Training for When SHTF aka Training for Life


Training for sport is one thing.

Training for Life takes on a whole new meaning. The "rules" of training don't apply as much. You look around and see that you can train with anything, anywhere.

You realize that "training" must go beyond the gym walls. Beyond the weights. You realize that the ease and convenience of everything is holding you back.

You soon realize that being strong is offensive to many. You will be taxed and penalized for eating meat. "They" want you eating more soy. Take more pills. Stay home. "They" want you weak.

You realize that you must learn to take care of yourself. And now, there is a LOT of work to do. Much to be done.

On my end, I have much to learn. I share these thoughts in my newsletter.

I don't need to hear comments from those who are constantly offended when the wind blows.

This video is an extension of my thoughts on when SHTF (S--t Hits the Fan) aka Training for Life.

I will always struggle to understand those who consistently skip training sessions or have a laundry list of excuses. These athletes or adults are always hurt, can never train heavy, never feel "just right"......

I feel bad for the people, regardless of age, who are completely satisfied being average.

I'll never understand that type of attitude.

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