the tone for the training ahead

During and After every training session:

Many small things pop up during and after a training session. An athlete may have a nagging injury or returned from a competition and requires extra mobility, different exercise variations, removal of an exercise, etc.

There are many unique instances with each athlete even when they are all 100% healthy. As a Coach, you need the mental agility and knowledge to be able to move smoothly and efficiently with these unique differences while keeping the rest of the training session flowing.

Drop your comments / questions below on The November Underground Strength WOM and I'll answer. Thanks for your support!

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8 Responses

  1. Gabriel V says:

    Thanks for this look inside your training and ideas. I’m a family/child therapist and have incorporated your ideas of “living the code” with my client’s, however have hit a road block. Your video sparked some new ideas to try to help these families succeed.
    I’m looking forward to going to your next cert to take my training and therapy to the next level.

    God speed,

  2. Gabriel – That is awesome, you’re a BOSS, love hearing about your pursuit of excellence!

  3. I’m curious. It seems like a lot of your training is done with high strength/anaerobic activity, not that I think it all is, what I’m wondering is how would you translate your current training methods into a client doing say a sprint triathlon. A event which requires a large amount of overall endurance. Your posts continue to help and inspire me.

    1. Hey Adam, most of our athletes are power type athletes: football, wrestling, short distance swim, sprinters

      The sprint triathalon would have a similar training program, less volume AND most importantly I would be testing to see what the minimum effective dose is for this athlete by dialing in the gym training with their swim, bike and run training.

      Triathletes often need much less gym training

      Some low rep and sub max effort on big lifts, some solid work on sleds, bodyweight exercises, back extensions, etc

      They can probably train 1 maybe 2 x week and make great gains

      1. I appreciate it. That reinforces what I had thought. I’m currently trying to get ready for one in the Spring of 2015. Running/cycling is all I can do currently for endurance. I do in fact use mainly bodyweight exercises and I am trying some isometrics a few times a week as well. As always I appreciate your time.

  4. Brandon m says:


    I am impressed with your generosity in sharing this.

    Like I said before, I incorporate the “living the Code” and Warrior mindset, when I teach Wilderness medicine and SAR courses. To deal with the uncomfortable and the building of a powerful and real world strong body and mind, is part of the necessary preparedness for medical professionals in EMS and especially in remote EMS. I cannot say how often I recommend those that ask me –
    how I can do 500 burpees outside ,in a campground, teach all day outside, then take care of camp chores every day without getting tired or complaining (i love it actually)
    , so when they ask me I just say (check out the underground strength website by Zach , and you can get started on the right path,

    so keep at it up there man !

  5. Caught up on this and the latest podcast this morning. My little one was with me. Though you’d get a kick out of his thoughts, “Daddy what is this man talking about? Is he the doctor? He has little hair like you.” lmao

    Thanks for posting Z!

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