The LAW Of Opportunity – Earn It!


Two Videos To Learn From Today....

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[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Would love to hear your thoughts on these videos.

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If you're looking to train your mind and unsure how to do it, learn from a Navy SEAL, plain and simple.

Time to EARN it!

Live The Code


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17 Responses

  1. “If a man can fight for his life, I can fight for a game.”

    These vids are great Zach. Thanks a bunch.

    1. My pleasure, Robbie, these vids fire me up as well! I;m in Austin and crankin’ a cert, these Coaches fire me up, amazing energy here!

      1. I’ll be coming to cert in the near future that’s for sure. You ever coming to Canada Zach?

  2. He may not be the most paid, the guy with most records or most superbowl… but he’s the man in football to me !!!

    1. agreed, what an awesome guy, he fires that team UP!

  3. Hello Undergrounders,
    Here in Austria we don´t watch football and it is also not in TV. So i don´t know teams or special persons in football. (Ok i have to confess, i don´t watch sports at all in tv, i like to do sports 😉 )

    I already saw one of Lewis videos on youtube. Damn, this guy is intens, he has so much fire and is for sure a great sorce of inspiration, not only for his team.
    He is someone everybody should look up too and take some of his motivation for the part of the life they need some of it.

    Thanks for posting the videos, Zach. You are also a great source of inspiration and motivation. Keep it on. 🙂

    1. Tomlet, thnx, brutha, I too watch very little TV and very little Football, regardless, Ray Lewis is an animal and fires me UP! We can ALL learn from him!

  4. Lewis is one inspirational dude!!
    If you need motivation to get your ass going….he’s the man. Love it!

  5. Perfect start to a Sunday morning! “Pure chaos” – couldn’t have phrased it any better. Beautiful stuff, keep doin your thing Zach! If you ever need someone to help promote your ways in the Phx, AZ area let me know… I live for this type of stuff!

  6. Love his philsophy in the game and off the field. He defines TEAM PLAYER!

  7. Hey Zach, I love the inspiring video. Everything you said has so much truth to the words! I always think of one quote that pushes me further, and it is from Tony Robbins who said “you must demand more from yourself than anyone else would”, and this is something that pushes me towards excellence. One of the best words of advice I have ever heard was to get what I truly want, I have to “stay hungry”, and never let up. Everything you mentioned is CRITICAL to pushing one from average & mediocre to excellence. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. Great video Zach.

    The mindset of training has been on my mind a lot lately. So much so that I am in the process of setting up a website dedicated to searching for the knowledge of achieving and maintaining the right mindset for sport and life

  9. Alex Bell says:

    Ray Lewis is so motivating. Great vids Zach. You are the man!


  10. I love it bro! We are not guaranteed anything in life. If you want it you have to fight for it and earn it! Something I keep telling myself and is a relentless pursuit and learning process.

  11. Zach .. found your vid and site at the right time. I have been building a site of my own called Barbell Academy and for the last month or so hit a wall with where I was going and my actual vision for the site. Since my training is based around strength training and heavy compound barbell lifts I found it only natural to search for other sites with similar interests. In any event this post got me out of a funk. I still know I have a lot of work to do but you fired me up to get over myself and keep it moving!



    1. Dane, right on bro, I am psyched you’re dialing it in, my brutha!

      Live The Code!

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