Underground Strength Coach Inspiration Contest is ON!




The Videos have been submitted, many by those who have attended the Underground Strength Coach Mentorship, but also by those have been part of The Underground Inner Circle or have purchased some Underground programs.

The final result will be announced mid week as to who has submitted the most inspirational Video.

But, please feel free to drop your comments and thoughts on the videos that have been submitted below. One Video has been kept under wraps due to NCAA regulations for a D1 athlete.

Check em' and get Motivated AND inspired Yourself!

These are amazing and FIRE ME UP like nothing else!

It's amazing how to see the iron and strength game have changed and even saved people's lives!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for those of you who made this possible and took part in The Underground Inspiration Contest!

See the Videos Below.....

Please post your comments below.

Let us know who you thought shared the most inspirational story / video.

Winner to be announced Wednesday!

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56 Responses

  1. Joe Chizek says:

    Damn! Everyone had something inspirational to say. All these people have been working hard toward a goal. They have been making it happen becasue they believe in themselves and what they love to do. It’s awesome to see all these guys giving it there all in times in tough times. Not many people that I know are willing to do that for a better life. That is truely awesome stuff!

  2. Tough choices. Nice work!

  3. Great stuff!

    Hey Chris, you keep tearing it up!

    I feel your heart bro. I’ve been broke most my life and would still rip into every workout with whatever I could find.

    I have worked out in snow storms, pouring rain, mud and freezing wheather when I lived in NY. And pushed hard in dust, blowing wind, sand, rocks, rain and 110 degree weather in AZ.

    Pounded out workouts loading a wheel barrow up with rocks or firewood, beat on old tree stumps with a splitting maul with the blade pointed up so I could use the flat side like a sledge hammer.

    Used old tires like a tornado ball, slamming them into old concrete walls under bridges.

    Never had the fancy gym equipment always build and made my own stuff on the cheap. But I tell you what, after working out like that for years you will absolutely pound other guys into the ground with your work capacity and never say die attitude!

    I’ve wrestled around and worked with guys who could lift way more weight than me, but all those years of lifting odd things in many different ways builds a body like old twisted barbed wire: maybe a little rusty, but still tough as nails and ready to catch ya when ya least expect it. Never count such trainers as down and out.

    Never stop that kind of training. Sink those roots down deep in that type of training.

    I love your attitude of helping others achieve what you may not.

    But you are way ahead of all the other guys out there. It’s a mental thing and you’ve got it!

    Best to you Chris, and everyone else out there pounding away at their dreams.


  4. Great idea Zach!!! It’s amazing how resourceful people are!!!

    This rocks!!!



  5. Let’sGet It. Is my favorite…..that kid is Underground. Everyone of these guys are inspirational. What’s kind of funny is you are developing some Zach clones…..some of these guys are even using your speech patterns and words. As they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Great idea and very inspirational.

  6. I like the creativity in The Beast From the East. Hell all these guys are intelligent and creative and this is what keeps them at the front of the pack.
    My vote is for The Beast from the East, even though all these guys deserve props.
    Keepin’ it Underground!


  8. Zach! Man i gotta give it up to Chris on this one! That is some hardcore dedication Bruddah! That video is true inspiration!

  9. Thanks for the email Zach.
    If I had to choose out of the two between Dan Gibson and Chris? Then keeping with the ethos of underground gym by been unconventional by using stones tyres and anything else that isn’t a designed pice4 of gym equipment. Then it has to be Chris hands down. He shows us that you don’t have to have the latest and most expensive piece of equipment. He has done it on a shoe string. There is a lot of people out of work in the UK or on a low wage who would love to get fit but because they don’t know how to most think they need to join a gym or get a loan for equipment. So if I was out of work and I wanted to get inspired and find out how to train to get fit and had seen the two videos then Chris wins again

  10. Hey guys, pls. keep voting away.

    E mails coming through w/all of these guys getting the love!

    Peeps are digging Matty, others dig Mike, others dig Chris and others dig Dan.

    Business peeps getting fired up over all the gym owners who submitted their info, fitness fanatics getting fired up from the die hard fitness fanatics on the videos.

    This is a TOUGH F**ING contest!!!

    I may give a few extra days for peeps to vote!

    Any1 else, pls. drop a comment!

  11. I have to put my vote in for Chris- the Beast from the East. Not to take away from any of the other submissions, they all earn my respect. Like Chris, I’m not able to invest a lot of money into my gear. I salvaged an old Weider incline bench (do some crazy work outs since it isn’t good the way its designed) for weights I have it loaded with old disc brake rotors I get from work and gravel bags using old aquarium gravel. Using any and every odd object in my humble opinion is the true spirit of the Underground.

  12. It’s got to be Chris ‘the beast’- ‘No money – No problem’ i’ll use what there is around me.

    No excuses – just do it !! Thats inspiration…

  13. This is Chris Aka East Beast. Thanks to all you guys for the emails and kind words. I appreciate it all tremondously. I gotta say I’m surprised at how much praise I’ve gotten. Really wasn’t expecting to do that great in this to be honest. You guys are awesome and that’s why I love being a part of this great community. Thanks so much guys.

  14. All these guys are friggin’ unreal !! I’d say they all win, lol !!

  15. Zach,

    I gotta say, Chris, the Beast from the East, is my numero uno vote.

    Dan Gibson is definitely traing hard and looks like a great guy. I think what ever he wants he is going to get. He has a bunch of really nice equipment, training in an awesome warehouse. There is evidently some money there, nothing wrong with that, but…man what I would have given to have that! Still don’t have that.

    I dig Chris’s spirit. He’s a humble guy. Not many of them around anymore. Most guys run around getting in your face with a backwards baseball cap and a slew of tattoo’s, yelling and grunting, acting all big and tough.

    It’s great to see a guy admit he’s not the fastest or strongest but state he is faster and stronger than he was yesterday and still trying to improve.

    Chris has got heart.

    Half the stuff he’s using is homemade. The other half was given to him, from what he says; probably either from family members or friends who realize his passion for training and want to help him out.

    Shoot, look at the strap on his homemade TRX device, it’s tied together! Bricks duct tapped in a basketball? Gotta love it!

    I think Chris is the genuine “do what ya can with what ya got” trainer. He don’t have much but he uses it right and he’s not afraid to work hard.

    My vote goes to Chris.

    Some guys have access to sparkly-new equipment and gyms and bars, plates, machines and what have you. They learn about old school training and start doing that stuff, which is great.

    Other guys train old school with dinosaur equipment because that’s all they have! There isn’t a nice Ivanko bar and bumper plates set up on a lifting platform, there isn’t a nice power rack set up in the corner. There isn’t a nice warehouse or shop or shed or studio to house and protect your stuff and train in out of the weather. Those things are awesome to have, but…

    It really hits home with me to see a guy like Chris giving it his all with the equipment he has.

    It really hits home watching him talk about maybe not having what it takes to make it, but still trying, still hustling harder than the next guy, reaching out to take that shot.

    He knows he might get slapped down but he’s still giving it his best shot. He’s putting himself out there with guys who probably have better talent and training facilities. Not every college has a great gym.

    And yet, despite all he said, he’s looking ahead to making it big. It’s in his heart to get there. AND he’s still concerned with helping others reach their dreams.

    What ever happens Chris,

    You keep rockin’ it!



  17. Hey Zach,

    great videos! All of them! For me the two most inspirational are the one of Dan and Chris.
    I am currently working out using the Convict Conditioning method. Great stuff and I love those bridges.

    Dan and Chris are really close; I have a slight preference for Chris “The beast from the east”, and I place his inspirational video first.

    My clients are switching slowly to underground and love it. I have to start carefully with clients, because unfortunately, Underground Training is barely known in Europe and certainely in Belgium. Who knows, I might be the first to thain people the underground way. It is surely my goal.

    Great teaching you undergrounders give to the world.

    Peace to you all


  18. acie bryan says:

    BEAST FROM THE EAST is my pick… its true the best place for training gear is home depot…workouts on the cheap are the best

  19. Beast of the East is my choice!

    He’s being tearing it hard with…nothing at all!

    I’ll take the opportunity to say to all of them: Good work guys!

    Also I’d like to thank you Zach for giving so much (as I didn’t made a video I’ll put it here).
    Sometimes when I feel…I was looking for a better word, but the ugly truth is LAZY…yes, sometimes when I get lazy I check my mail and there you are telling us: NO EXCUSES!

    And up I go: to train, to work or to do whatever I was posponing.

    And I’m writing from thousands of miles away (Spain), but somehow I feel related to this bunch of fellows that like to live by lifting whatever comes across their way (metaphorically and literally)

    Keep it up! All of you!

  20. They were all pretty badass, but my vote would have to go to Dan.

  21. Hey Underground,

    It’s close but my vote would have to be for Dan. I’ll tell you why. I actually personally know Dan and he didn’t do himself justice on this video he’s to humble for that. After being inspired Dan actually started a non-profit group for kids that allow over weight kids who could never afford a nutritionist or a trainer to work with professional trainers and others in that field. He has a system so the kids actually “earn” training scholarships by getting good grades or doing good deeds. It’s incredible the fire this guy has now. He trains them in borrowed warehouses and outdoors. All of his equipment he bought used and really cheap but he allows kids to use it and has done some incredible things.
    He actually found out that he has hypothyroidism a few years ago and I know that got him down but he has to work crazy hard because he doesn’t want to take prescription drugs.
    The guy is ridiculously strong and every time I talk to him about training he usually tells me something new he learned from the underground.
    He told me all about this underground stuff so I knew I had to check it out.
    He has tons of homemade stuff which he should of shown on the video.
    Like I said I’ve know the dude for a long time and it’s awesome to see him tearing it up again. Great Job Zach hopefully you’ve created a monster.


  22. all these videos are sick. but i gotta go with Chris, the Beast from the East. His focus on others and paying it forward is what did it for me as both he and Dan are monsters, out there, getting it done. And Dan- watching you get down in the that snow was SICK SH*T. I live in Houston, TX and it gets cold (for here at least) and I train outside every day and on those cold (for here) days I feel like my bones might break. You killing it in that snow made me tell myself to STFU and get serious, regardless of where the mercury is.
    But my vote, in the end, goes to Chris.
    Great idea for the contest Zach. I love it. Love your site and your attitude and one day I’m gonna get my skinny ass up there to your gym.

  23. Zach,

    My vote is for Chris “the Beast from the East”! This guys video is all heart; I learned to build a few new tools as a result of Chris sharing his thoughts.

    Aside from the comments above which all dig on the equipment that Chris uses; Walter hits the nail on the head making mention of Chris’ mentality. As I mentioned in my video the mental attitude of succeeding By Any Means Necessary is what I dig about the Underground and what I feel is the bond we all share!

    You made mention of this in an earlier posting Zach; chilling and reading the posts here on the Underground is like hanging out in a diner in the Dirty Jerzee with some of the sickest peeps around. In this instance (as is evidenced from the video submissions) the diner is global and the peeps are too.

    I tip my hat to you Zach for what you have created and been able to provide to all of us… a HOME. My sincerest wishes of gratitude and success are sent out to all of the people doing it Underground not just to those who submitted a video. Keep tearing it up!

    “AGE QUOD AGIS” “what you do; do well”


  24. Holy SH*T Bruddahs and Ladies.

    I’m gonna hang tight on this, and allow some more comments to drop in.

    ALL of these participants are BAD Mother F**ers!

    I am seriously beyond words and in shock.

    PLEASE DO NOT thank me, it’s YOU guys who take action and DO the work.

    I’m honored to be part of it all.

    I’m gonna be traveling this week but will be sending out a few e mail updates.

    Maybe we give this another 48 hrs.

    Kick Ass my friends,


  25. Peter Sessions says:

    I would vote for Dan. I like his determination to work in the snow. I also think he seems the most motivated and if i had to pick someone to train me i think id trust him out of the other contestants

  26. Totally Pumped. Thanks Zach and fellas for the pushing the right buttons! Let’s get beastly! Grrrrrrr No Joke!

  27. I have to vote for Chris, the beast from the east. Everybody was inspirational and trained hard, but he really epitomizes Zach’s under ground strength philosophy. He is an inspiration to work hard, train hard and be the best athlete you can be…he teaches the lesson that hard work and conditioning are just as important as pure skill. Anyone with average skill can excel with above average conditioning.

    Most of all Chris has a “pay it forward” attitude and wants to help young athletes reach their potential. that is really what Zach and the whole underground philosophy is all about.

  28. Hey this was some really amazing stuff. Zach you really have to be proud to see how much you’ve inspired all these guys and the revolution you’re creating with the underground world.

    From reading the comments and watching the vids my vote has to go with Dan. This is someone who you can tell has his priorities straight. He knows how to train like an animal but at the same time sounds like he’s still putting his family first. To me that’s as inspirational as it gets. I’m kinda confused by an earlier perception that stated they thought it looks like Dan has a bunch of money or something. It sounds to me like he saves for what he wants and he’s using some free space from his Dad’s warehousing company. It doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a beast and trains in true Zach Even-Esh fashion. I got a feeling he’ll get whatever he wants in life too but only because he knows how to work for it from the looks of things. I still can’t get over those snow workouts man. I can’t imagine how hard it was to break that sled loose on the ice when he got stuck out there for a second. I’m inspired by Dan no doubt!

  29. Zach,
    The amount of time that i caught myself sitting here just shakin my head in disbelief.
    These guys rock! and ARE the true spirit of the underground!
    after watching all of the vids, sometimes twice. then reading through all of the comments. seriously Zach id be getting a coin out to decide!!!
    Matty’s a frigg!n BEAST, ive been watching his work for a while.
    Chris and Dan – i still dont know. both for different reasons.
    Keep killin it guys!


  30. Joe Chizek says:

    They are both bad ass dudes Z! Got to go with Gibson and him working out in the snow. Training in those conditions creates a bad ass. All of those dudes are bad ass though. I wish we could all hang out and kick some ass in the snow…

  31. my two cents….goes to chris the baseball player, can relate to his DIY style, way to go!

  32. what up Zach! all the videos were off the hook but im gonna stay straight East coast! that crazy beast from the east gets my vote. big shout to Dan though!

    paperboy 2010

  33. oh my bad!!! big shout out to Zach! keep doing ur thing bro!

  34. Chris… the beast of the east is ma pick..

  35. Zach, this might be one of the most awesome things I have seen. I learn from you everyday.

  36. I’ve got to vote for Dan. Training in the snow like that and using what you have around you (like a fork lift of all things) is awesome. Everyone did a great job though!

  37. My vote has to go to Dan Gibson. What an inspiration! He’s pretty crazy to be training in those conditions.

  38. Great videos! I love em! My vote goes to Dan! What a workout. ha ha i love the cars in the back ground! Very impressive!

  39. Joseph E. says:

    Those videos are all inspirational but I think dan wins my heart. He’s a beast and it takes a lot of determination to get out there in the snow and do your thing. I totally feel the whole getting in a rut thing and I know how hard it is to get out of that. Keep it up Dan!!!

  40. Hey guys!

    making these videos are tough. I slammed out a vid and put it out for the world to see and when i SAW THE OTHER VIDEOS…WOW!!

    My BROS from the UNderground are just plain BADASS dudes!! I am proud of all of you for putting up vids.

    To the People watching and ZACH…Thank you for allowing us to share our lives with you.

    My heart went out to The BEAST FROM THE EAST…Brother YOU WILL GET THERE!

    Thank you for reminding ALL of us WHERE WE CAME FROM….


    P.S. Thanks for running this contest Zach….to keep us in check, make us remember our humility AND PRIDE in Underground, and for the world to see where they can take their UNDERGROUND!

    Dan Gibson….I’m not taking anything from you either man..YOu KILL IT BRAH.

    ALL my other bros, USC Coaches, USC Athletes…keep on keeping on!


  41. All of these videos are inspirational and I gotta give credit to all of them for doing what they do. But overall Dan gets my vote. That guy has got some serious dedication and he’s all about using the Underground method to achieve his goals. Love the videos guys! Keep doin’ what you do.

  42. Awesome stuff!!!
    DAN GIBSON you have my vote man.
    Your video shows heart, creativity, inspiration, humility, and motivation for us big boys out there that need that extra spark to bet back at it…you did that for me man…thank you. The best part is when you said…“Makes me be a better husband and father”…a close second was the forklift dips.
    ZACH…DAN G. is your man!

  43. Pretty impressive stuff from everyone, no doubt. I have to say that Dan has the whole package and the whole vision. Working hard to “get out of a rut” and become a better person. That’s what it’s all about. Dan is my pick.

  44. Wow, all these videos are amazing. They really show true dedication and hard work. I have to go with Beast from the East. He seems like a sincere, down to earth guy whose really trying to start his dream and be the best he can be. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t take things for granted and will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal. Let’s get it! Keep workin hard man!

  45. Wow! These guys are rockin! Close call for the top spot, and my props go out to everyone, but if I gotta put my finger on one.. it’s gotta be Dan. You’re the man!

  46. Just a few days ago I got home late after training my last client @ ballys and sat down to check out the underground blog.

    I decided to drop zack a line and tell him what an inspiration he has been to myself and I am sure other the world round……I had no Idea how tru that would prove to be.

    If I was inspired before I am fucking ON FIRE NOW.

    There R no excuse only folks who make excuses.


    if there wasever an embodiment of underground its that video rith there!.

    The guy with the water bottle kettle bell was cool to but there can be only one winner and that has got to be CHRIS

    the rest however are all in excelent company and what could a man ask for than to be counted anequal amoung GIANTS

    Thats all I have to say about that
    -peace Ash

  47. These are some killer videos. I took notes from all of them. Dan’s video got me way pumped. I changed clothes and started hitting it harder than I have in a long time after I watched him. Good stuff for sure. I definitely want to see more of him ’cause that’s where my vote is.

  48. Dan gets my vote…. he is a bad ass and looks huge!!

  49. Dan, you are an animal man!!!!!You have my vote.
    You are for real and put together a great video.
    Chris, you put a good video together but I have a hard time believing that as a baseball player at a division one school you do not have access to or use a gym. Not that it’s a bad thing but for this contest Dan gets my vote.

  50. Blaine Gilbert says:


    Better late than never. I shut the world out for a few to get caught up and came back to some pretty powerful stuff. I have to give my vote to my boy from Indiana (Dan). I used to work in a machine shop and would stay after others left to finish up some work. The best part was once others were gone I could workout so I would do dips, pull-up, etc off of the forklift also, it was great. So, that forklift thing is close to my roots, I love it, he gets my vote.

    Keep it Rock’n


  51. Chris never said he went to a Division 1 school.. NCAA has 3 divisions. Why does his school matter?

  52. Cool videos. I have a video on my i-pod that I watch before I work out “undergreound style”.
    ROCKY training for the Russian fight.
    Working out in the snow, using a warehouse, kiling it on a forkilift, DAN=ROCKY=INSPIRATION=MY VOTE

  53. Hi Zach,

    Some really great videos here. Hands down my vote goes to Dan Gibson in Indiana. It is inspiring to see someone getting back into it after being in a rut, like a lot of us…It makes me feel that I have some fight left in me too.

    Awesome video, totally honest and from the heart. Based on all the video submissions, I would prefer to train with (or be trained by) Dan. He is the real deal. Dan is the MAN!

  54. Thanks for sharing,my tennis players are going to sh*t when I introduce this to them.

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