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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Read This Post Entirely, Contest Described To Win FREE Copy Of Kettlebell Bodyweight Hybrid Course!

Anytime I get away from using Kettlebells I start to feel "it".

Tightness in the pecs and shoulders, less fitness, conditioning, work capacity or whatever the fuck we now say to describe the act of being in shape to kick ass and take names.

- I use Heavy Kettlebells for strength....

- Lighter Kettlebells for conditioning, higher reps, circuits and complexes....

- Moderate weight Kettlebells for power....

Many times, I use Kettlebells to keep me in check mentally.

High rep snatches will push your mind and body to an area you're likely not used to.

The Kettlebell Combat Complex that I created a loooooong time ago will definitely make you step up and test your inner Bad MoFo.

Below is a video I filmed about 3 years ago. I remember feeling sluggish that day and I was PISSED at myself for feeling shitty. I decided to grab the 53 lb Kettlebell and go through a boat load of Kettlebell exercises to get the mind and body going again, putting all systems in check.

Check it out, grab some Bullet Proof Coffee and enjoy lots of Kettlebell exercises, then go ahead and kick your own ass with a Kettlebell Workout yourself.

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLcVrgfDeOg[/youtube]

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkSgG3kPyOI[/youtube]

After you kick some ass with your Kettlebell workout, post your workout in the comments section below.


- The MOST Kick Ass (NOT Crazy Or Stupid) Workout Posted In The Comments Section Will Be Awarded With A FREE Copy Of The Kettlebell Bodyweight Hybrid Course.

- We Need At LEAST 50 Comments / Workouts Posted

- Limit ONE Post Per Person

- Deadline Is Sunday, Midnight EST, Dec. 23rd

I wanna see Us pile up At LEAST 50 different workouts using Kettlebells so let's DO this.

To make that happen I need YOUR help.

So, PLEASE crank a comment and make it LEGIT! Thank YOU in advance!!

I am Psyched to see what you whip up.

If you need ideas for your Kettlebell Training..... ideas that kick some serious ass, make sure you pick up our Kettlebell & Bodyweight Hybrid Course, HERE.

Till the next time.....

Live The Code,


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70 Responses

  1. Arrived home after laboring for the old man & hit up a KB workout. Have been doing KB for a few weeks now so definitely feel that each session I’m not only improving in the skill of strength but also the skill of the movements. Following Pavel’s ‘ETKB’ program at the moment and man am I glad today was heavy/vigorous day. Everything done with a 16kg.

    C&P, Pullup Ladders: 3 sets of 1,2,3,4 reps No rest between rungs
    2 sets of 1,2,3. 90 sec between ladders

    1 handed swings: 270reps in 10 minutes. (Might change the weight for this next workout)

    It’s only a few weeks in but I freaking love Kettlebells. Cannot wait for a few months down the track when my shoulders can handle high-rep snatches. Originally started them because it sounded like the KB can really benefit me as an athlete (I am a golfer) but now it has grown into a massive lifestyle benefit. Can’t wait for this time next year – will be a great Christmas gift to myself when I’m a BEAST on the golf course intimidating the heck out of my opponents and knowing that what I do for sport&a living is literally a walk in the park!

  2. Dustin W. says:

    After reading one of your recommended books (Deadlift Dynamite) I started working kettlebells in a different way. Instead of allowing the kb to rest on my forearm, or bringing it through the movement to the forearm I now swing it up overhead and keep the kb straight. Keeping the bottom of the kb facing the ceiling.
    Works the grip and wrist really well. Most importantly it makes you really think while training. There have been times I will float off while performing an exercise (auto pilot). You have to really check yourself or the kb will crush your forearm.
    Good stuff! Get healthy! Vitamin D 10,000 units, Vitamin C 6g(3-2g doses spread out through the day) green veggies, lean protein, Omega 3s, no wheat/corn/soy.
    And to get that body going stand in the cold-shorts/tshirt/no shoes or socks as long as you can (get the shiver going) then jump into a warm shower and three shots of espresso. BOOM!!!!

  3. We use this little complex as a finisher at our Tuesday Happy Hour (5-6pm) session at the IronSolid Gym. This will get your mind right.

    Use your RKC/SFG snatch test size bell or one 4kg up. I use a 24kg.

    Continuous without setting down the bell

    10 Sling Shots (figure 8 to a bottoms up clean switching hands)
    10 Goblet Squats – 10 Sling Shots
    10 Goblet Press Overhead (using two hands) – 10 Sling Shots
    10 Goblet Squat Press – 10 Sling Shots
    10 Goblet Squat Press – 10 sling Shots

    Catch your breath for 30 seconds then continuos without setting the bell down

    10 – 2 arm swings to release then catch in goblet position
    10 – 2 arm swings to catch then press
    10 – 2 arm swings to catch, squat, press
    10 – 2 arm swings to catch, squat, press
    20 – 2 arm swings

    This is an adaptation of the Sling Shot from the Extreme KB Cardio workout DVD by Keith Weber.

    You may have to build up to this one by setting the bell down a few times, but this one seems to make even the toughest minded and strongest comrades curse the kettlebell. Stick with this one, after a few weeks your conditioning will improve dramatically.

  4. Zach,

    One of my favorite kettlebell workouts is using two kettlebells and doing the following: Clean, Squat, then strict Press. I do this ladder style 1,2,3,4,5 reps and do 5 sets of it. Go as heavy as possible and you will be smoked afterwards and also feel amazing all over.


  5. artherfuxache says:

    start with double front squat with 70’s x 6, 30 sec rest onto double clean & press with 70’s x 6, 30 sec rest into renegade rows with 88’s x 6 both sides, 30 sec rest into double floor press with 88’s x 10 one min rest, repeat 6 times proper smoker.

  6. Joe Pantaleo says:

    KB’s were the beginning of the “change” in my training 7 yrs. ago, (And in my life!) with “Enter the Kettlebell.” I always find myself going back to my ROOTS when confused.

    -Warm up w/ 5 mins of TGU’s. Stretches you out!

    -5X5 QUICK sets double swings or snatches to fire up the nervous system.

    – Clean & Press Ladders (HEAVY), super set w/ Weighted Pull-up

    – Finish w/ Ballistic- HIGH rep Swings or Snatches. By themselves or coupled w/ running. (insert puke bucket here)

    Basic & effective!

  7. A volume EDT Day bent on conditioning that I sometimes employ:

    Part A- 15 minutes: Double Kettlebell Complex w/53s: 1 rep= swing/high pull/snatch/ clean / jerk. (Best to date is 44 “reps”)

    Part B-10 minutes: (1) Pullup Variation x5 (2) Clubbell Swipes x10 (25lbers) Grip usually dies by the end of this

    Part C- 10 minutes (1) Hindu Pushup x10 (2) Hindu Squat x20

  8. Jorge Silva says:

    I love doing turkish getups and then swings!

  9. USSS prescribed Kettles and Quarters:

    1/4 mile sprint
    10 snatches (each hand) with 53 lb KB

    Repeat x 6 for time – stay under 30 mins

    Or Snatch Test:

    As many snatches as possible in ten minutes with 53 lb KB

  10. KBs are awesome! I usually do some KB work in between heavy lifting days or on saturdays just to get the blood flowing and get rid of soreness. I usually stick to basics, swings, presses, clean and presses, snatches, goblet squats/front squats, rows, farmer walk variations, mixed in with some body weight stuff either in ladders, straight sets, circuits, or complexes. Got a lot of ideas from both of your hybrid KB + BW workouts which I demolished and love. Recently added TGUs and bottoms up presses which are killer!

  11. This kettlebell bodyweight circuit is my go-to workout when I’m straoped for time and still.need a kick in the teeth – 25 pullups, 25 snarches per arm, 50 pushups, 50 swings, 50 burpees, 25 clean and presses per arm, 25 pullups… 1 24kg kettlebell and a whole lotta sweat! BOOM!!

  12. Strongnella says:

    Damn those complexes looked legit! Im bout to hit those up on my deload week.

  13. I normally warn up with joint mobility then a 16 kl kb. Then yesterday i started with two hand swing 10 reps 32 kl kb then 10 single hand swings each hand, then 5 x 5 single 32 kl snatch. Then double 32 kl milatary press 32 kl. then Floor press double 32kl 3 x 10. Then 3 x 5 LC double 32 kl. Then finished of with around the body pass through the legs, uppercut then uppercut with bottoms up catch then swing release and swing and catch all 10 reps with a 16 kl kb. I also really enjoy 5 min TGU with 32 or 36 kl kettlebell to finish but usually change my work out every time i train.

  14. Jorge Silva says:

    Clean and press (to the floor each rep), 5×5/5
    Clean once, then press 5xAMAP
    Waiter walk 5x100mts

    A good workout, although not the best.

    For that, read Hybrid Kettlebell Training 😉

  15. 150 Kettlebell Swings for Time w/73lb. I did it in 12:43. almost quit @100 reps till I thought of the Underground community and Zach yelling about mental fortitude.

    *Kettlebell swings went all the way overhead.

  16. A personal favorite for when nothing else comes to mind.

    5 Rounds
    10/10 KB Snatch 24kg
    20 Box Jumps 20″

    Make it more “cardio” by adding in a 400m run between rounds.

  17. Hey Zach!

    For those days i’m feeling like shit, this is what i like to do (this is just an example, i like to switch things from time to time):

    With a pair of 24kg or 32 kg KB:

    double kb swing Ladder, starting at 1 rep, and adding one rep per set until i start to feel my technique deteriorates.

    Between sets, i do carries, trying to do as many variations as i can, going for as long as i feel. I start with the difficult ones, and finish with the easiest ones (for a given weight). So it would look like first waiters walk, the waiter/racked position walk, racked position walk, racked/farmers walk, and then farmers walk.

    When i’m done with this, i do as many rounds of the next circuit as i feel, first with the 70 pounds, then with the 53 pounds kb, every set with submaximal reps, and with minimal or none rest:

    Clean and press alternating arms
    Turkish get ups with one kb
    Front squat
    Renegade row
    One leg deadlift

    This is my workout for those days i’m pissed with myself for being lazy or having a bad attitude, and let me tell you that it always work to make me feel much better!

    1. i forgot to say that in the circuit i do at the end of the workout, i do snatches before the clean and press with 2 KB, switching arms, for submax reps, as always so it would be like this:

      one arm snatches for submax reps (alternating arms)
      Clean and press alternating arms (2 kb)
      Turkish get ups with one kb
      Front squat
      Renegade row
      One leg deadlift

  18. Kb workout 5 am before work
    Warm up : 20:20 swings x 6
    Strength: windmills 3 x 5
    Metcon: 7 rounds for time
    15 kb swings
    10 push ups
    5 pull ups
    50 m up hill sprint
    All done with weight vest and 24 kg

  19. Complex: one kb of moderate weight 6 snatches 4 windmills 6 overhead squats 4 c & presses 6 swings then switch sides and repeat. Greetings from Poland!

  20. 150 American swings 24kg kb
    10 burpee penalty everytime the kb stops moving

  21. This will kick your butt: 53# kb. 7 minutes continuous workout (do not put kb down) consisting of 5 snatches each arm, 5 clean/press each arm, 10 double arm swings (the “recovery” interval) then repeat til times up.
    If I feel like more i’ll do 2 sets of 8 renegade rows/turkish getups each side as a finisher.

  22. Doug Holland says:

    I don’t have kettlebells Z. But I made this video for you. I hope to win even though it’s not a bell.

    What I used is BB and DB and chains Brotha.

    No problem if you do not except. But I figure, I took your cert and you said nothing is perfect….so here it is.

    1. Doug you’re an ANIMAL simply from stepping UP! Love your attitude and this workout is SIC brutha!

      I wanna see athletes training with you in Ohio! You will BUILD BEASTS!

      You’re the man, brutha!!!

  23. Alejandro says:

    Hey Zach,
    I already have your course, but here is the routine I did today, taken out from Travis Stoetzel’s Mud Run 21 program.
    Before starting the program had to walk to the park with my two 16kg KBs, so it was 300m farmers walk.

    Than the BW routine:

    5 minutes warm up, 30 seconds each exercise:
    1A) Jumping Jacks
    1B) Drop Lunge w/ Overhead Reach
    1C) Push Up w/ T- Rotation
    1D) Mountain Climber
    1E) Superman Holds
    1F) High Knees In Place
    1G) Toy Soldiers
    1H) Lateral Lunge
    1I) Inch Worm
    1J) Burpee

    Now the actual workout:
    1A) Push Ups 3 x submax
    2A) 200m Run
    3A) Recline Rows OR Pull Ups 3 x submax
    4A) 200m Run
    5A) Squats 3 x 20
    6A) 200m Run
    7A) 3-Way Plank Holds 3 x max time (side, regular, side)
    ***rest 15 secs between each side
    8A) 200m Run
    ***Do ALL the sets noted for each movement before you move
    onto your sprint

    After that I finished with The Great Destroyer Complex, courtesy RKC Pat Flynn, now the complex Consists of the following:

    Double Kettlebell Swing x 10 Reps
    Double Kettlebell Snatch x 10 Reps
    Double Kettlebell Front Squat x 10 Reps
    Double Kettlebell Clean and Press x 10 reps
    Push Ups x 10 Reps
    Bent Over Rows x 10 Reps
    Weight used- 2x 16kg KB.

    I did it only 1 time, cause I was wasted.

    Besides that I have two options of “KB complexes” that will definitely will test your will and mind.
    1. Static holds with two KB of OH position, Rack position and hang position, you do each for 5 seconds, then 10, 15, 20, 25, 30…., till 60 seconds each. It gives you 19.5 minutes of static holds.
    2. 10 minutes of long cycle with two KB.

  24. I love the double kb swing coupled with diamond pushups. no reps or sets just go til the body says so. Then comes goblet squats and pull ups no reps or sets all by feel. Carries to finish off and I’m golden.

  25. 5 Rounds total of:

    One Round consists of….
    – 10 One Arm Swings with the Right Arm
    – 10 Cleans with the Right Arm
    – 10 Push Press with the Right Arm
    – 10 Snatch with the Right Arm (after the last rep, hold the KB in top position)
    – 10 Overhead Squat with KB in the Right Arm
    * Hand to Hand Swing to switch hands and do the same routine with the left arm. After completing one round, rest for 90 seconds and start the next round

    The one handed overhead squats are the true burning hammer. They are so much different to barbell overhead squats and a true mental test because of the unusual load. Be sure you got used to one arm overhead kettlebell squats before trying them in such type of conditioning workout. Additionally the static hold during the overhead squat is great for building stability in the shoulder.

    Hope some of you give this workout a try.

    Nice greetings from Germany!


  26. Kept it simple yesterday:

    20 minutes of:
    5 left/ 5 right/ 5 double KB front squats (24 kg KB)
    5 left/ 5 right/ 5 double KB swings (24 kg KB)

  27. to be honest i kept mine simple 1000 snatches with a 53lb kb within an hour every time i put kb down after both hands equal reps i did 5 pull ups and 20press ups after 60mins was up my hands were real messed up and i was breathing out my butt. laid on floor for 5-10 minutes to recover

  28. Awesome Crossfit benchmark, Helen.

    3 rounds
    400m run
    21 kettlebell swings (55# or heavier)
    12 pull ups

    Quick, brutal and effective

  29. My homegym consists of an olympic barbell and 2 adjustable dumbells placed in a crappy basement with a very low ceiling (its only 190cm). Doing pullups there is just impossible so I have to go outside and do them there.
    My Kettlebell days are also my gymnastic days so I always have to put my 16kg KB into my Rucksack and march with about 17kg of weight about 2 miles to the next playground that has a chinupbar.

    I start doing some gymnastics basics on the chinup bar, takes about 10minutes, then I advance to Bodyweight exercises in Latters:
    One Latter consists of 2/4/6 Wide grip Pullups, 1/2/3 One Arm Pushups and 1/2/3 Pistols, depending how I feel I manage to do 8 to 12 sets with 1 min rest in between.´Afterwards I practice the RKC Minimum with my Kettlebell:
    12 mins of Hand to Hand Swings all out (about 400) 5 mins of Get ups (5 each side)All together takes about 60minutes.
    After I’m done I have to march all the way back home with that Kettlebell on my back. I do this twice a week

  30. Stacking Kettlebells and Bodyweight exercises

    H2H Swing :30
    Rest :30
    Pushup :30, H2H Swing :30
    Rest :30
    Goblet Squat :30, Pushup :30, H2H Swing :30
    Rest :30
    Snatch :30 per hand, Goblet Squat :30, Pushup :30, H2H Swing :30
    Rest :30
    Handstand :30, Snatch :30 per hand, Goblet Squat :30, Pushup :30, H2H Swing :30

    Merry Christmas Everybody – Matt

  31. 12 turkish get up
    21 kb swings
    21 alternating kb snatch
    9 tgu
    15 swings
    15 snatc h
    6 tgu
    9 swings
    9 snatch

  32. KB Climb
    Heavy KB up to 3-4 reps per side 3-5 for strength work. Lighter bell for conditioning /finisher 3-5 rounds through

    Left Arm Clean 1 Rep, Left Arm Push Press 1Rep, then 2 each on L arm and so on. Once complete swap sides, then rest

    TGU 1,2,3,2,1 As Quick As Possible

  33. Mark Fitzgerald says:

    1 minute on 1 minute off with double kettlebells. Each round consists of the exercises below. Move up in weight after 3 rounds. For example: 3 rounds w/ double 16s, 3 rounds w/ double 20s, 3 rounds w/ double 24s

    9 rounds of :

    Double swings
    Double front squat
    Double jerks

  34. Matt Jennings says:

    10 x’s

    Prowler 50′ Rope Pull/50′ Push (180# on)
    2KB Snatch x 10

    I am down if anyone wants to throw down this bitch next week. I will buy a round (maybe 2) at Frankie’s (Point Pleasant Beach) when we’re done. Peace

    1. Matt Jennings says:

      Sorry…24kg KBs

  35. wow after reading some of these workouts I need to step it up haha. I had two that really stand out to me, they are simple but not easy. A brother in law of mine and I did kettlebell clean and press ladders….150 of them 53# k-bells. The other was also with my brother in law..and again we did k-bell C&P but after every C&P we did pull ups 3 every time using different grips from overhand to towels we compleated 16 sets it was fun.

  36. Glenn Sunshine says:

    This is my favorite met-con workout, aside from kettlebell juggling.

    25 reps pushupsa
    25 reps bodyweight squats
    25 reps bodyweight rows
    25 reps bodyweight squats
    25 reps KB swings (53 or double 36s; eventually it’ll be double 53s)

    That’s one round. Move from one exercise to the next with no rest, and keep the rest between rounds as short as possible–I will sometimes do 5-10 qigong breaths to reset, but no more than that. Each round, do a different pushup and squat. I like doing close grip pushups and variations with a blast strap. If you want to do more with KBs, do some variation of presses instead of pushups, some variation of squats, and KB rows. Or alternate KB and bodyweight on different rounds.

    Several options for number of rounds: as many in 30 minutes, or a set number up to 8 (1000 reps total).

  37. Dustin M. says:


    I do not own a pair of kettlebells, but I used my 50lb DBs. Don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do it with the kettlebells.

    DB Bench Press: Goal 1×100
    1-arm alternating Row. Do sets of alternating rows without stopping. 50:50/25:25:25:25 in one effort.
    1arm high rep snatches: 1 set as much as possible per arm.

    1arm high-rep snatch. Did this for the first time after reading that 1arm snatches for high reps are a true test of mental strength. I did this with a 50lb DB. Got 47 reps straight with my right arm in my first attempt. Left:40. Not sure how good this is or how it compares to kettlebells. It especially fried me after high rep benching and rowing.

    Or something I have done in the past. Alternating 1-arm clean and presses for an hour. Use the heaviest bell’ as possible, aim for at least 1 rep per minute.

  38. I did this as a finisher one day:
    EMOTM for 7 min.
    10 american KB swings (2 pood)
    rest of the min. – double unders
    Score is the double unders.

    Hard to breathe after.

  39. Curtis Munson says:

    Basic!!! Bust u up!!!

    This works best with a partner! while your partner goes u rest, as soon as your partner puts the bells down you go!

    KB Ladder

    a. dbl swing
    b. dbl clean
    c. dbl press
    d. dbl front sq
    e. burpees .

    Reps are 1-6 and burpees go up by 2s.
    So what your going to do here is perform 1 rep of each kb movement then after the sq u do 2 burpees then your partner repeats! After your partner goes u will perform 2 reps of everything( 2swing 2cleans and so on then 4 burpees) ya get it….. So at the top u will do 6 reps of each movement and 12 burpees then u head back down to 1 rep and 2 burpees trying to increase the weight! i suggest starting with dbl 20s then go from there. u can use any movements but basic works just put the work in! If your a beginner this is great way to grease the grove with kb basic!
    Have fun guys

  40. 3 rounds:
    200m Sprint
    20 KB swings
    20 KB snatches (10 each arm)
    20 KB clean to thruster (10 each arm)
    10 KB high pulls

  41. I call it my 25reps…Done in a minimum of time!

    – 5x double kb swing
    – 5x double kb front Squat
    – 5x single kb snatch each side
    – 25x deep pushups on kb
    – 5x kb bent over

    5 rounds, Minimum rest!!!

    Short and brutal.

    I use it twice a day, in the morning with lighter weight to burn fat when fasted and at noon before lunch with heavier weight.
    3 days a week

  42. Double KB- 30 sec on/ 30 off for 10 minutes of swings, clean n press and snatches (30 mins total)

  43. Kickass, eh? How about a Hurricane workout with just KB? 😉

    A1) KB Swings 3 X 20sec
    A2) KB Farmers Walks 3 X 40yards
    A3) Knee Grabs 3 X 10

    B1) KB Swings 3 X 25sec
    B2) KB Squat To Press 3 X 8
    B3) Situps 3 X 10

    C1) KB Swings 3 X 30sec
    C2) KB Ground & Pounds 3 X 8
    C3) Reverse Crunches 3 X 10

  44. charles abouzied says:

    I call this “A trip to the grocery store”

    Grab a pair of 53’s or whatever you feel is moderate weight

    And walk with it for 1 mile!

    Here’s the kicker.:

    Every quarter mile,perform 25 reps of a kb exercise

    here is how it goes

    at 1/4 mile,perform 25 double kb swings(or 2 handed swing with one kb

    at 1/2 mile, do 25 pushups with hands on the kettlebells

    at 3/4 mile, do 25 racked kb squats with the bells

    and when you complete the mile, do 25 double kettlebell cleans.

    Easy on paper, but looks can be decieving.

    Might need to use 35’s if you never done long farmers walks before.But if you are looking to get crazy, grab a pair of 53’s

  45. For time:
    50 KB swings
    5 Burpees
    40 KB squats
    10 Burpees
    30 KB snatches
    15 Burpees
    20 KB Clean & Press
    20 Burpees
    10 Turkish get ups
    25 Burpees

  46. 50-40-30-20-10
    1.5 pood KB swing

  47. I don’t think I saw this one (sorry if I missed it).
    24kg bell

    Ladder burpee starting at 1, building to 10
    10 snatches each arm between burpee ladders

    As fast as possible

  48. Turkish get ups: 5/side
    KB swings: 10 double handed, 10 left hand, 10 right hand
    rest 10-15 sec
    Bent press: 5/side
    Farmer’s walk 100′
    Overhead carry 100′
    KB bent over rows: 12/arm
    KB single leg romanian deadlift: 10-12/leg
    standing slow side kick: 5-10/leg
    burpees 5-10
    rest 10-15 sec
    KB snatch: 5-10/side
    Rest 1.5-3 min/ repeat 2-3x (calisthenics can be thrown in as well)

  49. I usually start my workout with about 15 minutes skipping or a light body weight circuit-50 jumping jacks, squats/lunges, pushups, core and band pull aparts X 2.
    I have for my home gym 1 x 16kg and 1 x 24kg kettlebell, a pull up bar and some blast straps.Train/teach BJJ every night and work full time job and have a family so workouts done 3x a week at 5am before family awake at home.
    I put my workouts together based on the’old classic training texts’ Real Man Fitness and the original paper copy of Underground Strength Manual.
    Monday-(a)Pull up supersetted with blast strap dips x 3-5 sets (if with kettlebell tied to waist reps around 5, if just body weight around 10-15),(b) recline row/close grip push up (3-5 x 10-15),(c) L-sit 5×15-30 seconds, (d)sprints 6-10.
    Wednesday-(a) squat jumps/squats 3-5 x 10-15, (b) pistols/hanging leg raise 3-5x 5(for pistols)8-12(leg raises), (c)sprawls/knee raises 3×10-15.
    Friday-(a) hand stand push up/chin up (b) plyo push UPS/recline rows, (c) strap curls/triceps extension 3×10-12,(d)kettlebell combat complex (rounds depend on if have comp coming up or how conditioning feels on may).
    This program (& variations)have worked well for me for a long time (since purple belt 🙂 now black belt masters division, where did the time go?) Zach’s methods are pure gold and take the guess work out of trading and allow you to focus on technical training, work and importantly family.
    Zach gives you fish but most importantly teaches you to fish worth his courses.

  50. djones101 says:

    30 Burpees
    20 Swings
    25 Burpees
    25 Swings
    20 Burpees
    30 Swings
    15 Burpees
    35 Swings
    10 Burpees
    40 Swings
    5 Burpees
    45 Swings

  51. 30-15 Kettlebell Conditioning

    1. Swings
    2. Clean & Press Lt
    3. Clean & Press Rt
    4. Squat w/ Catch
    5. Goblet Lunge
    6. Deadlift
    7. Staggered Row Lt
    8. Staggered Row Rt
    9. Windmill Rt
    10. Windmill Lt

    Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 second transition.
    Perform 3-4 total cycles for a 30-40 minute of KB Conditioning Workout.
    You will only have 15 seconds of rest between each exercise for all cycles.

  52. manu minocha says:

    I use this as my morning cardio.
    30 rounds.
    45 seconds work.
    15 seconds rest.

    Alternating between one round of jump rope and next round with 24 kg KB for 30 mins.
    KB exercises includes
    H2H swings.

  53. I call this kettlebell chaos training.

    10 – 2 handed swings
    20 – 1 handed swing (10 reps each arm)
    10 – 2 handed high pull
    20 – dead cleans ( 10 reps each arm)
    20 – snatches ( 10 reps each arm)
    20 – KB floor press

    Burpees- Do for 45 sec to 1 min (with a push up and jump)

    20 – KB front squat
    20 – reverse lunges (10 each leg)
    10 – skull crushers
    10 – 2 handed bicep curls
    10 – jump squats
    20 – regular lunges (10 each leg)
    10 – 2 handed swings

    Sprints – 5×20 yards

  54. Craig Jamieson says:

    Merry Christmas everyone, this workout follows the carol ‘the twelve days of Christmas’. You can complete it in a pyramid style or follow the carol for a bigger challenge!
    On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
    1 TGU
    2 military presses
    3 bottoms up presses
    4 OH Lunges
    5 cleans
    6 rack squats
    7 bottoms up cleans
    8 curls
    9 goblet squats
    10 snatches
    11 lunges
    12 2 hand swings
    …and a partridge in a pear tree!

    Feel free to mix up the exercises, I went for a rough upper/lower body split.

    Merry Christmas !


  55. Andrew Graves says:

    15 KB swings 4 rounds
    DL (snatch grip) 2/3/5 reps
    8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 ladder of pull-ups
    KB front squats 5×5
    KB press 2/3/5 (2 ladders)
    KB overhead walk 1 arm (2 rounds)

  56. Just finished kettlebell work.
    8 sets 25 rep 35 lb kettelbell swings
    30 lb one arm clean
    Tricep dip w 10 lb

    Jumprope 100 both 100 left 100 right

  57. christopher says:

    1o mins 70lbclean and press left then right one rep. Then do a pullup (mix the grips up and binrg the bar to your chest) non stop. Then some indian club work for mobility. Then 10 mins on clock do 5 gob squats and 10 swings with 70 bell until time up. Lower body mob work and ur done. Simple quick effective.

  58. Done this with KB and DB (50lb)

    Goal is 100 total reps

    Holding the KBs throughout

    Burpees w/kb in each hand with a deep pushup off Kb,s then rise with Kbs

    Do 10 burpees

    then on 10th rep stay in pushup position and do 10 renegade rows-

    rest 30 sec if needed then repeat 10x

    you hit everything.

    Thanks Zach!

  59. christopher Cardinali says:

    10 mins on clock. 70 bell. Mil press right left then pullup (mixed grip and bring your chest to the bar). Do this nonstop. After do some mobility work to loosen up. Next ten minutes 5 gob squats and 10 swings. Nonstop. Have fun!

  60. Marc Allain says:

    My 12 days of Kettlebell workout from yesterday. Do the workout the way the song is sung.

    1 slow push-up
    2 Turkish get-ups
    3 Goblet Squats
    4 Bottoms-up Press
    5 2-handed swings
    6 High Pulls
    7 Clean and press
    8 Russian Twists
    9 Snatches
    10 Mt. Climbers
    11 Sit-up Get-ups
    12 Burpees

  61. The Cell KB Complex

    With a 24kg KB
    5 RFT of:
    Slasher to Halo, 10 reps
    Deck Squat, 5 reps
    Swing, 10 reps
    Snatch, 5/5 reps
    Clean & Press, 5/5 reps (disregard this in the vid. Says Jerk and I’m doing PP!)

  62. Guys, These are SIIIIIC!!!

    I’ll be posting the workouts / winners in the Next Blog!


    Thank YOU!

  63. Active Recovery:

    As a circuit for 20min-

    Jump rope
    Kettlebell presses
    Bodyweight squat (slight pause in the bottom)
    Kettlebell swing

    Keep everything LIGHT in both weight and reps. Rest as needed. You should not feel tired – this is just to get blood flowing through muscles and keep everything mobile.

  64. I know it’s late but wanted to post this one anyway:
    1KB Snatch 5,4,3 reps each arm alternating(KB doesn’t touch the ground)
    Staggered Plyo Push Up-20(Total Reps)
    x2 Rounds of the above then;
    Prowler Push-50M x1
    (That’s one complete Round)
    x4 Rounds of the above:
    (Recommended KB Weight: 24kg or 32Kg KB.)
    (Snatch the KB 5reps on the left, switch hands in the air, do 5 on the Right, continue to ladder down to 4, then 3 each arm without setting the Bell down. Then knock out 20 total Staggered Plyo Push Ups. Do two straight rounds then hit a Prowler Push. That’s one round down, three more to go! Sub: Bear Crawls or Burpee Broad Jumps if you don’t have access to a Prowler/Sled)

  65. Hey Zach, love your work!

    Heres my current program, structured around KB, Bodyweight and Resistants bands.

    Pull Day 1

    Pullups 5x3to6

    KB 1 Arm Rows 4x 8to10

    KB Cleans L/R 3x8to10

    – RB Face Pulls (lunge Stance) 3x10to12
    – Side Plank L/R 45sec

    – DB Seated Rev Fly 10to12
    – Prone Plank 45sec

    Bar Hangs
    – Vertical/Horizontal 2x30sec
    Farm Walks 2x25mt

    Push Day 2

    KB T.G.U L/R 3×5

    KB Floor Press 3x8to10

    KB O.H Press 2x8to10

    – DB Tricep Lying Extensions 2x8to10
    – Leg Raises 2×15+

    – Tricep U.H.G push downs 2x8to10
    – Bicycle crunches 2×15+

    Handstand Holds 2x30sec
    KB Double Rack Holds 2x30sec

    Day 3 OFF Active recovery steady state walk

    Leg Day 4

    KB Front Squats 3x8to10

    – KB Single Leg Deadlifts 3x8to10
    – KB Rev Lunges

    – KB Swings 3x10to12
    – Swiss Ball Leg Curls

    – Bear Crawls 3x20reps
    – Crab Crawls

    Wall Sit weighted 2x45sec

    Upper Day 5

    – Inverted Rows 3x10to12
    – Push ups

    – RB O.H.G Pullups 3x10to12
    – Pike push ups

    – RB Rev Fly
    – RB fly

    Triset 3x30sec
    – Side Planks L/R
    – Prone Plank
    – Supine Plank

    Day 6 Active Recovery Steady state walk

    Day 7 Mobility Drills

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