2 Critical Kettlebell Technique Tips


It was a brutally cold winter night. The year escapes me? 2003, I think…..

I took the drive up north into Bergen County, NJ to pick up my first set of Russian Kettlebells, a pair of 53s and a pair of 70s. I remember being nervous, questioning why the hell I just spent $550 (With Discount!!) on only 2 sets of Kettlebells.

I was already heavily in debt from years of poor lifestyle decisions but I couldn’t stop thinking about using Kettlebells for my training.

Since then, it’s been well over 10 years of using Kettlebells and even with all the information to help you understand proper use, technique and application with Kettlebells, I still see a ton of mistakes.

Here are 2 critical Kettlebell techniques that will help you lift Kettlebells safely and with greater results.

Check it out Here:

In this Video I address one of the most important Kettlebell technique tips. If this technique is off, the kettlebell exercises will feel painful and unnatural. Don’t make this mistake.

Give it a thorough look and put it to use!

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Put these tips to use and let me know how they help your strength with the various Kettlebell exercises.

Drop a comment / question below.

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  1. Sven says

    Holy cow, Zach! You’re one crazy mofo! hahaha, …

    You could have gotten them in Russia for no money. 😉

    Hook grip, straight wrists, straight back, staying tight and taming the arc – most important things to watch while perfoming the gyria. If you don’t follow – they will beat you up.

    Best exercise to me? Turkish getup – for me by far the best all around exercise for the core. Combined with a pushpress at the end – its a killer for a finisher.

    • admin says

      Sven, GREAT pointers!!! Yea, bro, this was when KBs were in their infancy here in the states AND that came with a discount from a NJ RKC, he would get 10% off.

      Man, I still have those bells!!!

  2. Randy says

    Wow, that was awesome. I have seen many different kettlebell training vids, but that was the best explanation I have seen to date. What a difference that will make in my form. Thanks, Zach!

  3. Dustin W says

    “Keep your wrist straight!” Damn it took two weeks to get the bruises down from the KB at the cert, but that is what you have to do to learn.
    Like I tell me boys, “Sometimes you have to bleed to learn!”
    Good Stuff! Three weeks until big opening!
    Freakn Geekn!

  4. says


    Thanks for these tips so much! The KB is a great tool and I often hear how people find it painful to work with. This is another reminder about how good technique makes injury and pain (the bad kind) a thing of the past.

    Thnaks as always.

  5. says

    Yo Z you KB cues have helped me tremendously saved my wrist and overall making me a lot stronger.
    Yeah boy Angel on the front page haha

  6. says

    Good advice about keeping the back straight when picking up. Seen too many nasty injuries from those who forgot to do that.

  7. Mitch says

    No matter what way I hold the kettlebell, the weight of it always crushes my wrist. Any hold position hurts. I dont get any pain from snatches, but holding the kettlebells in the rack position kills my wrist

    • Zach says

      Mitch if your wrist is bent and not straight, the wrist will hurt.

      The KB Must sit right across, at an angle, over the thick padding of the palm / below your thumb.

      Re-watch that Video and keep us posted.

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