Us vs “Them”


No need to talk to me, I am here to do WORK.

Before you even hit the gym, you've already been preparing for that training session.

24 hours in advance.....

The day before you made sure your eating was on point.

Plenty of protein to fuel yourself, some carbs to make sure the energy is on point because you know you're going to BATTLE it out in the gym today.

You got to sleep a bit earlier than normal to ensure when you wake up, you feel READY.

You are "mentally warming up" 24 hrs in advance. Minimum.


So what. Nothing wrong with being obsessed with getting STRONGER.

WE are different.

By the time your hands touch the bar, you've been thinking about that moment for more than 24 hours.

That is US.

"They" are different......

"They" will sit in their car for 30-60 minutes in the gym parking lot, scrolling through Instagram watching everyone else live THEIR life......

Wasting time?

So what...... "Without my phone I am lost and stressed out."

"I NEED my phone", They say.

Do a set on this machine, then another machine.

In between sets, check phone.

Do NOT get off the machine.

Let me just SIT here and check my phone....

Let me just LAY here on this bench and check my phone.....



25 lbs is plenty.

You HAVE to "FEEL the muscle."

Besides, lifting heavy is bad for you. I read that on the internet.


1 Arm at a time.

In the other hand, call up my "bro" as I curl.

Yes, curl in one hand.

Call my bro and talk on phone with other hand.


1 Arm "Concentration Curls" just took on a whole NEW meaning.

Us vs Them.

Who are YOU?

Put your head down.

Hoodie up.


Seek & Destroy.

Supersets = YES.

Heavy Lifting = YES.

Free Weights & Calisthenics = YES.

Plenty of Chins and Dips.

Find that old weight belt to add weight to my chins and dips. Looks like this belt has been around since the 80s?

Maybe the 70s?

No one else wants to use this belt for weighted chins and dips?


Find the empty squat rack.

No need to ask "Can I work in with you?" on the Squat Rack.....

There's PLENTY of empty Squat Racks.

As always.....

You could do everything you need inside the Squat Rack.

"They" are not waiting for the squat rack.

You can't sit down or lay down?


Remember, it's NEVER crowded at the top of the mountain.

You've battled through squats, deads and presses of ALL sorts inside Squat Racks.

Some of those Squat Racks are older than YOU.

People question who you are.

Why are YOU so "Different"?

WE feel more comfortable in places that force us to be UNCOMFORTABLE.

A cold garage or basement gym?


Sounds like paradise to me.

Found an OLD gym somewhere?

NO air conditioning.

YES. Perfect.

You're not so "strange" after all.

Until the next time.....


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