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Sometimes I do one exercise for an entire workout, or one type of movement for an entire workout. Not only is this a great challenge but it is also a great way to overload the body like never before.

 Have you ever done all types of carries for an entire workout? I talk about this a lot at The Underground and have discussed the power of this method.

We will carry any and every training tool we have from different positions:

- Barbell on back

- Sandbag in arms

- Kettlebells overhead

- Dumbbell farmer walks

- Keg in bearhug

You just keep on grabbing heavy object after heavy object, over and over again. It becomes one squat / deadlift and carry after another and hits your body from all angles and directions.

Noone ever said this was the way to train, but I know about breaking the rules to get results. If you're following all the "tried and true" ways that are supposed to get you stronger and in much better shape yet you still don't see the results, then start breaking the rules.

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

P.S. - We don't follow the rules at - we break all the rules and do what works. Stop by and you'll see hundreds of articles ready for your use.

Look what one of our members just e mailed me....

"I've lost over 70lbs and feel the best EVER do to my membership to USC.  I would never blow smoke on anything like this.
As I've mentioned before, I came from the powerlifting/bodybuilding background and because of my genetics, I was a lot stronger than I was able to get muscle symmetry in order to compete in bodybuilding.
After constantly suffering muscle fatigue during grappling I researched training techniques of combat athletes. That search somehow led to your Myspace page.   Months later and a few dollars I purchased several tools to add to my regular routine.
I read and read and read more of the members section and watched countless videos. Once I got my routines together I just went to it.
I was asked by Master Lloyd yesterday about my weight loss and I told him that the single most decisive thing I did was join USC and learn more about muscle strength endurance.  He said that he knew you.
Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of things discussed here that I don't necessarily believe will work for me or I just don't think will fit, but overall its the ability to read from a vast amount of open sources of people that are just like me.
Thanks again."

Eric Konohia

President of Bulldawg Protection LLC

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