STRONG Life Ep. 3: Mark “Smelly” Bell on Mental Toughness & Kicking Ass In Life AND Lifting



In this MOST Epic episode of The STRONGCast Podcast, I interview my homie and brotha from anotha motha, Mark "Smelly" Bell.

Normally, we skype these interviews but Smelly is very high maintenance and insisted we do this while he drives around in his car, hence the semi awesome audio quality.

Mark is the founder of Super Training Gym, The Power Magazine and being Awesome.

In this episode we talk about:

- Our first interview that we did through e mail exchanges

- Who gave Smelly his best advice in life?

- Relying on yourself at all times

- Why he became an entrepreneur

- The original Westside Barbell VHS Tapes

- How to constantly evolve and keep pressing onward & upward

- Training the Brain

- Why Smelly started The Power Magazine

- Where the concept of Super Training Gym came from

- The role Smelly's family plays in his life

- Building upon your own passion

- Why does Smelly lift Raw

- Doing shit on your own & dealing with people in Life

- CrossFit Powerlifting Course

- Why you should Always be looking for another job

- What final piece of advice does Smelly have for YOU? MUST Listen!

- A Day in the life of Mark Bell

Enjoy and please share this STRONGCast with your friends! Thanks!

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To connect with Smelly, please check the links below:

- Super Training TV

Power Speech From Mark "Smelly" Bell


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6 Responses

  1. Smelly is awesome! Thank you! You get motivated just hearing him talk. Did I get it right from his brother’s movie that he had a learning disability?
    Which caused him to do exercises to a point of being sweaty thus the nickname Smelly.
    I would like to know how that effected his development in training,life and business.

    1. DW great question, bro, I will ask that for sure in Pt 2, Smelly and I have been talking thru e mails for over 10 years now, and we met about 3 1/2 yrs ago but we chat on the phone / text on the regular

      Not only is he one of the most real, stand up guys I know, he’s smart as hell w/the training

      He is a rare breed!

  2. Smelly’s in tha house! yeah!
    You always pick up some lesson from that guy. So much knowledge & great story teller as well.
    You’re really hitting it now with all these podcasts. Thx, man.

    1. BIG thanks, Sven, glad you love them, brotha!

  3. Josh Bryant says:

    Two of the best in the industry with Mark and Zach!

    1. Josh! You’re the man! Psyched to crush a STRONGcast with you as well!

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