STRONG Life Podcast Ep 4: Eric Cressey | Strength Coach Business & Training Tips, Mobility, Baseball Do’s & Don’ts



In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I interview my go to guy and secret weapon when dialing in my training for both myself AND my athletes, Eric Cressey.

In this episode, Eric and I discuss the following:

- My first interview with Eric Cressey about 10 years ago

- The first Mobility course that came out and WHY Eric & Mike Robertson created this course long before Mobility was the "cool thing"

- The risk / reward of being an athlete and training for performance

- Eric's beginnings of coaching others through Mobility at the infamous South Side Barbell

- How does Eric organize the training sessions at Cressey Performance

- Overuse injuries amongst athletes, the future of early specialization for athletes and how Coaches can help these athletes do a better job of reaching their potential and staying healthy

- How does Eric market his gym and what happens when parents or athletes visit his gym causing almost all of them to sign up for training at Cressey Performance

- What were the BIG mistakes that Eric made as a Strength Coach & business owner

- Why being in Mass. & being in a cold weather state is a great way to put a velvet rope around your gym

- Should you overhead press with Baseball players?

- What Kettlebell exercises does Eric use with baseball players?

- How should you hire and build your business for maximum efficiency?

- Is there such a thing as work / life balance as a Strength Coach?

- What kind of woman marries a Strength Coach?

- Is Eric Cressey top secret or can you visit him?

- Is there a way for Individualizing training programs for the differences amongst athletes in the SAME group?

- What are the TWO KEY things Eric looks for when designing a training program according to his assessment.

There is TONS more info so listen / watch this STRONGCast with my man Eric Cressey. He is an awesome person AND an awesome coach.

Enjoy and please share. Thanks!

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Eric Cressey's Blog (This is AWESOME)

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Cressey Performance Gym & Mentorships

3 Responses

  1. Sven!

    We kick ass bro, that’s what we do!

  2. Awesome interview! I try to explain to parents that strength training is a sport in itself. You progress with a goal of becoming stronger, faster, more explosive and more efficient/proficient in the big lifts. Along with proper warm up and mobility work you are making a healthier athlete.
    Participating in a sport year round only forces your body into improper form and patterns.
    I enjoy it when people comment that a child is too young to lift yet they are in year round sports. “Lifting stunts your grow, or causes joint problems.” I grew up in a farming community and started working on area farms when I was 8yo carrying buckets of stones and tossing 75# bails of hay. Every farm kid I knew was tall and strong. If they developed knee problems it was probably from jumping out the upper floor of the barn on to the ground to avoid getting tagged. Yeah we worked and we played all day.
    Some kids today sit and watch TV or play video games then go to practice for three hours and the parents wonder why they have knee pain at 12.
    Good stuff Z!

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