Underground Playground Assault + Building Bad MFers


It was a Friday morning and I was supposed to train 4 wrestlers inside a wrestling club where I've got a small Underground Strength Club going down.

The doors were locked. It was time for Plan B.

This is what I thrive on: shitty conditions, no equipment, no gym..... this is how I began and this is where I was, all over again, 8 years later. I was in my element and a day like this brought me back to my roots.

grif rope pull upsYou gotta go back to your roots no matter what you do or where you are in life. It reminds you to remain humble and focus on what is important.

Time to use the good ol' smart phone, thank goodness for modern tehcnology!

I Googled local elementary schools with hopes that they haven't pussified themselves and torn down all playgrounds, monkey bars and anything else Underground. Nowadays, a kid falls off the monkey bars the school board get scared and tears down ALL playground equipment.

NO playing! NO running! NO climbing! NO living??!!!

Lucky for me, the cards were in my favor because this playground was OLD school and looked like old world Russia and something Fedor would be caught training at.

There was sand for wrestling on, poles for climbing and pushing and tables for jumping and press.

Hells Yea, this is MY world. OUR world.

The world of The Underground.

In this video you'll see two Division 1 wrestlers and 2 high school wrestlers, one of which is an undefeated state champ as a pure freshman and a youth national champ. I FEAR these kids and that's exactly what's supposed to happen when trained properly.

Check these Animals in Training below....

Get outdoors and train bodyweight in the elements.

No rules, No perfect sets and reps.

Just YOU vs You.

Live The Code



29 Responses

  1. Zach,

    Great stuff. You don’t see that type of stuff at our parks where I kive but I will have to check it out more when I drive by parks and see. Good stuff to use for my athletes.

  2. Freakin sweet. I was a little surprised about the music though. I thought you only listened to Disturbed.

  3. great stuff. as usual with zachs videos, i couldn’t wait for it to get done so i could go outside and do my own stuff. you know how to motivate.
    if i may be so bold; i would have thrown in some vaults over the paralles bars.

  4. you lucked out with that playground, brotha! They unfortunately aren’t around like they used to be, as we all know now. I like using the swings for handstand push ups, put your feet on the swing like you did with the pushups but walk your hands backwards until in full handstand position, then start crankin, baby.

  5. Sweet! I thought it was sick how you put the camera down so you could do some as well! AWESOME! yea, and who did that last song?! I gotta get it!

  6. That’s one sick bodyweight workout! Love it.
    Great idea to use the swings for knee tucks / pushups… seems obvious now that I see it, but I’d never thought of it.
    Good stuff!

  7. Zach,

    I always see you working the young ones hard with bodyweight exercises. That’s awesome. I know you hit it hard in your own work outs too, but I never see weight vests being used in any of your videos. Is there a reason why? Great vid!

  8. powerful stuff, not only for wrestlers! you can get many person strong with this killer shit!

  9. Zach . . . great stuff. Hit some of these moves when I was on vacation at Disney . . . my kids were on the slides, bridges, and there I was doing pull up variations and dips!! Been focusing on doig push ups a lot this summer and it’s amazing the pump and strength you get! Keep doin’ your thing Z!

  10. what can be said that wont be said??? NICE NICE NICE!!! the monkey bars have been takin down @ one of the parks in area, was sad by that but i’ve found a couple of other parks that have them, so motivation is the key of necessity. Sweet work bro

  11. Nice !!!! If we could only get kids at schools to do this, obesity solved. You got my new favorite song to boot. Cryin’Like a Bitch !

  12. Ricco – KILLER idea, gonna crank that next time fo sho, thanks bro!

  13. Matty – ur THE Man, U just stepped up the game to another level, as you always do, miss ya bro and hope to train and chill soon!

  14. Zac, I gotta pick some lighter vests up bro, I had the 88 lb firefighter vest but it broke 🙁

  15. Sick stuff Zach, I like it and I love the intensity!

  16. Love using the local play ground! I actually had one guy I trained move to NC and he paid extra to live close to a play ground so he could work out.

    I love play grounds!

  17. superb… thos guys in the vid… they got to be the best around… in wrestling i mean…. (i dont know anything about wrestling.. so i cant say anything about skill)… so motivational… makes me wanna ignore the doc’s advicse n’ train….. its just 3 more days…. !!!!

  18. thats a great workout

  19. Brother Zach, Good St>>tuff. I now have bootcamp for the morning all prepared.

    See ya soon

  20. Awesome. Great music too! What bands are they? Rage and ?

  21. Fan-freakin-tastic workout Coach!!! I’m constantly amazed and impressed by your training methods. Thanks for sharing,

  22. I think I’m gonna LOVE my playground workouts, it’s gonna take me back when I used to play all freakin day long outside when I was a kid. Plus this video gave me a great idea for an upper body combo exercise for a playground workout 🙂

  23. Zach,

    Love the out door training. This was a great post, the best part we have a playground similar to that in my town. It works great.


  24. Fantastic workout. Another great one for forearm/grip strength is simply to hang from the bars for as long as possible. You could have all 4 guys hang and see who’s the last one to drop. Time the results and then beat your record in the next workout.

  25. Nice! Unfortunately where I live they have eliminated anything that resembles fitness so that it is “safe”. No pull up bars, monkey bars NOTHING! Just slids and stairs!
    Nice Video!

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