You’re kidding, right?


Since the explosion of the internet and the fancy shmancy gyms that have been popping up on every corner of every town, notice how everyone struggles with results?

You shoulda seen the gym Lou Ferrigno trained in when he was in Brooklyn, preparing to compete against Arnold. Oh man, what a little dungeon that was, with barely any room to move.....

Barbells and dumbbells and what else???

Come on, you know the deal....

sweat, blood, blistering effort, intensity.....

This is what training is about.... going in there and getting it done and not fearing what may happen to you.
You block out the pain, block out the sacrifice and focus on beating your previous best.

I kid you not, get yourself an old barbell from e bay or craigs list, some used dumbbells and then go to town on them!

You'll freak people out with the speed you'll slap on muscle and gain strength.

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

P.S. - This is the course I follow when it's barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight only. Nothing fancy, you don't even need a bench for this! Check it out HERE!

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