Don’t Complicate Your Training: Strong is STRONG & Training is TRAINING


 Training doesn't need to be complicated to be effective.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s gave me insight to the times of YMCA weight rooms filled with York Barbell Equipment and men who were built like brick sh*t houses.

I got to see a state championship Football team crushing the basics in a dump of a weight room while playing The Rocky IV soundtrack day after day. Their success was NO accident: They crushed the basics with consistency AND intensity.

I saw my Wrestling Coach doing 10 sets of squats every time he trained legs, 5 sets of back squats and 5 sets of front squats. He was a state qualifier and his training partner was a state champ.

I trained in a Bodybuilding Gym and saw guys doing deep, high rep squats with 495 while wearing jeans and work boots, other guys doing rack pulls inside a York Isometric rack with 6 plates for reps. These were bodybuilders, NOT powerlifters.

Owning multiple gyms has given me insight into the fads and gimmicks. Seeing the internet / fitness industry explode since 2002, (By the way, I am NOT part of the "fitness industry") High School kids come to me from other gyms and they've been put through the ringer of ladders, cones and 6 week camps.

Why are people selling 6 weeks to this and 6 weeks to that? I WISH I could transform you in 6 weeks but the TRUTH is that training and progress is a NEVER ending journey. When you stop lifting you get weaker. To keep getting stronger, you must keep on training. Consistency is the truth teller of who really want to WIN. The fads and gimmicks get more views and likes but the basics will always deliver.

THAT is the beauty. Simplicity rules. But...... You MUST be intense in your training. Consistency, Discipline, Dedication both in the gym AND in lifestyle make the best recipe.

Here's a Few Sample Workouts From Myself & Various Athletes

Training as I get older in my 40s......

My Own Training after a Thorough warm up:

Sample Workout # 1

1A) Landmine Press 5 x 5

1B) 1 Arm Row 5 x 5

2) Safety Bar Squats 6 x 6

3A) Pull Ups 3 x Max

3B) Push Ups 3 x Max

4A) Sleds 2 x 100 ft

4B) Hanging Leg Raise 2 x 12

Sample Workout #2

1) Vacuum The Gym superset w/ pull ups & Kettlebell Farmer Walks 5 x

2) Vacuum more + Bent Over KB Rowing 5 x 10-15

3) Bent Over Row w/ Trap Bar & Straight Bar 3 x each 10-15 reps

4) Snatch Grip Deads 10 x 2

5) Sumo Deads 10 x 2

Some days get more volume than other days. 10 x 2 is focused on lighter or moderate weights, short rest periods.


Athlete Workouts at The Underground Strength Gym

The warm up is 2 fold: We have a Prep and then Movement portion which in total lasts about 20 minutes.

1A) DB Snatch 6 x 2 / 2

1B) Various Jumps 6 x 4

2A) Box Squats 6 x 3 - 6 reps

2B) Various Carries (Kegs, DBs, KBs, etc)

3A) Sleds 3 x

3B) Back XTs 3 x 10-15 reps

4) Grip / Abs 5 x

1A) Pause Bench Press 5 x 2

1B) DB or KB Row 5 x 5

2A) Swiss Bar Military Press 4 x 4

2B) Various Carries

3A) Sleds 3 x

3B) Iso Hold DB Side to Front Raises 3 x

3C) KB Triceps Extensions 3 x

4) Grip / Abs

Things you don't see on paper / video, etc.....

I feel the warm up I take the athletes through is perhaps the most important part of our training.

The speed work, the jump training, the "core" work, agility training, sprint work, gymnastics drills, etc.

I am not training athletes to only lift heavy, be strong and be done.

Moving like an athlete is the most crucial part of our training. And at the same time, our weakest kids do NOT move so hot, so guess what this means? That's right, focus on attacking the basics to get them stronger.

This is emphasized in both of my certifications:

The Underground Strength Coach Cert

The SSPC Cert

We're ALWAYS working on speed and athleticism, even while lifting weights. Move those weights with proper technique first & foremost, then, move the weights with speed.

Guess who has the best technique? That's right. The STRONGEST athletes we train have the best technique. Strength is Skill and Vice Versa.


The training I do with The Rutgers Wrestling Team, wow, if we could have a camera that was a fly on the wall your mind would be blown. It is SAVAGE CITY.

I am looking for a Videographer to come and film, preferably at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym so we can show others how it's done.

E mail me if that's you!

So what does it take to get STRONG?

It takes everything you've got!

Be WILLING to Pay The Price!

Till the next time.

Live The Code 365,


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  1. Great article! So much wisdom in your words! Keep kicking ass

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