Upper Body Workout and THE 5 Year Plan!?!?


Ken Waller, a Golden Era Bodybuilder who was built like a brick shit house. Not only did he Look STRONG. He WAS STRONG!
Ken Waller, a Golden Era Bodybuilder who was built like a brick shit house. Not only did he Look STRONG. He WAS STRONG!

The inspiration to live a STRONG Life drives me to face my fears, be it in the gym or in life.

The pic above of Ken Waller about to smash some heavy dumbbell benching also inspired me. I explain my motivation for LIFE & LIFTING in the Video below.

So, rather than searching for inspiration or motivation, just grab it and DO it. NO waiting, just DOing.

[youtube width="640" height="360"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iamDhHQwCs0[/youtube]

In the above video you see me doing the 2 things I LOVE to do:

1) Lifting Hard (I can't say heavy because that incline bench crushed me!)

2) Talkin' Life, Success & Lifting.....

I've been going through a lot of tough times lately, as I've mentioned in the video.

But I'm forging forward, onward and upward, because I KNOW this is what my family needs and would be most proud of.

My Grandfather was a work horse and did everything in his power to do and give the BEST for his family.


Above, Photo from 1975 or 1976 of my Grandfather (Saba) holding me & the Statue of Liberty in the background.

I remember all the times my Saba would ride us on the back of his bike to buy groceries, toys, take us to the beach, etc. He had boundless energy, it still amazes and inspires me!

You name it, he did it for us, and there were never any excuses from him. He found a way to make everything happen.

My Grandmother was the most giving, kind hearted person I EVER knew. Her concern was always with our health and happiness. No complaining or crying like I hear constantly from people.

Every day for lunch was the best chicken soup I ever had. Breakfast was often eggs and fresh fruits from the many trees my Grandparents grew around their home.

Orange trees, grape trees (my Grandfather also made his own wine with the grapes), pomegrant trees and more.

My Grandfather built his home, working long hours on the home AFTER he worked the night shift in a factory. He always told me how he outworked my Father and Uncle and how they were so young and still couldn't keep up with him.....

Of course, he rubbed it in that this was AFTER he worked the night shift.

My Grandparents were as tough as they come, both escaping from the Holocaust.

I was named after my Grandfather's brother, who he lost during the Holocaust.

I won't lie, there are plenty of times I feel some inner pressure to do GREAT things for my family and others to ensure I carry his brother's name in high esteem.

I remember every single trip I took to Israel to stay with my Grandparents.

Some of these trips I remember as far back as age 7, when I played soccer in the streets EVERY day for hours on end, or when I was 15 and did 20 sets of pull ups every other day at the playground.

Doing those pull ups back when I was in high school seems like yesterday.

The years have flown by like minutes, and this means there is NO time to screw around in life.

NO time for excuses.

NO time for a 5 year plan.

I didn't plan 5 years ago for what is happening right now. I DID one simple thing back then and still do so today, and this is taking Massive Action.

I put my head down and grind away, getting my hands dirty and passing many others in the process who are more talented than I am but don't have the work ethic.

I passed many people because they didn't take action and they made excuses or long term plans without any immediate action.

This goes for life, business and lifting.

Sure, the 5 year plan is OK for long term goals, BUT, you need daily action.

You are entitled to NOTHING. I don't care what you think, you earn what you get by working for it....in life AND in lifting. EARN it.

It doesn't matter who you, where you're from or what you used to do.

Working your ass off is what gets you to achieve your goals.

I'll be pushing onward and upward, and giving YOU my best. I care about my family and I care about YOUR success in life AND lifting.

But, I can't convince you or preach to you about taking action. I can give you the tools and then the ultimate decision making is up to YOU.

I'm going to care for my family the way my Grandparent's did. It's not a question of IF i can do it, I KNOW I will do it.

What about YOU? What do you KNOW you will do today and tomorrow?

The 5 year plan can sometimes cloud your thinking, because today is what is MOST important.

Drop a comment below, looking forward to your thoughts.

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28 Responses

  1. Great message Zach.

    Most of us get too bogged down with the details and planning portion of life. Immediate action is what rocks the ball and ultimately gets things rolling towards a better tomorrow.

    Kudos on posting a video where things didn’t go your way with that lift. Learn, re-group and try again!


  2. Zach,

    First off, I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother, man. It sounds like your grandparents were great people and their passing is a loss to us all.

    Second, lock those damn feet in when you’re on the bench! Tight body, tight press!

    Third, you’re spot on with the five year plan. Life’s been kicking my ass in some form or another for the past four years, and really brutally for the past year. And throughout the whole thing, I’ve been building plans. Planning, and not doing. See, I like planning, and I’m good at it. Hell, my plans have made several other people a lot of money, so I know they work!

    But the problem? A strong lack of action. One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I do take some action, my “luck” changes. Funny, huh?

    The bottom line is: A five-year plan is great. So is a one-year, one-month, and one-week. But they don’t mean shit if you don’t do them, and the long periods of time will lull you into laziness if you’re not careful. And if you hit your one-day plan hard, day after day, moving on up, I bet you’ll find that you’d better be revising your five-year plan pretty quick because it isn’t enough anymore!

    Oh, my action plan for today? Well, one of the things was posting some blog comments… just like things one.

    More action? I’ll be seeing you in less than two weeks.


  3. Michael

    thnx bruddah, yea man, it’s BS if I try to post videos of me training when it all goes perfectly for me.

    I am human, like all others, and I don’t wanna have any1 thinking I’m perfect, FAAR from it bruddah!

    Thnx 4 dropping a line bruddah, much respect!

  4. Isaac – nice bruddah, I respect your honesty and thank YOU for your kind words.

    Yea man, post on other blogs, learn from others, post to your blog, lift, write a chapter for a book, take video or pics from a workout….

    spend time with family, friends, loved ones…

    say what you mean

    do what you say

    live it bruddah!

    I will see you here again Isaac, stay awesome till then!


  5. That was intense man. Hope all is well with the family and keep lifting hard.

  6. Haha! Yea, Boss!

    I don’t plan a goddam thing… I move when the spirit guides me. If the spirit says “Elliott, go make a plan” I would… but right now I too busy working.

    My dad tells a story of 2 guys…

    Mr. Pointfinger and Mr. Dolittle

    Pointfinger comes out to his garden everyday and stands there pointing his finger and talks about what he intends to do.

    Dolittle comes out every day and does a little work.

    In 5 years, Pointfinger is still pointing his fucking finger and Dolittle is enjoying his beautiful garden.

    Classic πŸ™‚

  7. ohhhhhhh shizza elliott, this is a classic story and how true it is!!!!

    on that note, back 2 work!!!

  8. Nathan, thank U bruddah, I’m pushing onward & upward because that is what my grandparent’s would expect of me.

    I will represent for them and work my ass off.

    I know no other way!

  9. Z,

    Kind of like the message I was trying to send on my blog. Enough of this whining and complaining. You make your own luck and you get what you put in. I’ve had some things happen in my life that have made me a hesitant person and I’m tired of it. I’m making moves now and doing the things I need to get my new business where I want it to be. I couldn’t have done it without getting the kick in the ass I needed though. I owe you man, and I’m getting more and more psyched as the 14th nears.

  10. I love this video! You are always very real and refreshing to listen to. Motivating without criticizing is a skill most never people never are able to grow to. Sorry about your Grandmother role models are soo important to us and as kids we are effected that much more by them and they help shape our outlook on life and the way we turn out- that being said you are responsible for you- no one else to blame. Thanks Zach sooo happy to see you and your family at Bedros’s Fitness Info Summit- your wife is awesome

    Mrs. McCombs

  11. Thanks for the inspiring post Zach.
    There are numerous times where you write out and video so much for us to see that goes beyond what many would do and goes beyond what might feel “comfortable”.
    I know for myself I have been struggling for awhile and been in a rut. I have felt like I just go with the motions, floating helplessly in the ocean of life and waiting for a wave to push me in the right direction. But this doesn’t happen..like you said YOU have to take action…can’t rely or wait on someone or something to get you moving.
    Your 1 day cert was a big lift for me and with my recent move out west have found myself falling a bit into my old ways…adjusting and trying to settle in to my new life here.
    As big a planner that I am…i ‘know’ that i have to take more action and that is where I need the work. Which is why it’s videos like this that help to inspire me just that little bit and to keep the fire burning.
    I need to stop planning and take action….how did you suddenly just do it? The nerves, the fear of failure?
    Those are my concerns….
    Keep lifting, keep inspiring Z!

  12. Peace Zack…sorry for your loss, sir…

    Good message in the video…LOL – when is your birthday? Mine is NOV 10 – I will be 35. I am still in whippany – workin like 10-12 hour days right now….

    Still sneakin’ in workouts – whatever i can – sub wrestling, boxing…weights, bands…body weight…doin’ it.

    peace in strength and health,

  13. Zach,

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother mate. All you can do is reflect on all the wonderful things she taught you in life and transfer that down to your kids.

    Great post, I love the honesty of you and showing everyone that even the trainer f#@*s it up with the training every now and then.

    Also there is no other way than to take massive action immediately on whatever the idea is. Putting in a five year plan, like you said is B#&@ S@#t. You never know what life wil throw at you…

    Keep the great work mate, this my first appearance on your blog site and I feel motivated to work even harder to get my info products up and running ASAP..

    Scottie from Down Under

  14. Pat

    You’re awesome, your passion and commitment will push you to the next level, it gets easier, yet at the same time you’ll still be working your ass off.

    I’m gonna help you succeed bruddah man!


  15. Scottie from Down Under – thank U bruddah!

    My Grandparents would expect me to do as they did, which is push forward and love my family and keep kicking ass.

    I can’t afford to let anyone down, the years go by way too damn fast!

    thank U bruddah!


  16. Matt – I got sooooo freaking sick of being in the position I was in….. this happened when I was broke and in debt, and this happened when I was working from waay early to waaaay late.

    The pain of those things pushed me to the edge.

    Leaving my job of almost 100k / yr was a FEAR thing. I had to look fear square in the eyes and let that Mother F**er know who was in charge around here!

    It’s like an 800 lb Gorilla off my back since I left the “job” behind πŸ™‚

    And of course, fear of failure for myself and for my kids – I hate failure so I always push for success!

    hope that helps bruddah!


  17. Sarah – you’re the best and so is your husband and so are your lil’ girls πŸ™‚

    You guys have been awesome friends since the first minute we met, thanks for always checkin on the Blog and makin sure we’re kickin ass here πŸ™‚

    SOOOO FUNNY how you remember when Chris FIRST interviewed me, sooooooo many years ago, was round about when I first bought the house.

    2nd time Chris wanted to pay me and I told him “NO”, told him I would surely need his help one day, and ironically I never knew we would become so tight.

    I am grateful for you and your fam, I hope you KNOW that πŸ™‚


  18. Whats up brother! I totaly agree withe you on that on! 5 yers plan? no way..Train like your only gonna live for 5 day rather! peace! Ice from Oslo

  19. Z…

    Sorry dude to hear about your Grans passing…

    and Thank you for this message… it’s so true that as much as we can and do plan ahead… there are always spanners that are thrown into the works.. it really challenges us and tests our resolve… as our brother Balboa says dude… “It ain’t about how hard you hit… it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

    You my friend are an outstanding example of this and your messages always hit home

    as for Elliots story… Big E … that is classic! Don’t mind if I use that do ya? .. I love it

    Keep killin it bros


  20. Gilbert N. San Roman says:

    Hey Zach the Man, I am sorry to hear about the loss of you Abuelita (Grandmother) , I know it was tough when I lost mine, she was about 4’8″ from Mexico, and was a very inspiring woman. She always told me I could do whatever I kept beleiving in.

    As for the 5 year plan, you are right on. Most of us end up planning and getting stuck in “paralysis by analysis” and in 5 years we are still in the same place.

    Like you said, ACTION is the key. Taking daily consistent action, and it doesn’t have to be big steps, as long as we are constantly in motion.

    You are either consistent or you’re non-existent. As my Father always told me, “Wait is what broke the camels back” Those old timers get wiser the older we get. πŸ™‚

  21. AT – thnx 4 poppin in bruddah!

    Your words always lift me up bruddah broskie!

  22. Gilbert, muchas gracias bruddah!

    Yea man, you got it right dude – haul ass w/focused action!

  23. Hi Zach,
    I invited 3 successful business owners in Perth to dinner in exchange for business ideas to help my own… 5 year plans and re-writing of goals everyday was their best advice… Which is fine for them – but doesnt really work for me!
    I give 100% to myself and my business EVERY DAY. I am the most innovative PT in WA, because of whats inside me – not what’s written on the fridge!
    Life is like sand – the harder you grip, the more it slips through your fingers!
    For the things that you can control in your life, channel all your positive energies into those…everyday!

  24. Best blog from you yet what hit me like a bag of rocks was “there were never any excuses. He found a way to make everything happen.”

    Absolutely amazing thank you Zach

  25. Thanks for the shout out….and Awesome video as always! You looking tough in that shirt Bro!

    keep the great content coming!

  26. Zach,
    When times are tough you gotta dig in and remember your priorities. The storms of life come to every man’s house and I guarantee your grandpa had to deal with all kinds of issues besides just workng like a madman. The external problems are usually easier to deal with. Internal
    problems take humility and being transparent with the ones we love- our family. Keep open to learning in life, lifting and relationships! Peace to you and your family! Thanks for setting the bar for many of us like your gandfather did for you. Happy Father’s Day

    Sean in MN

  27. SoCalBrian says:

    Mr. Realty strikes again!!! you’ve got it Zach, don’t worry about tomorrow when there’s enough to worry about today. Attack today with everything and keep the momentum going, next thing you know you’re 5 years down the road with every up and down that comes with that! it seems like I was 21 yesterday and I’m 48! keep it coming botha! I live in my grandparents old house, I feel ya.

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