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STRONG Life 31: Chad Waterbury & Bodyweight Volume Training


Chad Waterbury and I “met” about 12 years ago through the interwebs. Back then he had long flowing locks and wrote for T Nation on the regular while I was testing his encouragement of following his popular program of 10 sets of 3 reps.

In 12 years, a LOT can change.

Since then Chad has been living in Santa Monica, Ca. He has immersed himself in bodyweight training by getting coaching from a Russian Gymnastics Olympic Coach, is about to embark on his PhD journey and he no longer has the hair of The Mighty Thor.

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast we don’t discuss hair, sorry to disappoint.

Chad Waterbury and I discuss the power of bodyweight exercise and how you should be using bodyweight training to add muscle with out spending excess time in the gym.  In addition to training, we also discuss life and what it takes to achieve those lofty goals you have running through your head, likely collecting “dust”.

– How does Chad organize each training session from the warm up to the workout?

– Do his workouts change when working with someone who wants greater fitness vs training a pro MMA fighter?

– Why doesn’t Chad go to the gym anymore?

– What was the BIG takeaway Chad picked up while working with a Russian Olympic Gymnastics Coach?

– Everyone says they want to “live the dream”. Chad packed up and moved to Santa Monica and is living his dreams. It wasn’t easy, so listen to his advice for you…..

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5 Responses to STRONG Life 31: Chad Waterbury & Bodyweight Volume Training

  1. Frank DiMeo says:

    Packed full of great info!
    Thanks, Z!

  2. Chris Ball says:

    Loved it. Chad is a weightlifting legend and combined you have created a no bullshit, easy to listen to podcast… I’ll definitely be imminent if more bodyweight work into my own training!…

  3. Josef wood says:

    To live a happy life, we need a strong body to work. I believe that !This is a great article and my dear author you have wrote some good information in your post.

  4. Brandon says:

    This is great, I have been a fan of chad for a long time, since those days of long hair and y2k scares.
    I was wondering what your thoughts are on the hft programming combined with the underground training principles of heavy-duty lifting? Have you ever used it?

  5. Khrys says:

    I am literally counting the hours till that book gets released, I’m like a stocky, meathead child on Christmas eve.

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