Underground Strength Show – Episode # 2


In this episode I give you an inside look at one of my fast paced workouts, and, you'll see my pasison for the barbell....this entire workout was ALL barbell! Okay, Okay, I added glute ham raises 🙂

Do you own a barbell?

If not, maybe you need a crappy, rusty barbell with 500 lbs in plates.

I started with 300 lbs in plates and man were those workouts amazing!

Tell me about your Underground workouts, I wanna hear how you Kill it!

--Coach Z--

6 Responses

  1. Cool episode Zach. Nice deads. Thanks

  2. Great video! Perfect timing as I watched it right before I’m going to lift, it got my psyched up!

  3. chris gonzalez says:

    plain and simple, your my hero!

  4. Sean Polidore says:

    Yeah that was great video. I do a something kinda like that with my barbell with the clean and press, deadlift, row, good mornings, upright rows. Love doing them heavy when im short on time or light to cut weight for a photo shoot or something of that nature

  5. Christian says:

    I loved it at my gym thursday. I was pumping out some squats and power cleans. While another guy was super setting incline bench with skull crushers. We were getting weird stares, he got some real weird ones when he took off his shirt and took a 45 and went and ran a mile holding it. The music was terrible though, like beach boys doesn’t get me pumped what so ever was blasting some screaming stuff off my pod though. Nice article

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