9 Lessons Learned At Sorinex Summer Strong – Pt 1

A Section of The Grip Area at Sorinex HQ

A Section of The Grip Area at Sorinex HQ

Here’s a recap of just some of the lessons learned at Sorinex Summer Strong. More than just lessons, these were the main themes that simply kept coming back around, full circle. If any of the lifters and coaches disagreed, it was on maybe 10% of our thoughts, if that. The other 90% or more of our thoughts were all on the same page.

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In a nut shell, here is a list of common themes that were given if you wanna kick ass & take names:

Just SOME of the Awesome People at Sorinex Summer Strong.

Just SOME of the Awesome People at Sorinex Summer Strong.

  1. Lift heavy & get strong as all heck on the basics
  2. Olympic lifts are GREAT, but, when training athletes (MOST of the time) you don’t have the time to properly dedicate to them so use other movements for explosive power
  3. Incorporate Sprints, Box Jumps / Jump Variation, Med Ball Throwing & Upper Body Plyos / Jumps for power development. These are simple to teach & easy to learn.
  4. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  5. Attack weak areas.
  6. KNOW who you’re training & tweak training accordingly. If someone isn’t mentally tough then make sure your finishers address that weakness.
  7. Recovery is the key. Again, knowing what an athletes does OUTSIDE your weight room is a BIG key towards understand how to maximally organize a training program.
  8. Almost any program will deliver results if you apply hard work & consistency.
  9. The reason behind the success of the Coaches on the panel were mostly attributed to genuinely caring, never giving up, always learning & questioning everything, constantly seeking a way to improve for the betterment of those they train.

I hope you enjoyed this video and the tips, I’ll be sharing a Part 2 as my video got cut off so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to our Underground Strength Insider & Get Your 3 FREE Gifts.

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  1. says

    Great advice Z! Man this is speaking to what I have to explain to parents on a regular basis. Today I had an athlete train hard with some sleds. His legs were feeling it. As we waited for his mom to come and pick him up I talked about using that feeling when he is competing. I told him every workout is a lesson that you can use in life and competition. When you are tired and don’t want to study remember that you didn’t give up here. When your competition is going long and you feel the fatigue set in remember you didn’t give up here. When life seems too tough to get through remember that you didn’t give up here! He was looking me in the eye when I was talking to him, and it was hitting home. When he left I had chills.
    Still do thinking about it. My first athlete to get the speech and not my last.
    Parents are so use to cones, ladders etc for speed drills. I told them if he can push that sled fast he will be fast on the court moving just his bodyweight.
    Attack the weaknesses, and everything you discuss up top are things I am pulling into my training and utilizing.
    As for quick lifts I am taking the USA weightlifting-Sports Performance cert this summer. I might look into bringing in more olympic lifting or setting up a team. But everything in time. But goals I have on the wall!
    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Sven says

    love that picture of the grip strength weights. Wished I had some ob those blobs. Really love grip strength training.

    Great advices. Thx.
    Maybe one more, which can apply to all areas in life (the original comes from O.v.Bismarck):
    “A smart man learns from his mistakes, the truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

    So – always look left and right and check if something might work for you. If it doesnt – leave it out. This brings us back to Bruce Lee, but thats another story …

    • says

      They are easy to make. Find some cheap hexagon dbs take a saw and cut the handle off. Boom! Or use the pinch plate technique with two plates. Flat side out start with two tens. Hold them together as long as possible if easy move up. Pending your type of plates you might be able to hold a 25 and 10 at same time. Otherwise with small hole plates(1 inch) put some tape on the face of the plate so that the plates have a little grip to one another. Put three plates together and hold as long as possible.
      good luck!

  3. Sven says

    thx for the advice. I’ve been looking for round dumbbells on ebay for so long. Here in Europe they are nowhere to be found. But I guess with hexs it would also work. Pinch plates I do regularly, also I made some grip strength stuff myself. E.g. take a 3/4″ thick piece of wood (can be a piece of metal as well), atach some rope to it where you can hang a kettlebell from. Then do rows with the weight attached to the wood. Also thick bar pullups are great. Killer. Made my own pullup station for that.
    Keep rokin’ – yr the man.

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