When Are You Strong Enough?


reg park press

The question has been asked MANY times, and, I've posted similar to what I'm about to get into.

Check this video as I answer the common question, "How do I Know when I am strong enough?"

The REAL Answer: We can always become stronger or improve performance. Strength is skill / technique, so, adding weight or reps isn't the only way to demonstrate greater strength.

Check the vid below and then drop a comment with your own thoughts.

What about my Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises? I told you I would share them again.

Click HERE to see them.

And, here is my list of exercises you need to be attacking to build BEAST Strength:

1) Rope Climb 20' (NO Leg assistance - start on butt finish on butt) Video HERE

2) Push Ups x 50

3) Pull Ups x 12

4) DeadLift x 2 or 2.5 your Bodyweight for 1 rep

5) Dips x 40

6) Handstand Push Ups x 10

7) Run 1 Mile

8) Wheel Barrow / Hand Walk x 50'



PS: I'm sharing with you my favorite training resources to help you become "strong enough" and then some. If you want it bad enough, you'll take this serious and do something about it! Remember: Action is what separates the men from the boys. Make it happen.

BEAST Strength - F**k the gym, become a BadAss in your own garage, backyard or basement

Convict Conditioning - The ultimate bodyweight training regime, for serious strength fanatics

Bodyweight University - NEVER get bored with your workouts again, this is the LARGEST collection of bodyweight exercises for you to use anywhere, anytime, any place.

Gymnastics Rings - The wooden gymnastics rings that are hanging in my garage gym and at The Underground Strength Gym.

19 Responses

  1. Matt Holmes says:

    What is up bro!? That is a great bodyweight work out I will have to hit that one! Working through my injury still, have some good days and some bad. But never let it keep me back just push it as much as my body will handle.

  2. I tried a similar workout with my friend John Peterson, a former navy seal, about two months ago. It was INTENSE but I loved every minute of it! Everyone should do this training at least twice a month.

  3. good list Zach. I would say that if a guy can do 40 dips they probably can do more than 50 pushups. I’m going to use this list Thursday night at the club


  4. me and my son been doing your beast workouts and he told me he is already passing up some of kids in his football training

  5. Great exercises – the basics are the best! I think the plank is a good one to include too (sometimes called the bridge) – a great exercise for strong core. 90 seconds is a good time to aim for, to hold the plank position.

    There’s a guy called Joel Runyon who writes ‘blog of impossible things’ who recently achieved his 100 pushups goal, so he’s a leader in that exercise!

  6. John Murphy says:

    You say you want to share your Top 10 BW exercises, but only list 8. What would be the last two? Thanks

  7. Hey Z! I was reflecting with my neighbor about last Saturdays strongman competition I competed in (I took fifth, best yet, but not good enough!)
    There was a guy that was just jacked! He had traps to his ears, shoulders like he was hiding to hams, legs like tree trunks, and a massive thick chest. Obiviously a fan of high volume because he crapped out in the log press at 200#. Couldn’t pull a 500# sled 75 feet. Hoisted the 225# stone, but couldn’t even move the 250#. Didn’t finish the 600# tire flip for 75 feet. AND couldn’t even pick up the farmer’s carry implements that were two milk cans at only 175# each.
    My parents commented on how big he looked, and questioned why he couldn’t do the events. I laughed and said, “He looks pretty, but can lift crap! Big difference in being strong and looking strong. Anyone can look strong, but only a few can BE strong!”
    I enjoy your posts! Keep them coming!

  8. Huh. Being a skinny mofo, 12 pullups ain’t a big problem, but deadlifting 2x my BW? I’m far from that. Time to work on max strength. But I’ll get there. It just takes time…

  9. Hey Z,

    mad respect love your training style keep the good stuff coming.

    here is my thoughts…

    Strong enough for what? What will this make you strong enough for? I am only 20 years old, and can do all of these exercises except maybe the rope climb since I have never tried. Just because I can do these doesn’t mean I think I am strong enough to do strength sports like powerlifting or strongman. Are you saying this is enough strength for a regular sport like I dunno baseball or are you saying this is the only strength you need to make it through your day as a human? No disrespect at all just wanting some clarification

  10. It’s just my opinion that one can never be “strong enough.” With every gain in strength comes desire for more.

  11. Ed – hey bro, it’s a list of movements, BUT, bad asses like yourself can do this as a workout! OUCH!!!

  12. Ben – keep BEASTing, you and your boy will both be ass kickers, NO1 will keep up w/him after a lil’ while longer!

  13. Dustin, WOW dude, so true, I saw a guy like that at the strongman once as well, he was f**ing huge and couldn’t lift the farmer implements

    He could bench 225 for 30+ reps but had NOTHING else

    BOO on him, good 4 u bro, ur an ass kicker!

  14. Mateusz, if U get strong on pull ups, rope climbs, weighted pull ups your deadlift will go up

    get those legs stronger my man!!!

  15. thanks for raising the bar Zach! Time can make our minds grow weary with how much we can do and think we are good enough. Such ideas are poison, they are the limits within the mind. Your an inspiration to show us how much we are truly capable of. Thank you for always pushing us to discover what we can really do!

  16. The truth is, we may be strong but never strong enough, that’s why we keep working relentlessly.
    We should never accept to remain at a certain plateau because it is our responsability, for no one but ourselves, to get stronger. At a certain point the progression may slow down, but that is just the signal that keans that we must man the fuck up and do the extra work, walk that extra mile like George D says. But being strong needs a strong attitude, will, a strong mind at first. Only then can we have the character to go through hell and walk through it, to die everyday to be born again, tougher, the next day.
    Thanks for the motivation Z.

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