Success Mindset & Passion for Life: QnA With Mark Smelly Bell



In this video with Mark "Smelly" Bell I discuss a common question I get.

It's interesting because through lifting and training, I have learned to apply the lessons from the gym to my life. Smelly has done the same, so we discuss how to kick ass and take names in life.

Smelly comes off as a very light hearted person but he has gone through some very tough times and learned to harness those emotions to create a highly successful business on his own terms, while doing what he loves: lifting heavy weights and spending time with family.

Check it out, enjoy, learn and please share with your friends.

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Please drop your comments / thoughts / questions below.

I love hearing from you & helping you don't hesitate to drop your comments.

Share with a friend that you feel could use this video & these tips on life, success and the mindset needed to overcome obstacles.

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4 Responses

  1. Zach awesome post again my friend. Thanks to Mark too for being a part of it. Being a nonconformist as you stated is something I’ve adopted as well. Being a fellow strength coach and blogger I am very aware of the challenges you guys speak about.

    You are offering some great advice and keep it “light” by not going into a road rage over a yellow suit biker! Haha. Great post my friend. Keep’em coming!

    1. Brandon thnx for the support and GREAT words. I am psyched you find this a learning hub and keep pursuing excellence! Keep kicking ass, brotha!

  2. A great video Zach. Mark is really positive and has a great mindset like yourself. Hes got an amazing physique.

  3. Enjoyed watching the video. It’s easy to see that Mark has a clear view of how to keep moving forward in his life.

    One piece of advice I heard years ago that helps me (which is similar to one of his points): Don’t compare your inside to some one else’s highlight reel.

    We can only see the person’s externals. We seldom know what sort of struggles they have.

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