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I've been to a LOT of wrestling clubs and worked with a LOT of wrestling teams.

I used to be shocked and even angered seeing how wrestlers were NOT performing ONE good push up: full range of motion, neck and entire body aligned, tight abs....

How the hell can a wrestler be unable to perform the bread and butter basic exercise that EVERY athlete should be cranking? The Great Dan Gable would lose his mind if he saw this.

Bodyweight Training is extremely powerful when implemented properly. We can't argue with the strength, speed, power and athleticism of gymnasts. My buddy, Jonny Hinds always amazes me with his shocking strength and body control.

Every time I see an "inside look" of some prison on TV I can't help but check it out to see if they reveal some inmates working out. Last week while on vacation I was flipping through the channels & caught a glimpse as they featured a prison and the guys were cranking handstand push ups with ease, push up variations with knee tucks (stuff I have used with my wrestlers) and prisoner squats, naturally.

Because I wanted to challenge ALL wrestlers I set up a simple challenge. It can be stepped up to a greater level for sure, so let's say this challenge is Level I.

I came up with a small challenge for the wrestlers BUT it can be done for anyone, you don't need to be a wrestler to go after this little bodyweight workout challenge. I prefer cranking this challenge AFTER some heavier work such as farmer walks, full body Kettlebell lifts such as snatches or clean and press, or even the basic deadlift.

Check out the video and drop a comment below with YOUR time

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plTvNqoNxkk[/youtube]

Advanced Bodyweight Workout Challenge Variations:

1) Perform Bodyweight Deadlift x 5 reps before every round

2) Perform Heavy Dumbbell / Kettlebell Farmer Walks x 100 ft before every round

3) Run 400 meters before every round

Get after it and drop a comment with your time and details of how you used this Bodyweight Bodybuilding Workout Challenge

Live The Code 365,


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23 Responses

  1. Mike Divito says:

    hahahhahah….. digging the shore thing wrestling room for your new viedo

  2. Yo Zach! Im not a teen (by far)but a strength coach out here in Maryland. Been following the blog (this one and underground strength) for a few years now. Loved the challenge! I finished it in 6:45. But that let me know Im far from the condition I want to be in to maintain for my life. I’ll hit you back when I get closer to that 530 mark.
    Keep risin to the top!

  3. The Stud Pull Up Bar is a great buy, have one installed in my garage. I like the workout another challenging bodyweight routine is:

    5 chins, 10 push ups, 15 body weight squats as many rounds as you can get in 20 minutes.

  4. Even though I’m not a high school wrestler anymore and didn’t video it I thought I post my times anyway. First time through 2 min 21 sec, second time 2 min 8 sec. I will try to video it next week.

    P.S. I beat the 25 year old who did it with me by 11 seconds first time through. Not bad for a forty year old.

  5. this is a great circuit zach. i’m definitely going to have my guys doing it, especially in season. thanks man!

  6. @Njama – yep, U need to crush that time in HALF!!

  7. @Al – yep, cranked that at my crossfit cert back in the day and sometimes have my wrestlers do it with a sprint added to it

    it was deadly shizza!

  8. @Chris, you’re a deadly man, good job showin the young guns how to roll!!

    lead from the FRONT!

  9. @Mike D – we’re gonan have time you guys at the gym and see who WINS!!

  10. @Dickie – dude, you’re wrestlers are LUCKY to have you training them!!! NO doubt!

  11. Zach,

    Sorry for the delay. But here is a link to a couple of my guys trying the the challenge. It is something we need to work on. For their 1st time they did a great job.


    They performed this challenge after doing a double DB clean and press, 1 arm DB snatch, and V-up tri set, three times through.

    How did they hold up to your wrestlers standards?


  12. The world would be a better place if everyone
    would just stop and focus on bodyweight
    training for 8-12 months.

    People want to get big and strong, or lose weight with the latest supplements or short cuts.

    How about mastering the bodyweight pullup, squat, and lunge first?

    Excellent stuff as always Zach!!

  13. bodyweight training is key zach. that challenge looks crazy man; i’ll definitely try that out in the next couple days!!

  14. Hey Zach,
    After hitting 5 sets of heavy deads your email popped up on my phone with this challenge. I was just going to do some bodyweight work with the weightvest after my deadlifts but I saw this and said screw it I will try it. I added the BW deadlifts to it. Pull-ups always a weak point so I have been working on that. Time sucks but bottom line just get after it. Thanks for the fun workout.

  15. From Robert DeCillis adding in the DeadLift!!! NICE!


      1) Are we not allowed to perform circuits nowadays without them being called “crossfit”?

      2) In the 70s when Coaches did circuits, did they call this CrossFit?

      3) When something IS CrossFit, is that a BAD thing?

      4) I know Navy SEALs who use CrossFit as well as olympic athletes. Sounds good 2 me.

      5) I am confused as to how plyos and pull ups, ALL 4 exercises are bodyweight exercises, are considered “more CrossFit not Bodyweight”?

      The entire workout is bodyweight. Period.

  16. I’m going to try this.

    Thanx coach!

  17. Did the circuit with the deads…11:jusr realized my pullup endurance is lacking great workout though

  18. Did this today, posting results on the Inner Circle. But I think I messed up, I did all 3 ex’s before the bwt circuit, but I just read it again now and it looks like Zach gave 3 suggestions, supposed to pick just one. Oh well! No wonder it busted me up!

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