How Changing Your Environment Can Change Your Life?


The Spartan Way. Always Learning, Always Taking Action. A Great Book Can Change Your Life!


If you have been following me for some time, you KNOW I am a BIG believer in reading. I love books because books have changed my life. So when I come across the right books, I get fired up and have to share the lessons learned.

But what is better than books?

The answer........


Being around GREAT PEOPLE is the best thing you can do because the human connection heightens your experience 10 fold, at least!

Check out my latest Spartan Way podcast (These are My NEW Podcasts) where I discuss why it's so crucial to be surrounded by AWESOME people!

And, you always hear about finding your passion, well, listen......

It will find YOU!

There's an inner voice that guides you.

Dig in and get your learn on!

Now, if you surround yourself with the wrong people and the wrong information, you will feel stuck. You will feel the battery drainers sucking the life out of you.

You will feel strange having bigger goals because those around you will be like the bucket of crabs, always trying to pull you back into the bottom of the bucket every time you try to climb out of the bucket.

There is NOTHING wrong with having BIG goals. Advance & Conquer!

In the Video above, I shared what I did when I wanted to take my business and life to new heights after feeling stuck.

That was around 2011 or so.

And, sometimes, those feelings of stagnation come back. If you are not advancing & moving forward, your body will let you know. Contrary to popular beliefs, your mind and body craves discomfort. Many say you want homeostasis but deep down, you get bored and the lack of growth actually stresses you out.

So what's the key? The key is constant growth and evolution.

I am back to attacking environment on much greater heights than I have done in the past 5 years. I am also  controlling my environment much more aggressively, ALL by investing in myself and getting to seminars and experiences to give me the knowledge, accountability and speed I need to 10X my LIFE.

The things, people or places that have negative energy are the very things I steer clear from. Often times the things we need to help us achieve more success are NOT convenient. These "things" are viewed as obstacles at first but deep down, they are opportunity in hiding.

I want you to take action TODAY to get better. Make it happen!

Live The Code 365,


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