The Hybrid Bodybuilding BEAST in The House!


No Rules.

No cry babies or whiners.

This is how I get Hybrid and BEAST at the same time. Check it kids....

I love training this way.

Nobody ever said I should or could, I just followed my heart and gut instincts.

Back when I was bodybuilding, I would sometimes superset squats with 315-365 lbs and leg presses with 7 - 9 plates on each side. It was crazy but damn was it fun.

Deadlifts and Zerchers offer more of a "REAL World / Functional Strength" type workout compared bodybuilder leg presses.

This is what you gotta do if you wanna be a BEAST.

And you CAN become a BEAST yourself, because in a few short days I'm opening up the gates to THE 12 month program guaranteed to transform you into a BEAST.

Stay tuned!



Coming Soon.....

To a BEAST Near YOU!!


18 Responses

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  2. Pablo Romero says:


    oh and : ¨Im gonna help simon get rid of his man boobs while im there¨
    NICE hahahah

  3. Do you usually choose trap bar deads over conventional deads?

  4. I have to get a trap bar now, but those zerchers looked brutal. I am starting Elliot’s lean hybrid program tomorrow, but I will find a way to do that workout youdid in the video, what exactly did you do with the heavy d-ball’s? Keep killing it Z.

  5. damn zerchers r so hard, they kill my forearms every time i do them, zach r fat bars better 4 zerchers?

  6. Crazy workout bro. What do you find is better the trap or regular bar for deads? Or is neither better per say just preference?

  7. Rob C – I switch up it up often b/c my low back has a recurring injury, which tends to come from the straight bar, so I rotate various squats and deads regularly

  8. Joe, yes, fat bars are easier in the crook of the biceps, or if need be, place a towel in the middle of the bar

  9. Walter Dorey says:


    Great workout!

    Heard the man boobs called “moobs”. Man I think I’m gonna be sick, too many moobs in the world nowadays…

    Gotta crank the workouts ifn ya don’t want the moobs!

    That and lay off the beer!

    Trap bar deads are awesome! Effect on the body is sort of a cross between a squat and a deadlift.
    Great exercise for those with lower back issues as it is much easier to lift with the back in a favorable position with less stress on the lower back.

    If ya don’t have a trap bar, load up two Olympic bars running parrallel to each other. Stand in between them and squat down to grab one in each hand and deadlift them that way. You will soon learn your grip strength isn’t what you thought it was!

    If it’s too hard to get that low (the trap bar has handles that are higher off the floor than a regular bar) set the bars up in a power rack on the pins so the bars are about 4″ or so higher than a bar loaded with 45’s sitting on the floor.

    Join the AMS: “Anti-Moob Society”


  10. Zach,

    Killer combo mate

    Can’t say I have tried the Zerchers.. they look total Beast.. will have to crank them in a workout asap.

    Since USC my hand walk strength and hand stand push ups have blown up.. .not to mention the pull ups since I do em on the rings nowadays.. Wanna get to IRON CROSS level dude… that’s the aim anyhow..

    Love the beast workout sdude and of course the music to go wit it.. sick!



  11. Now that’s a crazy workout!!! Zerchers are a staple in my leg training ever since I saw them on your vids…..Keep up the great work bro!

  12. Looking Beastly Bruddah! Gotta start doing more zerchers myself. And a trap bar is next on my list of equip to buy. Keep tearing it up bro!
    I wanna be just like yo when i grow up! Except I am better looking! haha!

  13. can’t hold on to the fat bar yet…..i just let go of the bar….any tips??i think its due to weak forearms

  14. Toohey, hells yea, gotta walk on hands as much as you walk on feet, eh mate??!!

  15. Tommy Tucker, you’re right bruddah, you’re already way better lookin than me!!! ha ha

  16. Thanks for another great vid man! I’ve always wanted to get a trap bar, but it isn’t in my immediate list of equipment.

  17. lmao definetly do american idol I might actually watch it lol. Crazy workout tried it but with a straight bar because I don’t have a trap bar but i was DONE after!!!

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