STRONG Life PodCast 21: Alwyn Cosgrove on LIFE, Business & Success



I hope you are ready for the AWESOMENESS of the latest STRONG Life Podcast with my mentor and great friend, Alwyn Cosgrove.

Alwyn has beaten stage IV cancer TWICE, is the co owner (along with his awesome wifey, Rachel) of Results Fitness & Results Fitness University.

He is a game changer, a trend setter and was the FIRST guy to teach me about the perfect day and understanding finances and lifestyle design, even before Tim Ferriss. This episode is longer than normal and if you care about your life then you won't complain, you will be GRATEFUL that this episode is BadAss!!!!!

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Alwyn & I also discuss:

- How to think for greater success?

- How to operate your fitness business (Or ANY business) for maximum success AND happiness.

- The Top 2 Recommended books on business AND life

- How to KNOW if you DO what you Preach?

- How to Start crafting your Perfect Day?

- Finding Inspiration & NOT giving a shit about what other people think about YOU.

- Ignoring the naysayers.

- Finding your WHY?

- How and When should strength coaches / fitness professionals focus on marketing?

- Time vs Money - the REAL way to look at this relationship.

There is TONS more in this STRONGcast so make sure you soak it all in!

To connect and learn from Alwyn check out his resources below:

 Results Fitness University


Please share this episode with your friends / colleagues and drop your comments / questions below. I LOVE hearing from you!

Live The Code!!


5 Responses

  1. “Gardening yr mind” – what an awesome statement!
    And an essential one in these times of constant overflow of information. Filtering and applying the proper information, reducing quantity to quality, and being aware that time is THE most valuable good. Things we all need to be reminded constantly.
    Will listen to this podcast many more times – that’s for sure. Like Alwyn said – 20min a day of constant education piles up to a huge amount of time, knowledge over the years.

    Loved it when yr kids crashed the party. hahaha, …
    Kids are awesome – the true meaning of life.

    1. ha ha, my kids always crash these podcasts, ha ha, they get crazy when they see me working…..

      last time I was getting shot by the nerf gun my son has while Mark Bell interviewed me for his powercast, ha ha, funny shyt!

  2. Interesting and intriguing project combining Crossfit with Boxing:

    I know this video is yet another way of hyping Crossfit (as with all the running-crossfit vids). And I’m not a fan of the Crossfit guys claiming they have the solution to every fitness problem. I’m full aware of the fact that Crossfit is not the solution to every fitness aspect.

    Nevertheless this combination might be an interesting topic as you need speed, endurance and strength in the fighting game. A necessity that very few sports have.

  3. Awesome podcast! Hand cramped up trying to write down all the ideas and notes I took from this.

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