The Art of Living


I receive countless e mails asking me how I get so much done without fail. How I balance my business with family life, lifting, answering e mails, vacations, and more?

I'm also starting a NEW business (On the DL for now) and just bought a new house.

I do my best to answer in the video below.

If you have good stuff to add about YOUR 'Art of Living', feel free to drop a line!



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10 Responses

  1. Yo Z,

    What a way to start the day – well start the day on the PC anyway. Thanks for the video man.

    Values, man what a critical area this is in your life.

    I honor you for taking such a huge step in ditching your job dude – the paycheck and bells and whistles would not have made that easy BUT as you mentioned Family is first and how much difference has it made to your life now you fell back into line with that value?

    You gotta take the action there’s no doubt – whatever it takes to make it happen even if it means up b4 3am on 2 hours sleep to walk 40 odd minutes in a snowstorm ūüėČ

    You had a point way back when you said F’IT I’m makin this happen regardless of what I am faced with and it’s liberating to use that relentless drive

    You remind us all of what it takes with the constant being Hustle and Bust your ass like never before

    Love it Beast!

    Have an awesome New Years mate

    See you in the Jerz in 2010


  2. Z…
    Values… values…values…they liberate us or the lack of enslave us… values…vision…ACTION…as Tony Robbins saids “life is get to,not a got to”

    Love Arnold dropping some bombs

  3. Joe Chizek says:

    Nice Z! I agree with you on the core values. I think that’s what makes up a person for sure. Hard work is tough to come by in people. I see a lot of people taking the easy way out. I like how you say “you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Awesome!

  4. Chris Tunstall says:

    Great stuff…Hard work and hustle….

  5. Z,

    Great video!!! I talk to people all the time who run from the concept of “puttin in work”. You gotta do the time before you shine!!! Thianks for shedding light on this issue.

  6. Great stuff – put down everything I was doing to watch the video and listen properly. Awesome message and very true.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for sharing Zach!! Your videos always inspire me to keep pushing whether it be in the gym, business, and life!! See ya in Tampa bruddah!!

  8. Love to hear you talk about passion. Too many people are living in their heads or even out of their heads. Living from the heart is the only way to really get things done.

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