Bodyweight BEAST Workout

ripped gymnast

Bodyweight training is in my blood, just like lifting heavy shit is in my blood.

Ironically, MANY think the two don’t go hand in hand, they believe it’s ONE or the other. Not true my friends, I live for BOTH bodyweight training and the heavy iron. Anyone who thinks differently is missing the boat as each one compliments the other, making you stronger in BOTH arenas.

Here are 2 videos from an 8 round bodyweight circuit of Pull, Push & Jump!

YouTube Preview Image

If you think Bodyweight Training isn’t important, you need to see the video below, world champion Olympic weightlifters from the early 1970’s in Poland show why you need to train like a Gymnast AND lift Heavy Barbells.

This is what BEASTS are made of my friends :)

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Bodyweight Bodybuilding – The Full Story HERE




  1. Don Cullen says

    I like that old school Polish training. Even their warmup was ahead of their time. Looks like dynamic warmup to me. Those dudes were super fit

  2. Rudy says

    And what a paradigm shift compared to today. Imagine the scene-
    “Chillax coach, there’s plenty of time to workout. Just gonna go get a gatorade and check my facebook on my celphone. Be back in 20…”

  3. says

    Wow, there’s some really cool stuff in that old video. I’m getting into doing more bodyweight stuff recently myself. Awesome post Zach.

  4. Dustin says

    Nice! I just put up a pull up bar in my basement using a 2.5inch pipe I picked up at Home Depot.
    I was using the beams in the basement, but this works the grip more!
    Thick bar and weighted dip belt!Love it!

  5. Robert says

    Great stuff once again.
    When you box jump why do you dismount from the side instead of back and up again like a typical box jump?

    Thanks for all the stuff.

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