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Time is something I have TRULY began to respect, for 2 BIG reasons:

1) My kids

2) Being an entrepreneur

In fact most people are today are more time conscious than ever before. Think about it. We barely call people in comparison to texting them. Technology has tricked many into being busy vs being productive UNLESS you know how to CONTROL your time.

As a Parent, I see just how fast time goes. And, the ONE thing about time, something many do not grasp is the fact that you can NEVER gain back lost time.

Lose all your money? You can build a business or multiple businesses and earn your money back.

Lose your time? Unless you can build the DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future, you will NEVER regain lost time.

This is why I take my time so seriously. When I train. I don't mess around. I get to business and push the pace, often times in superset fashion the way Arnold always encouraged and the way many Golden Era Bodybuilders encouraged others to train.

Check out this highlight of what happens when I am short on time and a bunch of Strong BEASTS roll up to The Underground Strength Gym...


This training session happened a few days before I had to get my knee scoped. I trained heavy leading up to the surgery and felt great post surgery with an extremely fast recovery. Showing up for surgery in GREAT shape changes the post surgery recovery BIG time.

I had my knee scoped on a Friday and on Monday I was dragging light sleds already. I can't think of anything in this world that is hampered by being STRONGER. Being Stronger is Always to your advantage. I have yet to meet an athlete or adult who is "strong enough".

In this video above, Note the use of the HEAVY dumbbells, 130 - 150 lbs, ripping them off the ground for full body strength and power. I don't see a lot of dumbbell work in comparison to barbell work and I've been teaching the dumbbell quick lifts at The Underground Strength Coach Cert since day 1.

Dumbbell Training: Easy to Teach / Easy to Learn / BIG Return on Results

In between each set of Dumbbell Lifting, you see Lots and lots of weighted pull ups with mixed grips to hit the upper body from ALL angles.

People think short workouts don't equate to much yet I always change their mind once they train WITH me. Intensity is KEY. When people complain about lack of results and then I see them train, I notice lack of intensity as being one of the key factors holding them back.

You can not just go through the motions. You must get obsessed with being stronger and then, the results will come.

I say the same to the Coaches who go through my USC Certification.....

I tell them to Live the Code 365, represent what we do and NEVER fall out of shape.... it can be done with fast workouts if that's all you got. And trust me, we ALL get some times in life when we are crammed for time, NOT to worry.

Here's another short, intense session with barbells, where I couple Deadlifts and Floor Presses:

After the floor presses and deadlifts, I hit sled sprints for conditioning.

Some quotes to get you thinking:

Simple things done savagely well.

Brilliance with the basics.

If someone tries my short workouts and say they didn't feel it, I know they trained half hearted. Intensity is key, even in this day and age of nerds trying to tell you to be "optimal" in your training. Push yourself and go hard, there is NOTHING wrong with being intense!

If you are busy and find yourself scrambling for workouts and want stay strong, lean and mean, then step right up for 7 FREE Days with The Gladiator STRONG Team.

Train Hard and MAKE it Happen.

Live The Code 365


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15 Responses

  1. Heavy dumbbell overhead work mixed in with weighted pull ups is one of my favorite workouts of all time! You guys were crushing it!

  2. sean polidore says:

    thats a good ass workout to me. Of course I love the pull ups with the chains every where…that’s my kinda party

  3. Zach! Been receiving your emails (you send alot man! HAHA) for about 2-3 weeks. Your doing some great things, love the vids, intensity, jokes & everything else that kicks ass. Great job bro!

    This above video is GREAT. I’ve been working on my OH presses, straight bar & db’s as of late. Dr. Ken says to obtain REAL strength one must OH lift. I agree, maybe one day we’ll get back to…how much you press? Instead of…how much you bench?

    Thanks & keep up the great work!

    Dean the dream

  4. Sean – yooo bruddah, I miss you, you ARE the pull up MASTER!

    Dean – hey bro, thnx for the props, yes, I’m always writing and doing vids, sooooo much to share w/every1 I can’t keep it locked up!!! ha ha

    Dr. Ken, now that’s a man who knows INTENSITY!

    Believe it or not, I was gifted w/incredible stuff from a viewer of this blog, with all of Dr. Ken’s VHS tapes and I watching them last night, in fact, watch a clip right here:


    That video pissed off A LOT OF PEEPS, he he he

    I will say this, having a BIG bench AND a strong overhead is awesome!

    This also means balancing out with plenty of rowing / pulling movements!

    I wanna see more comments and let’s get this discussion pumpin!



  5. Awesome stuff Zach.

    I cracked KB snatches and weighted pull ups today as I was a little pushed for time.

    Short workouts rock

  6. Walter Dorey says:


    My first 15 min. workout today was pulls and clean and presses.

    Probably do about 15-20 minutes of snatches with kettlebells this evening.

    Time to eat.


  7. Zach, I know that you’re good friends with Joe Defranco. I don’t know if you’ve read the Ask Joe article on coconut water, but I’ve read that it’s better than sports drinks. The problem is, I can’t seem to find any at the oriental markets near my home. I live in Howard Country, Maryland and I can’t seem to find any coconut water. Any help? Do you have any experience with coconut juice? Love getting your emails and watching your videos. Thanks brother.

  8. Zach,

    Love the Busy man bodybuilder workout! When it comes to those short workouts Kurt Angle says it best- “Intensity, Intellegence and Integrity”

    As it applies to this workout:

    Go balls out- don’t be a pussy (like you say) use a weight that jacks your heart rate right up! Intelligence- use the right exercise at the right time in your program! know the big picture! Integrity- do the work assigned at your best! You know when you cheat- DON’T DO IT!

    Great info! Love this content!

  9. awesome comments bruddahs!

    david – check whole foods markets near by bruddah

    chris, ur the man, was great having you at The Underground

    When the guys in the workout were done they were drenched in sweat & said they can’t think of a muscle not worked during that time!

    It was great fo sho!

    More killa vids to come dudes, stay tuned!



  10. You can also get the coconut water on

  11. James Buchanan says:

    I’ve been getting some serious pain where the tricep joins the elbow when I do a lot of pull ups recently. Apart from the obvious – back off till the pain goes- any tips? Keep up the vids and stuff, the book link earlier was fantastic- loads to read. Thanks.

  12. Z you guys are the S**T! Been hitting this style set up for past week or so now, off to hit something similar now – with some sandbag work in the mix!

    Keep killing it,


  13. Yo brother, this is the sh!t that gets me fired up! I love lifiting heavy with great form and putting it together without brutally long breaks in between. Get that strength and strength endurance too. NICE!!!

  14. love the vid…no talking just busting ass and sweating balls….thats how it should be…

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